BALTIMORE (AP) — Rot found in the hull of the Constellation will keep the historic warship away from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor longer than planned.

The Constellation and the submarine Torsk were towed from the touristy Inner Harbor last month for repairs, marking the first time both have been out of the water since the late 1990s.

Chris Rowsom, executive director of Historic Ships in Baltimore, says the ships were expected to be away for a month, but repairs on the Constellation are now expected to take another one to two weeks.

The warship is expected to need more extensive repairs in two or three years that could take it from the Inner Harbor for up to six months.

Rowsom says the damage has been attributed to rainwater seeping into the hull from gun ports.

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Comments (2)
  1. derrickman says:

    Let them both rot & sink. There’s nothing original left in them to begin with & they’re used by the owners to suck money from the poor dumb tourists that happen by that s…..hole called the Inner Harbor. Where gangs meet & you get beat.

    1. dave says:

      you’re an idiot!

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