ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) –The actions in Wisconsin struck a raw nerve with union members nationwide who showed up to protest from the East Coast to the West.

Suzanne Collins reports.

About 300 union members, teachers and other public employees and supporters rallied in Lawyers Mall outside the Maryland State House Saturday.

They wore cheeseheads and held an American flag in support of Wisconsin employees.

The rally was organized by a group called which believes eliminating a worker’s right to collective bargaining in Wisconsin is an attack on all working people.

In Wisconsin, the governor’s proposal would bar public unions from bargaining for a salary increase higher than the rise in cost of living and it would increase workers’ contributions to healthcare and pensions.

“They’re feeling this is the way to balance the budget , to take away the rights of people to negotiate with their employers collectively…well, this is a right all American workers should have,” said one protester.

The woman who organized the Annapolis rally says the conservatives were getting too much face time and it was time for workers to speak out.

Union supporters say Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is “union busting,” not just trying to balance the budget.

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  1. Peggy Redmond says:

    Thank you Maryland for standing up for democracy. This is not only about wages, pensions and healthcare. This is about our rights as Americans.

    1. Theresa says:

      We live in a Republic with represenation, not a Democracy which is basically Mob. Maybe that is why people are acting like the mob because they are yet to learn we live in a REPUBLIC. Learn the difference. between a democracy and a republic, it’s simple and it’s important.

    2. Martin O. says:

      Thank You Maryland for showing there are real idiots living in this State by showing up to support mob rule. Of course residents knew this already because of our one party State that votes democRATic every year.

  2. joe says:

    No this is about so called rights of spoiled union people who believe their job status is more important than the average American. This has nothing to do with democracy, please. Democracy is a political order/system, not a platform for entitled union workers.

    1. KottaMan says:

      Right on Joe. MoveON only gets involved to drum up the race card.

    2. Stratego says:

      Political order imposed by huge corporations and banksters, Banksters who work for financial institutions “too big to fail” and who are white collar criminals given a pass by our government and “pressured in to new terms” to be better boys in the future while committing fraud and causing middle class people to starve and lose their homes. The Only terms they should get are “jail” terms. Yet people showing up to protest the crushing of unions formed in our democracy for the people and by the people and against Walker, who has been bought by the Koch brothers and other white wing extremists are considered out of “order/” Walker’s out of order. The balance of power tipping into the hands of the rich is what is “out of order.” Stop rolling over and wake up. Our country is in the hands of huge corporations and financial institutions so emboldened by our weak responses, our ignorance and willingness to be placated and to follow blindly into the .morass created by biased and bought media talking heads. Wake up before our democracy is gone completely. Government by the people and for the people!

      1. Theresa says:

        Some facts about unions: 2009

        2009 – 7.9 mil public sector employees belonged to a union, 7.4 million private sector belonged to a union.
        37.4% public sector employees were union, 7.2% private sector employees were union. Within the public sector, local gov workers had the highest union membership rate of 43.3%. Highest union rates: New york 25.2% of workers, Hawaii 23%, Alaska 22.3%, Washington 20.2%. Least: North Carolina 5%, Ark 4.2%, Virginia 4.7%
        Largest union membership were in California and New York.

  3. Jessie Kilgore says:

    There is irony in the complaints of government workers getting paid by tax payers who work longer hours, make less money, have fewer benefits and work at least a decade more before retirement.

    1. lorna rudnikas says:

      .why was my remark specific to jessie kilgore’s statement placed under SB’s statement. Yikes! It is Kilgore’s statement that I agree with and I was a government worker (non-union) for many, many years. Good Grief!!

  4. james adams says:

    How can you negotiate on the backs of a taxpayer. Maybe somebody should stand up for them. Real cheap way to get on tv

  5. Roger MacDonald says:

    Joe, don’t you get that collective bargaining is available to every American worker? Instead of pointing a finger, why aren’t you organizing for your rights? The states that do not allow collective bargaining for teachers are also at the bottom of the list for SAT/ACT scores.

