By Alex DeMetrick

HANOVER, Md. (WJZ) — What had been the latest roadblock to slots at Arundel Mills may turn out to be the last. A settlement has kicked it out of court.

Alex DeMetrick reports that’s kicked off a rush for jobs.

From the workers who will move the first ground and those who install the first slot machines, the parking lot at Arundel Mills Mall and the slots casino coming there is an economic promised land.

“It’s about creating jobs,” said Louis, a slots supporter.

“Construction jobs down to the suppliers, down to the vendors–there’s so many people who depend upon a job like this,” said Greg Yablonski, United Rental.

Those who want a part of that work showed up for a briefing by the Cordish Company, which outlined the jobs to be bid on and the paperwork to get started.

“It’s an opportunity for businesses to get involved at the beginning of the project. It will do a lot for the growth and development of small businesses within the state of Maryland,” said Richard Hart, T&E Global Equipment.

“I think there’s a huge opportunity,” said Sarah Ellison, PEI Staffing. “Not only is it wonderful for all the candidates that we have in this area, who have been unemployed and are really strong workers, but it’s great to see it’s going to improve our economy as well.”

And it’s starting soon. A representative said the casino is looking to open sometime next year–despite a delaying action by opponents who fought it at the county level,  then at the state Court of Appeals, and finally at the ballot box, where the casino and developer David Cordish won.

But no sooner had the first ceremonial ground been broken, opponents secured a new injunction to stop construction.

But the latest court challenge to this project was dropped when the developer agreed to more stop lights and road improvements. So as of now, it’s a green light for the casino and those hoping to be part of it.

“This is something that I really think is going to help the state in general, bringing in the money that can help get people back on their feet,” Yablonski said.

Now the chase for a piece of that prize is on.

Besides the money jobs will generate, the Cordish Company estimates the slots casino will also bring millions to Maryland in revenue.

Comments (19)
  1. Mike says:

    The appeals and legal maneuvers need to stop.
    If the residents don’t like the idea of a casino at Arundel Mills, there only solution now is to move. It is going to happen so they need to STFU.

    1. John says:

      It is “their” and not “there.” Your comment shows you are differently a smart one!

      1. Kari says:

        “Differently”? I suppose you mean “definitely”. You should probably proofread your comments before calling someone else an idiot.

  2. Bernard mc kernan says:

    Arundel Mills is not the answer. Gambling is not the answer. It is nothing but a form of entertainment & the losers, of which are many build these places. The government will in ten years be looking to put slots in every seven-eleven. The revenues will not be enough because the appetite exceeds the intake. Tax & spend politicians Dems & Repubs are all alike. Move ? if you can but not always possible. The damage this location & the thuggery that will come from this not to mention the traffic gridlock, just you wait & see. Vegas, Atlantic city are perfect examples. Two blocks off the strip you are in a no man’s land. Murder, rape, robbery all go hand in hand. Sad society, even dumber sadder people.

    1. Kathryn says:

      I agree, a newvice is not the answer, better to tax existing vices than build a new one. What will be next, legal protitution houses?

  3. pigeon says:

    Cordish and developers (and probably some of politicians who backed the building) are liars – you mean to tell me people actually believe Cordish is really going to 100% absorb the costs for better roads and more stop lights around the casino. They lied in the beginning, they are lying now and will continue to do so thru the rest of history!

  4. lindsey says:

    They said this casino would not share a parking lot and that it would be across the street. They lied its in the damn parking lot!! I live near ft.meade and I hate arundel mills!! When I moved here I didn’t have a problem with the mall besides the fact that you can never find parking!! The mall is going to lose so much business. And not everyone had the option to move and just for saying that I hope you get mugged in the parking lot and then you can say how great the casino is…

  5. Rick says:

    You can get mugged on any parking lot anywhere, regardless of what businesses they are near. Lets keep it real folks

  6. Rick says:

    And another thing..People have been mugged at Arundel Mills, had their cars broken into during the holidays, and cars have been stolen. People stand outside asking for money. It can happen anywhere. As for the traffic, most casino patrons dont go from 9-5 and add to rush hour traffic. They will more then likely arrive when most are at work and leave after the mall is closed.

    This is just another issue for the “NIMBY”‘ (not in my back yard) folks to get upset over. It’s progress, jobs, revenue, etc. Get a hobby.

    1. Colleen Lynn says:

      Oh, but to listen to the anti-slots ads we had before the elections, Arundel Mills is a “family friendly” place! The same ads that were paid for by a rival casino company.

      The two casinos that are already built are making millions. Build this thing already so we can get a share of that money.

    2. sb says:

      y tell them Rick!!!! jobs economy…. stimulate….. and i am supporting LIVE!

  7. bernard mc kernan says:

    Yeah minimum wage jobs. Feed the rich & wealthy & keep the rest under foot. Yeah Tat’s the Republican & Tea Baggers theory. We had that once in this country by the Oligarchs, didn’t sit to well & it won’t again. They’re no netter than Walmart with the minimum wage jobs & no health insurance that you & I have to pay for because The Repub’s will repeal health care.

  8. JOY says:

    ha ha ha ha @ KARI

  9. There’s nothing like riding a great mountain bike on a mountain trail – particularly in the spring time. I cannot imagine anything that I’d rather be doing – well, there’s ONE thing .. 😉

  10. Jeff says:

    Most of you PRO-Casino are apparently fairly young. I’ve lived here well over 40 years and remember very clearly when they outlawed slots in the 60’s. Then in the 70’s we were expected to believe that the “lottery” would solve all our money woes. Here’s the REAL DEAL. We look at a broken budget and say “we have to spend less money” THEY look at a broken budget and say “We have to raise more money”. More, will never be enough because they will always outspend their budgets and then place that burden on the backs of hard working people. That’s “keeping it real”!!

  11. Denise says:

    “” Tat’s the Republican & Tea Baggers theory””. Wow, there’s a real rocket scientist of a person. Sure, count on the Dems to make someone else pay for another “program” for you while we work to cover the cost. You only deserve what you EARN. I’m sure that’s a foreign idea to you who must think that we owe you something but in my world, you should keep what you earn and get nothing else. Try earning it yourself and paying your own way instead of thinking that the gbment owes you. No one owes to pay your bills! It’s always nice when you have to call names because your IQ shows. If our country didn’t have so many “programs” to give people like you money or services that you didn’t earn yourself, we wouldn’t have the problems that we have. Don’t you know that you’re to blame? If you had more then a clue you would understand that it’s those rich people that cut your check. Why should they pay 1 percentage point more in taxes then you? Why should the governement penalize those who have worked hard, just to give it to those who haven’t earned it? You and people like you make me sick.

  12. HopE says:

    That mall is a nightmare 2 park now! They are very mismanaged so it will be a worsening nightmare with the low rent types that the slots bring!

  13. belly fat says:

    Thats some enlightening post!!

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