Freezing Could Cause Problems Overnight

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A winter storm dumps several inches of snow on central Maryland.

Derek Valcourt reports freezing could cause major problems Tuesday night.

The overnight snow fell fast, piling up quickly across much of Maryland.

From Shrewsbury, Pa. to Baltimore City, the digging out began early.

“It’s very light, nothing to worry about. I wish Johns Hopkins was closed or a little delayed. Besides that, no worries. It’s going to melt immediately,” said Tamir Devorin.

In Harford County, shovels, scrapers and snowblowers were out in abundance.  Lots of people were trying to get a handle on the snowy mess in their own driveways before they could make it out to the busier roads.

“It’s lighter, I think, than the last one, but it’s enough to make it tough to drive, so we’ll see when we get out there how bad it is,” said Teddy Melanson.

In most parts of Maryland, snow plows were out in force throughout the night.  Still slick roads may have been a factor in several early morning accidents.

But with little traffic to compete with overnight, plow trucks quickly made progress on the major roads, though some side streets took time to clear. 

“There wasn’t much traffic on the roadways throughout the night, so that made it easier for us to maneuver through and get our passes completed,” said Adrienne Barnes, Baltimore City Department of Transportation.

But what Mother Nature gives, she can also take away. That’s exactly what she started doing as temperatures warmed up in the afternoon.

Blame all that bright sunshine for turning some streets into small streams of melt.  In some places neighbors were clearing away more water than they were snow.

“Tonight when the temperatures drop, this water will freeze and then your car can get locked into the ice when it’s sitting too close to the curb, so you have to watch getting too close to the curb,” said Dave Heffler.

Refreezing overnight is also a concern for road crews.

“Our bridges, overpasses and hills are the most dangerous, so we do expect you to proceed with extreme caution,” said Barnes. 

All this snow is a tough pill to swallow, especially for those counting on the groundhog’s prediction of an early spring.

“I think that Punxsutawney Phil was definitely wrong, but chances are he’s a Steelers fan, so what does he know?” said Chris Perrin.

“I’m kinda tired of [snowfalls] and I can’t wait for spring,” said Debbie Slerrell.

“After a week of really nice weather, it’s kinda hard to go back, but hopefully this will clear up and we’ll have some good weather going forward,” said Brett Snyder.

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  • A. VanDer

    Whether???? WEATHER. I won’t even complain about spell check…how can you not know how to spell weather?

  • steel

    Nice use of “whether”

  • pigeon

    OMG – can’t believe the title of this article actually passed review before being posted. Ever heard of proof reading? My 9 y.o. granddaughters can spell better then that. SHAME!

  • chilly

    Unbelievable that a major news service would hire such semiliterate cretins to write the headlines…

  • biker

    Tee-hee, they fixed THAT one pretty quickly, didn’t they?

  • willie man hanging

    You wankers must have no life to gripe about grammar on this thread. Nobody hardly ever spells correctly on the internet. Stop trying to pick the rat poop out of a comb & concentrate on the important issues of the day like the lousy tax happy government we have in Md.

    • Leigh Ann Erdman

      They better spell correctly if they want their advertisers to continue supporting them. Otherwise they will go out of business for publishing a shotty product. This is journalism, professionalism and business 101, not the 2nd grade.

      • Ann

        The word is “shoddy”, not “shotty”.

    • Billiam

      Willie Man – nobody hardly ever talks like you either – thankfully. The bottom line is the new service reports – they SHOULD spell things correctly! Important issue of the day? Maybe you should talk to the good State Senator Gladden who wants to rename Negro and Polish Mountains! That’s an “important issue of the day,” don’t you think?

  • stakkalee

    Yeah, how dare those evil socialists use our tax money for something as Stalinist as snow removal!

    Unclench, dude.

  • Joules Duncan

    How about instead of trying make yourselves feel better about your lives by attacking someone over a misspelled word, you read the article at hand and comment on that. I know….crazy idea. Compassion for a farther than acting like ridiculous little children.

    • Joules Duncan

      Lol…see auto correct gets EVERYONE. Compassion goes farther.

      • Leigh Ann Erdman

        Yes…a mispelled word will cause people to make noise. When someone gets paid to use their college degree to provide the news, they are set to a higher standard so get over yourself. Published news really does have publishers who review this information and people pay for hard copy to receive a quality product. Someone fell asleep (literally) on the job.

    • Billiam

      Joules – how about putting the blame where it falls – this is a news service, not a confectionary store or a gas station – the news services are supposed to use the right grammar and are supposed to get the spelling of words correct! This is what they do for a living! It has nothing to do with making anyone feel better – although you seem to feel better by berating those who are simply trying to point out an error that really shouldn’t have been made in the first place!

      • willie man hanging

        Billiam, Life should be perfect too. Mistakes are made wanker & that’s why they put erasers on pencils. Chill.

  • Bob

    Unclench dude should be the slogan of the decade.

  • Nikki

    Goodtimes I miss the snow Arizona sucks.

  • Billiam

    Are things that bad in DC? Annapolis had maybe 1 1/2 inches of snow and that’s being generous. It’s all about liability now. So much was made of this and the previous “storms” that never materialized. I mean really – asking everyone to delay their travel plans because some areas received a whopping four to five inches of snow?? Plan ahead, get up early and go to work. It’s unfortunate that the time has come where we are made to be afraid to travel because of a little snow. We handled two blizzards better than we did a four-inch “snowstorm!”

  • bernard mc kernan

    Too many a….holes with all wheel drives, big SUV’s thinking they’re indestructible & can’t or won’t make adjustments for the weather conditions. F….K em. hope they all end up in a ditch.

  • Doug

    I blew my 850 ft. gravel drive,early in the A.M.,
    went and did other things,
    and it’s just about burned off by 4:00
    Spring is in the air

  • JOHN


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