    1. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

      Yes, collective bargain your way right out of your job…How many former union employees no longer have jobs because they “bargained” their way right out of the market place? You wonder why so many companies have taken their manufacturing overseas? Because the unions demand more wages than the employer can pay and still be competitive. Unions have destroyed millions of jobs and thousands of American companies. Get your facts straight..Eventually the American people will get fed up with unions and refuse to use union employees or union made products and you will all be out of work…good riddance.

      1. SB says:

        Ronald unions make up an absolutely small portion of the US work force. They have priced out no one. They have no power to. Unions have been weakened since the 80s(probably started earlier). I have never been in union and I have worked in many different work places over the past 20 years. I have read articles where unions only make up 6 to 7 percent of the US private work force. Yes there are more in the public sector but it is probably about 30 percent. Still not enough to make a dent as to having jobs sent overseas. So actually the jobs went overseas because of greed of corporate world, lack of American loyalty and us Americans wanting our products cheap cost wise(ie Walmart). That is what sent the jobs overseas, not the unions. Those are the facts. As someone not in a union I now only feel more compelled to support them because of recent events.

      2. Theresa says:

        Unions have caused bankruptcy because of their greed. Was GM being greedy when they couldn’t pay the union workers what they wanted? Or maybe they just couldn’t afford it. It is the Unions who are greedy. There are operating costs involved in a business, and when the overhead becomes too high, something gives. And if taxes keep increasing, then it makes it much more appeaiing for companies to move to a tax friendly state or country. A lesson to be learned, don’t bankrupt your bread and butter.

      3. lorna rudnikas says:

        So sad, but so very, very true!!

      4. Lily says:

        Mr. Miner,
        Do you have sick leave? Vacation leave? Overtime pay? If you have ANY of the three listed, YOU have personally benefited from the work of UNIONS! Why do you think unions had to be formed in the FIRST place?! Stop being a sheeple!

      5. Ken says:

        Ronald, I agree with you 100 per cent . Most people are out of work because of the Unions. Union workers are greedy and push to see just how far they can go before the company packs up and moves to China..

    2. Eli says:

      You are wrong. There are 1.5 million active and 1.4 million reserve members of the U.S. Military who are unable to collectively bargain. They often serve in the most dangerous areas of the planet against their will. They are compelled to move to any number of places throughout their careers with minimal notice, thus forcing their spouses and children to frequently uproot, sell their homes (even if the value is underwater), change schools and leave dear friends. U.S. Military personnel have virtunally no rights. They have no say where they work, the shift they work, the hours they work and the conditions under which they work. They must be absolutely respectful of their superiors no matter how incompetent or unfriendly.

      I am a career Marine Corps Officer and the concept of a “sick day” is so novel and foreign to me. Apparently, however, WI state employees (and it sounds like many in other states like Maryland) believe “sick days” are a kind of birthright whether one is actually ill or not, based on the clear video at the rally in WI of doctors and nurses providing fraudulent medical excuses. By the way, we in the military are unable to protest.

      State, county and municipal employees are certainly free to protest as much as they want. But this is 2011. There are 15 million Americans officially out of work (the number of Americans who have basically given up looking for work is much higher). Millions of Americans have seen minimal rise in their incomes over the last several years, their defined benefit pensions slashed, their jobs shifted overseas to low labor countries and the cost of their portion of healthcare insurance has skyrocketed, while government employees (myself included) have seen our salaries and benefits continue to outpace the private sector. Any American out of work (and many who work in the private sector) would switch places with a state employee in a heartbeat. So excuse the vast majority of these people who resent your theatrics and have no empathy for your demands. To compound matters, they are paying for your salaries and top-end benefit packages (and mine). Perhaps you would be more well received with a simple “thank you” to the American taxpayers who have paid for everything you have as their conditions continue to slide. But the agenda of your well-compensated union bosses differs from that of the rest of America. At this time in history, you seem like a bunch of childish punks.

