Md. Inmate Aids Prison Worker During Assault

HAGERSTOWN, Md. (AP) — Maryland correctional officials say a convicted murderer came to the aid of a female prison worker when she was assaulted by another inmate at the medium-security Roxbury Correctional Institution near Hagerstown.

The Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services says the employee wasn’t seriously hurt in the incident Tuesday.

The agency says the woman called for help during the assault. A 50-year-old inmate serving a life sentence for murder heard her cries and restrained the assailant until a correctional officer arrived.

The agency says the 26-year-old inmate who attacked the woman has been moved to a maximum-security facility.

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  • ha-ha

    not all inmates are animals..she was lucky to receive his help..

  • francine

    This is a prime example of why there should not be life sentences, we are all prone to sin, we can change, and we are all capable of goodness, love and concern for neighbor. I applaud the prisoner who assisted the guard and feel he should be reccommended for a reduced or a dismissed sentence. It is so wonderful to hear good from our prisons. These are all of our children, Black , White, Hispanic, etc.. we are all related.

    • ha-ha

      he deserves a reward, but not a release…

    • Seriously?

      Give me a break. Prison is not just about changing the person. It is about punishment. Its great he helped this woman but it doesn’t dismiss his life of crimes and in particular the crime of MURDER in which he is serving time for. Give him a special dinner or some other reward yes but let him go. Yeah Right

  • SMH

    It is wonderful to hear that a prisoner helped an officer! That could definately affect the relationship of that particular prisoner with other prisoners within the facility!

  • Jeanne Clarke

    I sincerely hope the prisoner who helped this woman gets some recognition for his heroic deed. Just because someone is jailed for a wrong doesn’t mean they can’t do good, and perhaps it will encourage others to imitate his actions.

  • kiesha

    find out the dude that 26 yrs old name because my baby father over there and he is 26. i hope it aint him, he already got life damn!

    • ha-ha

      that comment is for kiesha not SMH..just saying I’m SMH…kiesha do better!!

    • ha-ha

      SMH… go back to school..this is so embarassing.

    • SMH

      Keisha, Maybe you should call the prison and check up to see if it was him?

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