By Vic Carter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Violence escalates in Libya, prompting the State Department to prepare to get Americans out as soon as possible.

Vic Carter reports the evacuation comes amid concern the country will erupt in civil war.

Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is vowing to die a martyr.  Defiant and combative during a rambling address on state TV, the long-time dictator promised to fight to his last drop of blood and he called on his supporters to battle protesters in the streets.

Qaddafi denies using force but widespread gunfire can be heard on amateur video and witnesses say Tripoli is littered with bleeding protesters and bodies. 

The UN says pro-government forces have killed more than 250 people since protesters demanded Qaddafi step down last week. 

Libya’s ambassadors to the U.S., France and India have resigned.

“He has to get out or the Libyan people will kick him out and I think he knows it,” said Libya’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Ibrahim Dabbashi.

The United Nations’ Secretary General is condemning the violent crackdown and called a Security Council emergency session to discuss the crisis. 

With Libya in chaos, the U.S. is trying to move American diplomats and citizens out of the country as quickly as possible. 

Britain is planning to send a charter plane to Libya to bring out British nationals as a royal Navy frigate has also been deployed to the waters off Libya to help with evacuations if necessary.


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