ODENTON, Md. (WJZ)—Brush fires are still blazing in the woods of Odenton in Anne Arundel County.

Suzanne Collins says firefighters will work through the night to save homes.

The woods are still raging with fire, dangerously circling homes where firefighters fight back to save them.

“A cousin across the street has a barn that was fully engulfed in flames. Went down quickly; fire travelled through the woods. My aunt’s house was completely surrounded,” said Sue Myers of Odenton.

The embers are mixing with wind gusts, and the fire  is restarting over and over in dozens of places. One casualty is an old log cabin.

A two-story log cabin was on the National Register of Historic Places, as a part of the former Belmear Plantation. It was about 200 years old.

“I looked outside and saw smoke coming over the trees,” said Karen Whittington of Odenton. “I went running in the house and hollered for my husband.”

One hundred firefighters have been on the scene since 11 a.m. Saturday from as far away as the Eastern Shore. The wildfire remained out of control until long after dark.

“Fortunately the fire department, they have been wonderful,” Whittington said. “They have saved everyone’s houses so far. We’re hoping it continues.”

Even if their house is safe, some families choose to stay in their cars to keep warm because there is no electricity.

The fire department is keeping all the equipment and firefighters close by until Sunday.

“And they’re gonna be patrolling the area but they can’t be in all areas at once, so we’re asking residents if they see visible fire to please call in,” said Captain James Rostek, Anne Arundel County Fire Department. “We will have units there within a matter of minutes.”

The families have been helping not only look for embers or flames, but they have helped with metal rakes to break those hot embers apart.

Several vehicles were also destroyed in the Odenton brush fire.

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Comments (32)
  1. sheriff willie says:

    Bad day to light a barbecue outside you dummies.

      1. dj says:

        meant to say where in Odenton are the fires?

    1. Chris Miller says:

      The high winds caused a tree to go over and it took out a power line which in turn caused the fire, no cigarettes or barecue’s were involved.

  2. Herman Glimsher says:


  3. Mel says:

    That is nothing I lived in Southern Cali for 8 years I saw some actual fires out there.I had friends lose homes it is awful.Tiny brush fire’s are not anything.

    1. mdemt says:

      Mel you’re an idiot! Fire is fire, it destroys things and kills people! Did you miss the part where it is endangering the firefighters? Go back to Cali we dont want your kind here!

      1. bry68 says:

        u saved me time thanks u r right mels an idiot

    2. Lesa says:

      Mel, tell that to the families who are out of their homes right now…you wouldn’t think these fires are nothing if it was your home or your family in danger.

  4. Joe Camel says:

    How is a cigarette from a car, getting back on a farm????…..
    It seems HERMAN is the only LOSER!!!

  5. Herman Glimsher says:


  6. Agamemnon says:

    Burn Troy Burn!!!!!!!!!

  7. Christina Gayer says:

    Mel the ones here are and can be as bad as the ones that happened in Cali except here you’re dealing with mostly acres of dry trees, grass, and farmland. Any fire like these are bad and in some way hurt aomeone or everyone. Thank god no one was hurt as of yet.


  8. Rebecca Simon says:

    The brush fires in the Laurel area were also bad. Old Gunpowder Road is still closed.

  9. traveler says:

    In some states its a crime to flick a smoke from a car. You smoke, no ashtray, jail.
    I feel bad for those people. Their whole lives can be gone, just like that. poof.

    1. bry68 says:

      littering should be a crime everywhere

  10. B.M. says:

    FYI people – it wasn’t a cigarette or a grill it was a feaking power line that was torn down by a falling tree. It’s great to see community support on here. I’ll inform my family that lives on the road and were in danger of losing their houses several times today and a family friend that has. Thanks for all the support people.

  11. abc says:

    there was also a big brush fire off of dulaney valley road in glen arm, in baltimore. i think it was a 3 alarm fire. some people were asked to leave their homes until it was under controlled.

  12. johny b says:

    The fire’s arent that bad ppl are just freaking out to freak out!

    1. bry68 says:

      jb would it b bad if it were your house?

  13. amelia says:

    I say its criminal because it is winter and not that hot outside which most brush fire’s happen during the heat of summer.

  14. Rob says:

    Yep the big cigs (dry trees) that blow into the power lines.

  15. greg says:

    Odenton…Meth lab fire …just a guess…

  16. VK says:

    BM is right it was nothing to do with cigarettes or carelessness -people in this area were concerned for their neighbors, property,animals and homes. We were very lucky to have hundreds of brave fire fighters working all day and all night to keep us all from harms way-thank you all and God bless you

  17. Sam says:

    Hey Herman, maybe if you wernt so ignorant you’d know that cigarettes are made to be “fire proof” now. Meaning if your not puffing on it, they’ll go out. Just because you have a problem with smoking dosnt mean you can be an ass. Learn to shut up

  18. Matthew says:

    No offense but can you guys read the previous comments, or watch the entire story? It was pine trees that were blown down over the power lines, causing them to arc and ignite the ground below. I arrived on the scene at about 12:30PM. Give these firefighters credit. Over 4,000 acres were burned and they did their best to keep it under control. Yes, it is family property, but some of the comments you guys are making are ignorant and rude. Please be more considerate, especially when people are being displaced from their normal lives.

    The reason fires over here are so bad is because we aren’t prepared for fires of this size. Cali is used to having fires every year and their departments are equipped and trained for large scale fires. We rarely have fires of this scale. The last time there was a fire this big was over 40 years ago.

  19. A.M. says:

    the fire was on my property! you guys need to learn to shut up until you know what actually happens! the strong winds dropped a dead tree on the power lines and ignited the forest. every time we put a section out the wind picked up and the flames grew 10 fold. the area in which it happened has no fire hydrants so the fire department had to bring in tankers to use the hoses and most of the fire was unreachable by vehicles

  20. Smokey The Bear says:

    They need to burn out that ghetto anyway.
    Crofton is turning into a dump these days.
    The last 2 years it has really went south.
    All of those foreclosures, etc.
    Time to clear cut and put in new homes for people who know how to pay for the things they buy. Live in a forest get burned.
    That is your lesson for today kids.

    1. bry68 says:

      no comment d head

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