      Semper Fi

      1. MDmomx5 says:

        Eli- when you entered the military you entered into a contract that you could choose to renew at regular intervals. YOU made the choice to be in the military, nobody forced you too. YOU knew your possible work conditions before YOU re-uped. I say this all as a former Air Force wife. He was in the AF when I married him so even I knew what I was getting into & what to expect as far as work hours, time off & moves. So I couldn’t complain because I had full knowledge. Military members are some of the most dedicated people in the country & I have great respect for them.
        I also have great respect for the teachers & nurses & firefighters of our country- most they have the same dedication to their chosen field as most military members do. They certainly are NOT in it for the money. In WI they have agreed to take pay more for their health insurance & retirement. But to deny them the right to collectively bargain for the number of patients the have in their care or students in their classrooms is in a word shameful. Would you want your grandchild to be one of 35 Kindergartners? Would YOU really want to be one of the 7 patients in ICU assigned to one nurse? Better yet would you want somebody you love in that situation?

      2. Lily says:

        I pay taxes too! It seems like this is a fact that simply gets ignored! And hell yes, I want my collective bargaining rights. Something you mention just solidified my stance: “Millions of Americans… their jobs shifted overseas to low labor countries and the cost of their portion of healthcare insurance has skyrocketed…” Corporations go where they can make the largest profit– and these are the people to trust that they will give their workers fair treatment? C’mon! Teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses and the like have to take on the burdens while corporations get million dollar tax breaks!

      3. Tim says:

        Eli, You volunteered to join the US military. At that moment you became the property of the government. That is why you are unable to protest. This fight is not over money because the unions already said they would contribute more to thier retirements to help the state budget. Your total argument sounds like a childish tantrum because we dont have something you can’t have it either. I am not part of a union and work for myself but I can easily see this argument has much deeper meaning than money. Its the rights on the people against the rich and it simply boils down to that. I take comfort in history. This has happened in every major country and it always ends the same way. with a bunch of rich people getting thier heads chopped off because they let thier greed go to far. Same will happen here when the people who have suffered from the ceo’s sending jobs oversees to save a few pennies rise up then they ( The greedy Rich people) will be done. The only shame here is that its the govenment that is suppose to step in to help the people but they have not they are only helping the corporations.

  6. MDmomx5 says:

    Why is everyone blaming the workers? When was the last time you met a teacher or police office pulling down the big salary? Two parties agreed to the contracts unions AND management. It’s misplaced anger- what about the big wig CEOs that make 300 times what the workers do? I’d don’t see Gov Walker or any other Republicans denouncing THEIR government pension & health care. Most elected officials are fully vested in their retirement after ONE term in office. I’d like to be full vested in my pension after 2 or 4 years.

    1. Ronald G Miner Jr says:

      Wrong..Public unions get their salaries from the tax payers and they bargain with the government who are suppose to represent the tax payers but they don’t because they are bought and paid for by the unions. There aren’t 2 parties, just one washing the back of the other.

      1. MDmomx5 says:

        WRONG. the politicians are bought & paid for by the big corporations. Did you not hear the phone conversation between Gov Walker & who he thought was David Koch? The unions are the only thing standing between the people & a complete take over of our political system by corporations. How do you think all workers will be treated when corporate greed is unstoppable?

      2. Theresa says:

        Democratic politicians are being bought by the unions.

  7. johnjohn says:

    When a police officer can retire at 70% of pay and recieve $70,000, I’d say they are well paid and compensated. The cheeseball company I used to work for will be paying me $500 a month for 23 years of service. Now how about letting teachers and cops live off of that when they retire.

  8. Marylander says:

    Title should read UNIONS in Maryland are fired up they also may have to stop stealing from taxpayers, and a whopping 300 showed up to voice support. Even in the most Democratic state in the country. Super liberal MoveOn has once again failed. People have stopped buying the BS….

