BALTIMORE (WJZ ) — The family of a young man killed in a wild police shooting outside a Baltimore club last month protested in front of City Hall.

As Adam May reports, they want answers.

“I don’t know, we don’t know if somebody covered something up, ” said John Gamble, the victim’s father.

John’s son, Sean, and a plainclothes on-duty police officer died when officers fired 41 shots. They were responding to reports of an officer down and a fight involving patrons at the Select Lounge.

“I want to get to the bottom of it and so do the rest of the people of this city,” said Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

She has now appointed a five-member board to review the circumstances that led up to the shooting, making good on a promise she made last month.

“We want to make sure we learn from this incident. If we need to change our policy or procedures, we’re going to do that,” said Rawlings-Blake

The city’s police union says there was so much chaos outside the club that friendly fire was inevitable.

“It was a melee, it was totally out of control. I honestly think they did what was necessary,” said one officer.

Sean Gamble’s family believes there is a lot more to the story.

“There’s a man who sits high and looks low, and his name is Jesus, and as we see, he’s pulling the cover off all the corruption with Baltimore City Police,” said his father.

Comments (13)
  1. GCF says:

    Another upstanding citizen shot for no reason by police while minding his own business. Sorry I don’t buy it. It’s awful funny no one I know has ever been shot by police,oh thats right we don’t hang out in nite clubs that are full of low life thugs,and want to be gangsters.

  2. andy botwin says:

    I shot the sheriff, but i did not shot the deputy!!!!!!!!

  3. andy botwin says:

    it was that dirty no good puerto-pecan police thug that shot him because he had to go to the incident at the club and loose a $300.00 tow job to majestic who shot him

  4. silas botwin says:

    andy, those puerto-pecan officers are going to shoot you next

  5. derrickman says:

    Shawn’s family need to look no further than themselves for his having turned out the way he did. An unemployed father of a new baby trying to live the hip hop life looking for some skanky ho’s. Those clubs are magnets for black gangsta wannabes & other trouble makers.

  6. more problems says:

    All these comments are terrible remember what’s important 2people lost their lives here enough with the name calling and racial remarks how would you feel if that was your son your brother your cousin you would be trying to find some answers as well

  7. Willie man hanging says:

    If he were my brother or son & if I had an ounce of decency in me I would feel & should feel like a failure. This boy never understood the fundamentals of proper conduct & fell prey to the “If it feels good do it crowd”. No skills or job, yet this fat blob had money for a cell phone & was in a bar drinking up what he should have been spending on his at home baby & baby momma. Damm you people who refuse to accept responsibility with all this B.S. about a life lost etc. He was done a favor because his ass had no future like all the other arrogant surly black porch monkeys who refuse to get an education & their lazy mom’s & absent Dad’s.

  8. Krenee says:

    You guys are the worse, i hope you all get on your knees and pray for forgiveness for passing judgment on something you know nothing about!… ONe he was not a lowlife..he was well educated, he got shot trying to protect a female whom he thought was in trouble. Now tell me how many of you were there? Oh that’s right none, because if so these downright slandering comments would not appear, he took care of his son and his fiance (not just some baby mother)…he went out for one night to celebrate. Not once did he neglect his responsibilities. He had a home with his finace and son which he provided, they were happy ..He’s a lowlife? yet he had no criminal record, never been put out of school or had any prior disciplinary action taken against him…EVER. This is truely sad when YOU people woke up this sunday morning with not an ounce of love in your heart to codemn this young man. He was caught in crossfire nothing more nothing less. It”s an unfortunate situation that did not need to happen. It saddens me to see someone who i know personally who was a loving fiance, father, brother, took care of his household, was respected by me and many in his community. He had a bright future he went to school!. His parents are both around they’re in half of the news videos. So to the person who said his parents are absent. frankly shut the hell up!. If you’re going to comment on something know the facts!

  9. willie man hanging says:

    I wasn’t there but I do know that his first responsibility is to his son at home & to the woman he impregnated out of marriage. You see Krenee you & your kind always want to give the “Brothers” a pass, look the other way & make excuses. Your whole lives are built around excuses & blaming Cracker whitey for you who do not take responsibility for your actions. Yeah he was in the wrong place at the worn time & his big tookas was taken out like all the gangsta wannabes hip hop a…holes.

  10. Krenee says:

    Did i blame anyone? No…sounds like you’re good at pointing fingers and mouthing off about issues you know nothing about. You’re obviously very miserable and that’s sad, so i’ll say a prayer for “you & your kind” whooo that was funny…You dont know me, lets keep that in mind.There’s a rack of people out here who have died at gunpoint who i can honestly say have sealed their fate, who got caught up in the thug life , who were too busy trying to prove a point & ultimately died because of THEIR (not anyone else’s actions). I know this for a fact because i’ve seen it happen. What i’m telling is this situation wasnt the case. He wasnt an always in the street kind of guy, he’s never been associated with bad company. I don’t make excuses i state facts. You clearly dont even know the whole story, because a black officer took Sean’s life now if I was going play your little blame game…i don’t think involving the “Cracker whitey” would be accurate..

  11. Willie man hanging says:

    Krenee. You miss my whole point & it’s obvious you haven’t the skills to decimate facts. The behavior of these so called street thugs is learned at home. From the early beginnings, the mommas or whoever allow them to watch all violent T.V. yell at them & scream, use physical violence & then expect them to be model people. Yeah , fat chance. Excuses are a big part of the makeup for an inferiority complex which most Blacks have . They are too easily separated from their money with the lure of a little bling or a woman’s ass. I suggest you take control of your lives & stop listening to those B.S. Baptist preachers who only get rich off your backs. The Korean food stores, fast food outlets & the check cashing places who also finance your junk “Super fly ” cars with the finance rate hay would buy you three cars when all is said & done. I have worked with women in prison for years & then one day quit because I kept seeing the same Ho’s again & again. They all thought it was fun while they got a rest & Grandmom watched the kids. Who in the hell knew who or where the daddy was. Get some morals people & then come see me. Sean Gamble was exactly what he was advertised to be:…A GAMBLE!

  12. Krenee says:

    laughing I haven’t the skills to “decimate” facts?? Wow do you hear yourself? decimate means to destroy. Can’t see why destroying facts would help anything here, but that is your specialty. See what i’ve done is state facts, you’ve slandered and prejudged someone because they’re black and a boy , so they must be a thug & where does violence come into play? Sean didnt have a gun. He didnt commit a violent act. Obviously you’re looking for the bad in any situation in anyway possible. While there are many, not all of them are. As for missing the point I believe that’s you because I didn’t completely disagree with you, and you yourself said MOST blacks right? not all. Your hate filled comments don’t affect me though, for I’m not baptist, nor do I shop at the stores or endorse any of the places you mentioned. I get you though, your angry and you obviously need a place to rant and yell where nobody knows your real name or can see your face & what better victim then someone who can’t defend themselves?

  13. Damion Stewart says:

    i feel a percentage dumber after reading some of these comments

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