CATONSVILLE, Md. (WJZ)—Two violent criminals on the run.  Now an intense search is underway for the men behind a gas station shooting in Catonsville.

Gigi Barnett explains it’s not the first time this station has been targeted.

Police have very few leads in this case, but they do have some equipment that can help track the suspects.

Just before daybreak Thursday morning, Baltimore County Police say two men tried to rob Carroll Fuel in Catonsville.  Detectives say they were armed and used their weapons against a gas station attendant.

Right now police have no names or description of the suspects. But newly installed surveillance cameras may hold the clues police need.

“If there were cameras or CCTV images that were captured, they would be part of the investigation. And we would use those images to identify the suspects in this case,” said Lt. Rob McCullough, Baltimore County Police spokesman.

Police say the robbers walked up to the attendant. They wanted cash. The clerk wouldn’t give it up. So the suspect shot him in the head and ran away.

“I come to this gas station at least twice a day every day, sometimes at 3:30, 4 o’clock in the morning,” said Corinne King, customer.

Customers are shocked. And they plan to stay alert while pumping gas.

“These types of incidents don’t generally happen in that area,” McCullough said. “The Baltimore County Police Department, at all times, we do our very best to patrol the neighborhood.”

Gas station customers and workers have seen this kind of violence before. Back in May 2008, police say a robbery suspect stabbed and killed a customer buying gas. His pregnant wife watched it all. Some customers still remember.

“They’ve switched gas stations owners and everything since then,” King said. “They have cameras up. I don’t know how well they work, but it makes me feel a little bit more secure.”

Baltimore County Police only describe the suspects as two young men. Meanwhile, the clerk who worked at the station is in serious condition, but Shock Trauma doctors say they believe he will survive.

Anyone with information should call 1-866-7-LOCKUP. You could be eligible for a cash reward for up to $2,000.

Comments (17)
  1. harpreet says:

    plz tell me detail of dis case. m son of that employee………….. plz m very tense…..

    1. Tlynn says:

      Learn to speak correctly!

  2. kiesha says:

    this is the second time at that gas station the ast man got killed and his wife had a baby. i am going to have to stop going there cause that is rediculous. and they are the cheapest in that area. huuuh sad so sad.

  3. SUPER EM says:

    I hope they catch them REAL SOON!

  4. Kenny says:

    That gas station is directly behind my house and i had my dogs outside minutes before all this went down, never heard any gun shots though cant believe that. I consider myself very lucky and me and my family are praying that the employees recovers. He is the nicest man and we wish him all the best and know your in our prayers.Been Living here a year now and have seen to many bad things goin on like the way people treat eachother is crazy. People just dont seem to care bout nothing no more, whatever happened to the fraze ” Treat people ,how you would like to be treated”. i am seriously thinkin of relocating now cause i cant sit by and watch this good neiborhood get any worse!!!!! lets get it togather people…… 😦

  5. Angel says:

    How about instead of our police officers setting up seed traps in neighborhoods and pulling moms over in minivans at 8:00AM in the morning after dropping their children off at school and heading to work as they do contribute to society. Going to the crime area’s of Baltimore county and doing some preventive crime stopping instead of revenue services for the all so poor state of Maryland like issueing tickets. Stop giving out tickets and jacking everyones insurance up. Just add it in our taxes, you tax everything else; just take the average tickets issued a year and spread the joy to all of us. It’s a win-win you get your money and our insurance stays in check and our police can really do their jobs “Fight CRIME”!!!! You talk the talk but don’t walk the walk; how sad for this man who was trying to make a living to now suffer at the hands of no doubt a repeat offender(s). Wake-up Maryland we need change and fast. This man… he needs our prayers.

    1. CJ says:

      DRIVE SAFE…….Then there’s NO NEED for speed enforcement, thus officers are patroling the needed areas.
      Your tickets are nobody’s fault but YOUR OWN!!!
      Stop blaming the Police for the failures of parents…it starts in the home.
      …and YES, the man needs our prayers!!!

  6. Archie Gee says:

    I cannot understand how this happened as the police are ALWAYS up near the church about a quarter mile from the station and usually in the parking lot RIGHT across from the station GIVING OUT TICKETS TO SPEEDERS. WHERE WERE THIS THIS MORNING???????????????????/

  7. M. Jones says:

    I know this is located in the 21228 zip code, but Charing Cross Shopping center is not Catonsville. Lousy reporting.

  8. teresa downs says:

    First and foremost my prayers go out to thefamily and friends of the victim. Second my prayers go to Jesus Himself, that those responisible will be caught and dealt with to the highest extent of the law. Third it is time really time for people to come together and stop the foolishness that is going on in our neighborhood! Whether it is Catonsville, Woodlawn, Randallstown etc. There are good people out there both young and old but the criminals are making the numbers of the good dwindle or at least seem like there are more bad guys than good guys. Stop making excuses for them, they come from broken homes, they don’t have a job, their self esteem is shattered. One thing is for sure, they know right from wrong. Like the man who was killed awhile back in front of the pregnant mother, the young man who was responsible should also have been made to pay child support to the family and he should be made to set aside money for the younster to attend college since he was guilty. These criminals these days don’t have a conscious. They are thinking “it’s about survival”, lack of respect for people, property, heck half of them are probably reading about themselves in the stories that are printed on Facebook with their chest sticking out. I tell you Satan is alive and well and he has a huge following and sadly things are only going to get worse if we don’t do anything, if the courts don’t hand down stiffer punishment and really make them pay for their crimes.

    1. CJ says:

      Well said Teresa…no conscience…NO RESPECT FOR HUMAN LIFE, property etc…jail terms are too negotiable anymore and everybody connected with the perpetrators are busy making excuses for them when caught.

  9. Willie man hanging says:

    The criminals are stupid & broke, hence we have the public defender that usually pleas bargains. Cost is passed on to the taxpayer. Housing this POS is also paid for by the taxpayer. We need to take a new & different look at what’s going on in our country / state. Instead of warehousing these punk thugs let’s bring back chain gangs & heavy labor. Public floggings are in order also. For starters, those under age criminals, we take or put liens on the parents possessions. homes, cars, bank accounts. If no funds, community service until they teach they’re living abortions some morals & common sense.

  10. liz4 says:

    There should be a police at all gas stations, especially for the one’s that operate 24 hours. Most gas stations only have one or maybe 2 people working during the night, which is not enough without police protection. People from all walks of life stop at gas stations. 7-Eleven’s even have a police on their lots. With enough support this can be put in place. Come on people speak up, make some noise about this. I will.

    1. cop says:

      Liz…have you lost your mind????

    2. pigeon says:

      There just aren’t enough police officers to do what you recommend. Have you forgotten we had to take them off the streets (so to speak) to sit at schools (all 3 levels, elementary, middle & high schools), to sit at bus stops, light rail stops, etc. If protection is needed at these places then the owners have to do what the malls do – hire private contractors. Sure, the cost of what they sell may increase, but you are paying “top dollar” at those business establishments.
      Prayers go out to this individual and his family.

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