BALTIMORE (WJZ)– The police officers who tracked carjacking suspects and helped with their arrests earlier this week are speaking out.

Weijia Jiang has more on what they’re saying.

Officers say they knew they were dealing with a very reckless driver, willing to put several people in danger from the very moment they first spotted him.

Captain Mike Perry and Sky Eye Chopper 13 captured a brazen joy ride with a stolen Acura through the streets of Baltimore. The video is simply unforgettable.

The officers inside a police chopper also got a bird’s eye view.

“It’s a three-men operation,” said pilot Matt Hart.

Hart worked with two spotters who were in constant communication with crews on the ground.

“We saw him driving erratically from the beginning, and we warned officers that we have them, there’s a high rate of speed, keep your distance,” said Daniel Gillgannon, BCPD flight officer.

From above, flight officers watched Frank Richardson, 27, hit several vehicles, charge into oncoming traffic, speed past patrol cars and almost hurt two pedestrians.

“On the ground, it looks like he’s moving quick. However, in the air, you have very limited boundaries, other than air space,” Hart said.

Officers say the driver and his passenger did exactly what they expected. They burnt out.

The suspects did attempt to run, but police were already in place to catch them. Police say unlike other pursuits, this one was flawless.

They say it took about 15 minutes to execute their plan and apprehend the suspects, who are both in police custody.

No one was injured.

There are four helicopters in the department’s aviation unit.  Police say they are launched every single day.

Comments (3)
  1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Great work BCPD. Usually these helicopters keep me awake at night when they’re flying on training or looking for crooks & can be annoying late at night. However, I’m glad they caught a couple of pretty mentality challenged thugs & hopefully some lenient Judge won’t look to kindly on them because I am sure they have a long criminal history. Today it’s a badge of honor to have a long rap sheet with these thugs.

  2. joanie says:

    Good JOB nephew your still so speciall to matter what wind your in.peace out jcgaunti.

  3. Dianna says:

    we should not judge until we know what really happen i cant see them really car jacking this woman there is more to the story you all dont know

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