BALTIMORE (AP) — Maryland Natural Resources police say they’ve found more illegal rockfish nets in the Chesapeake Bay.

Natural Resources Police say officers recovered another 1,500 yards of illegal fishing net containing 300 pounds of striped bass Wednesday night near Kent Island.

The seizure marks the eighth in three weeks. Natural Resources Police say 12.6 tons of poached striped bass, also known as rockfish, have been recovered.

The Department of Natural Resources, meanwhile, is expected to decide on Friday whether to reopen commercial gill net fishing for the final two days of the season next week. The season was closed Feb. 4 after 10 tons of rockfish were confiscated from illegal nets, prompting concerns the state would exceed its monthly quota.

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Comments (8)
  1. Kathryn says:

    Put the tracking devices INSIDE some of the (already dead) fish and put the net back, that way you will catch the poachers and the person(s) they are selling the fish to. PS- don’t put it in the media that there are trackers- DUH!

  2. cheryl says:

    This is so a few people can ruin it for thousands of others that follow the guidelines. I hope these people are found and fined!!!

  3. SMELLY FISH says:


  4. peter says:

    None of the news reports I’ve seen say anything about what happens to the fish. Hopefully, they are put to some productive use and not just destroyed.

  5. leadbagger says:

    Great job DNR! You post the same picture and say you found more net. Sure you did. Well if you did at least you are finally doing some hard work for your money instead of just riding around in your trucks.

    1. eyeinthesky says:

      Hey leadbagger – it’s people like you who have no clue whats going on! Were these your nets? You know who’s doing this? At least someone cares enough to do something about this illegal, shameful act. All you can do is hide by your computer and criticize those who are trying to protect YOUR rockfish. And by the way….. DNR officers don’t make a whole lot of money.

  6. leadbagger says:

    @ eyeinthesky– Actually i do know whats goin on. No these are not my nets. No I do not know whose nets they are. What i do know is that I am A waterman who plays by the books. The DNR and our fine governor has made this business the way it is. They wont be happy until they put all maryland waterman out of business. All you see is the bad about what just a handful of waterman do. Where were you when it was on the news when the GOV. took over half of our producing oyster bottom. How about when they give us 2 days a week to fish and then only end up getting 4 days out of the entire month to work. You should try paying your bills with just 4 days of work a month. Thats right you couldn’t do it and neither can we. So im sorry but I really dont care what the DNR make. I see them workin 7 days a week and 6 of em are spent ridin around in there trucks. Unless some1 reports about illegal fishing then they want to go act like heros. So at least they can get a 40 hour week in and are able to support there families. We use to be able to work every day and catch our limit of fish EVERY day and never catch the quota. Then Omalley gets in and has one of his pencil pushers in charge of the quota and says we catch in up in 4 days. So dont tell me what I have a clue about . Its people like you that just watch the news and hear all the bad and dont care about all the GOOD 99% of the waterman do for the chesapeake bay.

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