‘Two And A Half Men’ Discontinued For Season

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Production of the hit CBS sitcom, “Two And A Half Men”—starring the controversial Charlie Sheen—has been discontinued for the duration of its current season.

 CBS Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television released this statement:

 “Based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of ‘Two and a Half Men’ for the remainder of the season.”

  • Jimmy

    I listened to him today on XM and dude is off his rocker!

  • LEON


    Come on you have got to get your act together, I think the show is funny, think how many writers, and the crew will be out of work for your action. Wow 10 years from now just think what your children will think about how you act, let alone the world. Don’t they have churches in Hollywood. Just stop the madness, and continue to great movies, God gave you a gift, use for the right reasons. The world is truly great, start a Charily and give your time, to help people in need, or less fortunate.

  • Stacey V-AwarenessHelps Citraro

    Oh no man….you gotta get it together!! This is your career on the line!!! Think!!!! And what am I going to do, now that the show is on hiatus?????? This sucks!!

    • jerryenowitch7

      Stacey,…….You will manage. Get a real life, that stuff is trash.

  • Paul Micelli

    Typical Hollywood, look at all the lives destroyed both past and PRESENT. Best thing is to get out of there and go somewhere for about a YEAR and DRY OUT for GOOD

  • tylerjake

    Can’t they find another washed up “has been” to take his place? After all, that’s all he is.

  • JayDee

    SUCKS…..this has been my FAVORITE show on TV for years! I really hope Sheen chooses to come back and revive the show next season :(

  • Herman Glimsher


  • derrickman

    Sheen is a train wreck. Just wait until all the $$$ dries up, he’ll become a whimpering puppy crawling back or will end up taking his life. the dumb ass. His s….t has grown old…..Can’t play the bad boy forever Charlie

  • Sandy

    This show stinks. One of the worst shows on TV. I”m glad it’s over. Bring back some of the old shows that mean something like wholesomeness and character. Bring back some shows that the whole family can sit and watch together.

  • mike

    one of the worst shows? what the hell is wrong with you people. must have no sense of humor whatsoever. this show is great

  • Tom

    Charlie Sheen sucks. He is a selfish individual who will cost himself and others in the end.

  • Stacey

    @tylerjake He cannot be replaced. If no Sheen, there is no show.

  • Mark

    Whats wrong you people saying charlie sheen sucks. You suck for thinking that this guy sucks. He is great actor thats going through some things right now.Im just hoping they keep this show going next season.The freaking show is awesome.And for all you charlie sheen haters you can suck it….

  • RGK

    I used to admire him for years when I was young. Not anymore! He should have controlled himself. I guess he is following after troubled celebs who are not worth our time and attention. T

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