LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) — Anne Arundel County police have arrested a man they say carjacked a Virginia couple at gunpoint and forced them to drive to their hotel for money.

It happened Thursday about 9:45 p.m. at a restaurant. Police say an armed man confronted the couple and forced them into their car.

He demanded money, and they said they had left their money at their hotel room near BWI Airport.

The suspect forced the couple to drive to the hotel and ordered the husband to go inside and get the cash. The husband went inside and called police.

Reginald Callaway, 23, of Glen Burnie has been charged with armed carjacking and numerous other offenses.

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Comments (6)
  1. Kirk Bradford Myers says:

    Kidnapping? Wow. Instant fifty years there, and it won’t be hard at all to prove, not even including all of the other charges pending against him. I’ve a feeling our little gun-happy friend will be getting well acquainted with his new boyfriend in his new permanent hotel behind bars for a very, very long time. Good, because that means he won’t be causing me or my wife any undeserved misery. I hope the judge puts him under the jail.

  2. Judge says:

    50 years? are u nuts…thats what youd think he should get or would get but not here in the liberal county of Anne Arundel….in this case no one was injured or even worse killed…50 years is what convicted murderers get in AA county CIRCUS court….i’ll bet you my salary for a year that he doesnt get more than 20 years with 5-10 suspended…..who wants to bet? any takers… you’ll see…he’ll be out before you know it and doing the same thing to someone else….you n your wife my want to invest in a handgun to avoid “underserved misery”…

    1. saly345 says:

      Let’s wait for it.. “But judge, I has to feed my family.. I has no money for food so I has to rob them people”.. I bet he won’t even get a slap on the wrist. Unfortunately if people carry handguns to protect themselves, then they are seen as being in the wrong too. Same old same old… the criminals get off scott free and the victims are forced to suffer.. when will it end?

  3. Had E.Huff says:

    People of this great country are getting fed up with this kind of sh#t! What is it going to take before we are ALL tired of being victims?

  4. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Kidnapping a felony & committing a crime with a handgun, are major offenses. Big time jail time for this bird. If he has outstanding warrants against him it only get’s worse. If on parole, he will serve the remainder of his sentence & then start the new sentence. 30+ years I see which is still too lenient. By the way Judge, You are wrong AA county may have a lot of liberals but it always votes Red or Republican. A lot of phony conservatives.

    1. Judge Dredd says:

      30 years? Smoke another one Bernie, i dont care if AA county votes red, blue or black, this clown wont see more than 15-20 years if you and I are lucky….you throw around this felony talk like the guy is guranteed to do big time in DOC…ha what a joke…you know what is also a felony ….poss of CDS w/intent distritbute….burglary….robbery…rape…..oh and lets not forget MURDER…1st and 2nd degree and people in this county usually see 50 years max for that if they get a stiff sentence, like i said before, this d-bag didnt hurt anyone, the judge will take that into consideration….plus his mom will show up and say “hez a goodz boy whoz had eh ruff child hood and wuz tryin twos turn hiz life around” and some psych. for the defense will state he suffers from this and that and was strung out on drugs and needs treatment, blah blah…and the sentence will be….15 years max….you heard it here first!

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