BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Carbon monoxide detectors will be installed in all city schools after two leaks prompted evacuations at an elementary school.

Andrea Fujii has the new details after a community’s call for action.

Dozens of children have been exposed to dangerous carbon monoxide in two separate incidents in the last week at Dickey Hill School in Baltimore City.  What’s more alarming, however, is the fact that Maryland does not require schools to have carbon monoxide detectors. 

Private companies face strict regulations and penalties for not having the devices and state law requires them in some homes, so why are schools different?

“You’ve got an aging infrastructure,” said Delegate Sandy Rosenberg.

Rosenberg says with so many buildings in disrepair, a mandate is something lawmakers should investigate.

“It’s essential that children are safe when they go to learn,” Rosenberg said.  ” How often does this occur?  How expensive is it to put detectors?  Have other states done this?  Those are the kinds of questions we ask.”

The mayor has also called for carbon monoxide detectors.

“Once it’s been brought to my attention, the issue isn’t my level of shock but what are we doing from here?” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

City schools say they plan on installing detectors in all schools within the next 30 days.

It’s welcome news to parents after the scare.

“It’s a gas leak and they can get sick and be in the hospital,” said one parent.

School officials say detectors will go in at Dickey Hill sometime next week.

“We’re evaluating the school, as well as the equipment,” said J. Keith Scroggins, Baltimore City Schools.

It will cost almost $5,000 to install the detectors in all city schools.

Comments (5)
  1. randy says:

    They dont have CO2 detectors in thier rat and roach infested homes….why waste so much money?

    1. Uni says:

      What an unnecessarily nasty comment.

      1. LaTonya M. says:

        Yes it was a very nasty comment.

  2. LaTonya M. says:

    Randy everyone does not have rat and roach infested homes. I think the Carbon Monoxide Detectors are a great saves lives.

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