CUMBERLAND, Md. (AP) — A Maryland state prison inmate is serving 10 more years for killing a cellmate who murdered two adolescent girls.

A judge in Cumberland sentenced Christopher White, 36, on Tuesday.

An Allegany County jury convicted White in November of voluntary manslaughter for strangling Clarence Meyers Jr. at the nearby North Branch Correctional Institution in December 2009.

White was serving 23 years for a 1995 conviction in Wicomico County for kidnapping, larceny and other offenses.

Meyers was serving two life terms for setting a house fire in Hancock that killed his girlfriend’s daughters in February 2009.

Three weeks before he died, Meyers was charged with contracting with a prison gang to have the girls’ mother killed.

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Comments (7)
  1. norelief says:

    Give him a medal and let him out early for good behavior.

  2. Shoot First says:

    I agree with norelief. White should be commended for saving taxpayer money and ridding society of a child killer.

  3. still white still care says:

    Give the White family half the money the tax payers would have paid to keep that sorry ba@&ard alive for all them years!And let White serve the rest of his 23 years!After all he is a kidnapper

  4. KottaMan says:

    This warrants an award and early-out!!! Thanks for cleaning out some garbage my man!

  5. yep! says:

    Thats awesome for White to be a Judge, Jury, and Excutioner. They need more inmate to follow his foot steps! For someone to kill kids and then have a contract out to kill their mother, should be tortured and killed

  6. Patri8 says:

    Sounds like he performed a public service.

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