EDGEMERE, Md.  (WJZ)—A high stakes game of Texas Hold’em is fine in Vegas, but Baltimore County Police say it’s not legal there.

Suzanne Collins reports on a poker bust at a social club in Baltimore County.

Texas Hold’em is a high intensity, fast-moving poker game and very popular right now.

At a Texas Hold’em tournament at the Lynch Point Social Club in Edgemere, police say the blinds or antes were as high as $200.

Police raided the place over the weekend.

The 41 playing cards were let go. Four were charged as card dealers, and Michael Gilbert faces more counts for overseeing the illegal gambling operation.

His lawyer says he’s not been in trouble before.

“My guy is a hard-working guy,” said Andrew Alperstein, Gilbert’s lawyer. “He’s a father. He takes care of his child. He’s not somebody who has any prior criminal record at all, and I understand the other people there were ordinary working people with no records.”

Neighbors of the social hall say there have been no problems. One participant wanted to speak but not show his face.

“This is just a bunch of local guys having a card game for the most part,” he said. “They don’t cause any problems, and I think the police can be using their resources for better causes.”

Police seized about $13,000 in cash and a couple grand inside the car of the director. Outside, they are worried this type of gambling can lead to more robbery cases.

Baltimore County Police say although people may feel poker games with big payoffs are fun, they don’t consider it a victimless crime.

“Gambling not only affects the person gambling, it affects the home family. It leads to domestic violence issues,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police.

Eight electronic gaming machines were also seized. Police say the patrons told them the club paid off for wins on those.

Police say poker games have been going on at the Lynch Point Social Club for more than a year.

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  1. joe knows says:

    it against the law they can’t tax it. they didn’t think of it


    Ok this is just ridiculous, these peope were willingly putting up their money to play a small $65 buy in tournament, what is the crime, the people have worked for their money, paid taxes on this money and instead of using it to buy drugs or drink they are chosing to spend it doing something they enjoy. Oh but that’s right it didn’t get taxed again, that is really the issue. However if you look at the back ground of the club it is a non-profit social club, which means all of their monies is donated to the local fire department, churches, schools and residents of that community. So now at Easter time instead of Lynch Point doing good for their community and handing out 30 Easter baskets to needy families those families will be doing without. To me this is just obsurd the police department spent a lot of money between having a detective sit in the game (which he should have seen there was no crimes taking place or anything wrong except people doing what they enjoy) and the 30 swat that came running in the building and the many detectives all on overtime im sure, i mean really our tax dollars could be well spent other places. For god sakes there are more crimes everyday in my sons middle school then there was going on in this establishment. I guess the fun must be taken out of everything if uncle sam doesn’t get his cut! Really look at what was seized most of it was money that was taken from the players and not actually from the “director” of the game which means this was peoples money that they worked hard for! So what are we talking about a couple thousand dollar raid for probally a $30,000 operation that cost the tax payers. I understand that there are laws and they are there for a reason believe me i get that however this isn’t even a felony if your charged with it, why not take that time and money that was spent by the police department and use it towards a more illegal operation that effects many families homes and lives like the selling of drugs or prostitution or car theft or any of the other felonies that hurt people and their families beyond repair on a daily basis. Just my thoughts from someone who was “effected” by this heinous crime..


    Dont forget that the police get to keep the money as forfeture . let me guess more overtimte pay, more overtime pay. OK babe I got that that 2nd week at Myrtle beach paid for. One more raid will take care of our week in the mountains.

  4. Kevin says:

    Way to go BCoPD on apprehending these heinous criminals and busting up this nefarious gang of poker players. The people of Edgemere will sleep better knowing these arch-criminal types are out of business. What’s next breaking up a ring of Super Bowl pools or a rouge church bingo operation. What a waste of money and resources that could be used in writing more parking tickets. Again, kudos to the BCoPD on a job well done.

  5. Herman Glimsher says:

    gambling is against the law…….the law is the law………put them in jail, all of them

  6. Dee Anna Robinson Smith says:

    Sorry Baltimore County, did get that extra pay raise or bonus that you County Excutives think you need…. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ernie says:

    “Gambling not only affects the person gambling, it affects the home family; it leads to domestic violence issues,” said Lt. Rob McCullough.

    Somebody’s husband/wife acting like a a$$hole also leads to domestic violence but you don’t see the police raiding weddings

    What tool bags. I wonder how many rapist, murderers and drug dealers stood and watched the raid take place. Seriously, don’t the cops have something better to do?

    1. Mike says:

      “Gambling not only affects the person gambling, it affects the home family; it leads to domestic violence issues,” said Lt. Rob McCullough.

      Doesn’t the legal state gambling do the same thing

  8. SUPER EM says:

    Why are they the police dept. making this kind of bust….We have drugs flooding our schools and PRISON systems yet they get a free pass…..We need a new system bad!

    1. barnyard says:

      It’s because the state can’t get their cut of the tax revenue. Md doesn’t give a fat rat’s ass about family.


    Seriously last week there was a shooting in Essex 5 minutes from my house, maybe if they worried more about the communities and what is going on like drug deals and these young punks running around with guns killing each other over stupid stuff there would be less crime.. Maryland is #8 in the nation for most crimes and they are running raids on worrying about people willingly participating in a small poker tourney instead of all the other issues that need attention. You can’t even go to the farm store by my house at night and walk inside you have to go to a window because it’s been robbed so many times what does that tell you…i grew up in Essex and i sware i didn’t fear walking anywhere at night and now even during the day in certain areas you have to worry about walking around during the day, it’s becoming the city. I think this was all done to try and make the police department look good and like they got something special but instead it made them look horrible, even the neighbors when interviewed said they knew what was going on and there were never any issues, so the community knew and didn’t have a problem. This is how corrupt our system is and how wasteful they are, like i said before there are more crimes going on in my sons middle school then there was in an establishment where people work for their money and come to relax have a good time and spend their money that they earned. Ok go to deleware is the repsons of the higher beings, yea because on the way there you have to pay $16 in tolls then the gas it cost to get there adn then the amount of money you spend and your an hour or so away from home. Do they not think that people that play in a casino get mad if they lose and could act out with violence? 2 years ago in AC there was a shooting a man lost playing cards in 1 of the casinos and shot the dealer and then about a month after that a man stabbed another man over a seat at a card table at different casino. There are more crimes in a legal gamblling establishment then there was at this small Non-profit club that gave back the money to the community! UNREAL! sorry the entire thing just frustrates me!

    1. barnyard says:

      Essex is a toilet. Fat, ugly uneducated bunch of niggas & section 8 . A real joy to watch train wrecks happening every day.

  10. frankiebig boy says:

    F……K the law, the police just want the money so they divide it up among themselves except for a few shekels for the county as evidence. Same as drugs.

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