    1. ricky says:

      I’m not in a union and I was there, and this is far from the most democratic state in the country. Perhaps you should look at the republicans in your county government and state and federal legislature, because in Carroll County it was a republican sweep last year. Part of what is driving protests in this country is angry hateful rhetoric such as this garbage you are posting. Try posting facts, not hate.

  9. hello says:

    I’m confused..don’t WORKERS pay taxes?

    1. Martim O says:

      Yes but each case needs to be looked at. Some union employees pay into their retirement and health care and receive a modest retirement. Other do not pay into either and get 70-90% of their salary as retirement plus free health care. Their are responsible plans and others that are not. Then, especially here in Maryland there are the double dippers. Government workers who retire in 20 to 25 years, and go back to work for the Government in another retirement plan. They receive their retirement pay and job pay and in another 20-25 years another retirement. State government is full of these.

    2. ptl says:

      when we take the rights of the workers we have the makings of a revolution

  10. Dennis Bledsoe says:

    first lets get it straight…there is no right to collective bargaining. The comments that indicate it is an agreement between the workers and management to bargain collectively is just that (an agreemnt). If one party no longer wishes to use collective bargaining, then there is no agreement any longer.

    I have never been represented by a union, but my father was a steelworker for 27 years. I saw what his union didn’t do for him. Especially how my mother was treated after he died at an early age.

    The time has come for public sector employee compensation to more closely match the private sector.

    1. Theresa says:

      The public sector employees make quite a bit.

  11. Roger MacDonald says:

    This parroting of management’s anti-union propaganda shows how well the right’s anti-union campaign has worked. Tell a big lie enough times and it becomes truth. I feel badly for how people treated Mr. Bledsoe’s Mother -people will do wrong thing.

    Corporate greed moved manufacturing out of the US, not unions. If unions were so powerful wouldn’t they have prevented management from taking jobs to countries where they can pay less?

    Is it the fault of union labor that companies abuse non-union working people -does that make any kind of sense to you? If working Americans want to have any kind of future an organized middle class that can fight back against corporate greed is our best response.

    Stop listening to FOX and lapping up talk radio B.S.: start thinking for yourself.

    1. Chichi says:

      It’s not corporate greed that sent the jobs overseas, it’s UNION GREED! Corporations exist to make money, not provide jobs. When the unions started demanding exorbitant wages and benefits for unskilled labor, they priced their companies’ products out of the market. Remember, someone has to pay for those 13-week vacations, and it’s the consumers that do. When the consumers refuse to pay high prices for U.S. union-made products, the jobs will go overseas. There’s nothing wrong with wanting a safe workplace and a living wage, but union greed demanded very high wages and benefits, and they priced themselves out of the market.

  12. Laurel says:

    Bunch of crybabies….grow up!!! Welcome to the 21st century. Hope it happens here in Maryland….

  13. merrysea says:

    when you say MARYLANERS you mean only 7 to 12% of Mrylanders that are in a union. and that feel they are above everyone else s.s. and mil. retireies didn’t get a pay raise this year. When we can see an improvement in service and educatio then a raise mit be in order.

  14. bobbys says:

    Federal government workers beware we are next in this union busting. Stand up
    form now…”The peoples Party “

  15. Bill says:

    What a joke ,The iron Workers showing up? Ask them what percentage of their overpaid drunks have actually worked in the last ten years? Look at what the UNIONS DIDI FOR THE AUTO AND STEEL INDUSTRY IN MARYLAND? We now have a county doing a study to privatize their entire government services branch! Lets stop allowing the unions to protect losers and spend our money on productive memebers of the work force. I worked out of a international brotherhood for 11 years : completed the apprenticeship and worked as a journeyman, The great thing was the DEMOCRATES alsways came around for support come election time. Like clock work once the election was over so were the promises of more union jobs! They even allowed non union companies on our sites. (Forced) How do union officals making top scale 40 hours a week to represent the membership some how always have big boats,condo’s and they move to elegant houses about a year after becoming officers? The remaining 600 members are told we understand times are tough”

  16. JC says:

    Union memers are nothing more than ill guided misinformed socialist puppets.

