BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Charlie Sheen is a rehab regular, but this time some say he has gone too far, trashing his boss at “Two And A Half Men” on the radio.

“Look what I’m dealing with man… I’m dealing with fools and trolls… You know I’m dealing with soft targets,” Sheen said.

“Two And A Half Men” star Charlie Sheen ranted for seven minutes.

“I don’t have time for these clowns,” he said.

He takes aim at the creator of the hit CBS show Chuck Lorre, calling him by his Hebrew name Chaim Levine.

“OK, last I checked, Chaim, I’ve spent I think close to the last decade, I don’t know, effortlessly and magically converting your tin can into pure gold,” Sheen said.  “They lay down with their ugly wives in front of their ugly children and just look at their loser lives and they look at me and they say ‘I can’t process it.’ Well no, you never will. Stop trying and just sit back and enjoy the show.”

Fed up, CBS and Warner Bros. halted production on the highly rated comedy saying based on the totality of Charlie Sheen’s statements, conduct and condition, CBS and Warner Bros. Television have decided to discontinue production of “Two And A Half Men” for the remainder of the season.

Sheen is the highest paid actor on television, making $2 million an episode. His drug and booze lifestyle keeps him in the tabloids.

It didn’t take long for Sheen to fire back, calling CBS crazy and vowing to take his show to HBO. TMZ claims to have a letter from Sheen taking aim again at show creator Lorre.

“I fire back once and this contaminated little maggot can’t handle my power and can’t handle the truth,” Sheen said.

“He’s now getting to the point where he’s becoming unlikable,” said Michael Schneider, TV Guide magazine.

Schneider is TV Guide’s LA bureau chief.

“He not only has an addiction rehab to deal with, he now has an image rehab that he’s going to have to deal with as well,” Schneider said.

His father actor Martin Sheen says the family is praying for him.

“The disease of addiction is a form of cancer and you have to have an equal amount of concern and love and lift them up and that’s what we do for him,” Martin Sheen said.

Comments (12)
  1. KELL says:


  2. CRCT says:

    To hell with this arrogant a?!hole!!! He’s talking all of this YING-YANG now…Ooooohhhh but his world is well on its way to crashing! He better PRAY he makes it through this time and if he does his PUNK A?! will FINALLY be forced to eat an entire humble pie ON THE AIR! Hey Oprah save a show for Charlie Sheen, he’s gonna need some financial help REAL SOON! In the infamous words of “Fred Sanford”…”You BIG DUMMY”!

  3. Chris says:

    The sad thing is , he’s a sick man. Addiction is a progressive desiese, it will only get worse , until he accepts and treats it. If he refuses, he has but three options, jails, hospitals or institutions, if he’s lucky, if not the grave awaits him.

  4. Tom says:

    Go Charlie! U live a life a man dreams of alone in his bed holding his flagpole. Talk to any man privately, a guy wouldnt mind a porn star for a night mixed in a little chemical fun.

  5. edthe bed says:

    Tom, You’re playing with the flagpole too much. Put it down & pick up a good book.

  6. edthe bed says:

    Charlie will become a whimpering wuss when his money runs out that is if all the Ho’s don’t stuff it up their noses first. Charlie, sad man you should have a long talk with Robert Downey Jr….if not, your a dead man walking.

  7. Jeff says:

    Edthe a book? Live a little. Fact: Any man or woman is only faithful as his/her options. ChArlie will end up making more money in the end. It’s to hollywood. Look at Downey he’s flourishing! Charlie go down in s blaze with s bunch of ho’s n blow! Hahaha

  8. CRCT says:

    Great comments everyone…hahaha! What’s so extremely sad is that everyone,s comments made so far are correct! Real talk…I’d like to see him get his stuff together, but IDK??!! He’s had chance after chance to get a grip (even while he’s living a little) but I just have a gut feelin he’s also burned his last bridge!!! Enough is Enough now…Money isn’t everything, no matter what!!!

  9. edthe bed says:

    Jeff, The difference between Charlie Sheen & Robert Downey is Downey is a multi dimensional actor while Sheen id a Buffoon & can only play one type of role. Downey actually worked hard & still does at kicking the drug, jail time & disgrace that an out of control addict faces. Charlie our boy embraces it. Besides, Charlie is balding & his physical appearance will soon detract from his ability to come across like the bad bow everyones loves to love.

  10. George Mouring says:

    When someone embraces there illness and casts there fait to the wind, to me, that’s someone who has a death wish. Like a lot of these rich decadent people in hollywood, nothing is ever enough. Charkie is no different than the crack addict on the street, he just doesn’t see it for the glitter he is surrounded with. What he doesn’t see is, …when your on the other side of the dirt, were all the same. At that point, who your are, what you where, and how much you have, doesn’t mean squat!

  11. Chris Kristoff says:

    Is he funny? Yes he is! But I can not respect a disrespectful being. Treat the way you want to be treated so I hope you get what you dish out! I can always find someone else thats funny that earns my respect. So good luck to you Charlie and God Bless you but I won’t be watching you any more.

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