LOVE POINT, Md. (AP) — Maryland Natural Resources police say they’ve found another illegal rockfish net off Kent Island near the mouth of the Chester River.

Sgt. Art Windemuth says officers patrolling the area found the 400-yard-long net Wednesday morning with up to 400 pounds of striped bass, also known as rockfish. He says it appears that the net was set before the shutdown of the commercial rockfish gill net season.

The season was halted Feb. 4 after 10 tons of rockfish were confiscated from illegal nets, prompting concerns the state would exceed its monthly quota. Later, the state announced that the season would reopen for two days, Friday and Monday.

So far this month, Windemuth says police have found 8,425 yards of illegal net and more than 12 tons of rockfish.

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Comments (8)
  1. SMH says:

    Give all the fish to homeless shelters and the needy!

  2. bernard mc kernan says:

    Ban all fishing for a season. The Bay is over fished anyway, over crabbed & oystered. Pay these watermen a set amount but have them do community work cutting trees, roadside work that is needed. There are a number of arrogant watermen legal & illegal that are destroying the bay along with the polluters.

    1. SMH says:

      They can ban all they want…….these fish are being caught illegally anyway!

  3. bernard mc kernan says:

    If there is a ban on all fishing then I guess those out there would look pretty obvious & illegal.

  4. Madison Peyton says:

    Ban all fishing for the season and if caught take their fishing licenses. Take their commercial licenses away permanently, with no chance of ever getting another one, either on their own, or in their families. Then fine them big. Seize their boats, houses, cars, and/ or trucks, etc. Its time to get real about theft on the water, and stop slapping the wrists of the criminals and letting them off with piddly little fines and a few months off the water. Not all waterman are criminals. I know this because I am married to one of them….

  5. pigeon says:

    Where are the authorities at night when, evidently, the nets are being put out.

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