BALTIMORE (WJZ) — There was anger and outrage Monday as dozens of family members and loved ones marched through the streets of Baltimore, demanding answers in the death of a city officer.

Mike Hellgren has new developments in the investigation into the death of Officer William Torbit.

Almost 100 people marched from the Select Lounge—where Baltimore City Officer William Torbit was shot and killed by fellow officers responding to a massive fight on Jan. 9—to police headquarters and on to City Hall.  They want to send a strong message they say over the speed of the investigation into the respected officer’s death.

“What investigation?  What investigation?  They haven’t told us anything,” say family members.

Torbit was in plainclothes that night.  According to police, he became overwhelmed in the crowd and shot and killed another man.  Then, four other officers—who didn’t know Torbit was one of their own—fired on him.  There were 41 bullets total in the chaos.

“This is about putting him to rest.  That’s not saying it’s over; it’s not.  That’s not giving us closure,” said Torbit’s sister, Sherri Torbit.

The family is particularly upset the investigation has taken longer than promised.

“I’m optimistic we’ll be able to provide a full review within the next three weeks,” said Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld on Jan. 10.

But that was almost six weeks ago.

“The Baltimore Police Department remains focused on conducting a thorough investigation into every aspect of this tragic case,” police said Monday.

“Think about if it was your son, your daughter, your nephew.  You would want some type of answers,” said cousin Nathaniel Bond Jr.

Police say they have yet to receive the full autopsy report.  They’ve also pledged to have an independent review of their findings.

But Torbit’s outraged family feels they’ve been left out of the loop.

“It’s about the family, the immediate family, to have some type of answers in what happened at this massacre down here,” said cousin Charles Lucas.

Torbit served on the force for eight years.

Comments (10)
  1. Jay says:

    Baltimore City police Commish Bealefeld can afford to say what he wants to say about this problem, and the problems that plague the city of Baltimore., and drag on an inestigation. He’s a politican who wears a police unifirm. It’s just another day in Baltimore. It’s just another senseless shooting in a senseless city like Baltimore. It’s no suprise that Baltimore is on the top 10 list of most dangerous cities to live in and people are leaving Baltimore more and more. Bring back Ed Norris and he will throw away Baltimore City politics and finally clean up Baltimore once for all.

  2. mike says:

    What have these “marchers” got to say about the riot, drug and drunk infested haven nightclub cesspool that these underpaid police officers had to respond to. Shouldn’t they be marching to close such places down so civilized pople can return to Baltimore’s streets at night (or even during the day). I can’t even imagine what a scene that was…black people all threatening each others lives for no reason at all, out of control, not fit for acivilized society. The term “white man’s burden” was coined over 150 years ago and is never more accurate than today….everywhere in the world blacks are THE problem.

  3. Sean S says:

    Many people have rightfully said on here, and I totally agree that blacks need to stop marching just when a cop or white person, or even a Jewish person harms a black even in a justified self-defense act. What they need to do is again, protest the uncilvilized conduct of inner-city Baltimore black people that is the root cause of these senseless killings. I truly fear my fellow black people. Itruly do! We once had a serial armed robber in Owings Mills New Town where I live and I actually holster carried my .40 Cal Sig Saure handgun on me while I was working on a project in my garage at night with me havineto leave the garage door open to vent out some woodworking I was doing. This neighborhhod was always perfectly safe when it was all white.

  4. Jay says:

    The way investigations drag on and on in Baltimore City, we should know something in a year or two. Baltimore City was once a decent place to visit, but NO MORE!! My friends and I stay clear of Baltimore and even areas surrounding the city.

  5. Kell says:

    To mike the idiot!!! The march was for a well respected man a true officer & gent. A solution to the problems that plague this city!!!!! He lost his life trying to bring peace.this march was to get answers as to why wils fellow officers failed him why a mom & dad lost their son sisters n brothers who r without a brother a man who gave his life trying to better this city. So to all the people who want to blame officer torbit with his own death f u b!%ches

  6. Johnny blaze says:

    Keep on bojanglin’ you b-more brothas-

  7. derrickman says:

    Boogey man……Keep that finger licking chicken coming brother & soon you will have feathers.Maybe even a used ford escort 1999 if you’re lucky dic wad.

  8. Had Enough says:

    WOW! Where are all the hundreds of sickening comments about how the ”pig” deserved it, and too bad more hadn’t been killed? I guess this police officer happened to be the right color.

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