  17. bernard mc kernan says:

    Wasteful spending by both parties is the real culprit. The unions are a minority in America although the pension issue with all types of municipal & government workers has become a real red herring & is unsustainable at current rates. The unions have given back time & time again on the health care contributions & now have to on their pensions. To not do so will be suicide. One big problem here that no one wants to discuss is the “Race to the bottom” All of this workers union & non union that don’t have the benefits of the state employees have are continuing to see their 401-k’s & real base salaries erode while the state & municipal keep going along like nothing ever happened. The states have spent too myth of the taxpayers money on wasteful projects & now want the teachers etc to bear the burden. Cut government spending everywhere & learn to live on less OMalley, that’s what we have to do in our family.

  18. bernard mc kernan says:

    Oh & least I forget, all those of you bashing the unions on here remember, if it wasn’t for a lot of sweat & blood shed back in the early 20th century that got us child labor laws, forty hour week, paid holidays & many other critical benefits that we all, union & no union enjoy today, you & I would be living like peasants with the Oligarchs running the country similar to the railroad barons & company store types with a miserable existence so count you blessings NON UNION griper’s.

    1. Theresa says:

      Time to move on. We have labor laws in place. No need for unions anymore, specifically pubic unions.

      1. MDmomx5 says:

        Theresa- REALLY how long do you think those labor laws will stand? Don’t be shocked when you loose your sick leave, your 40 hour work week & overtime because there is nobody standing up for the rights of the worker. How long will it take for the majority of politicians to become like Gov Walker- minions to the likes of the Koch brothers? My guess less than a decade.

      2. Theresa says:

        Stop fear mongering. The best places to work are private sector companies that do not have unions. Go through the list of the best places to work and you won’t find union controlled companies there. Wow, I wonder how they managed?

      3. Lily says:

        If Democrats are bought by unions, than Republic and the Tea Party are bought by corporations. Stop listening to Beck and Fox and get the REAL facts!

      4. Chichi says:

        You’re not going to get the REAL facts from the LameStream Media!

  19. hello says:

    “Oh, I see. The taxpayers don’t pay for the pensions, the employees pay for it out of their own pay. The tooth fairy leaves their pay under their pillows.”

  20. Richard c. says:

    What labor unions “got us” back in the “good old days” has noting to do with the control they have exerted over you weak, dependent, sniveling weenies, today. Look at reality people, not simply what you wish to see.

    1. bernard mc kernan says:

      Hello & Richard, You two both sound like twenty something’s or are business owners. In short, arrogant, ignorant & stupid all rolled into one & that is the sad face of America today. The states & governments problems with revenue are not the teachers municipals workers doing. They’re being bashed simply because the Governor of Wisconsin can do it.

  21. Donald Holloway says:

    Rally shure, what right is right. Don’t let Walker walk over all the states. People today should have bargain rights, it’s their jobs rights. Why should people kep getting push around. Stand up the the American way, why keep on getting push back. Move this country forward not backwards.

  22. mike says:

    thank you gov. walker for standing up for the real people who pay the salaries of these spoiled gov. union workers, who have been calling the shots for to damn long. what a great move by gov.scott walker and the state of wis. god bless america.

    1. MDmomx5 says:

      Thank you Gov. Walker for giving the Koch brothers huge tax breaks that cause a short fall in the state budget & then turn around & complain that there isn’t enough money so we have to take it out on the teachers & nurses.

      1. bernard mc kernan says:

        MDmomx5, AMEN!

      2. Tax2deathinMD says:

        Private industry is suppose to create jobs not the government except in the union’s socialist world.

      3. MDmomx5 says:

        Tax2deathinMD how about you move to WI & still pay taxes but have to pay for your police, snow removal & firefighters out of your own pocket?

      4. Theresa says:

        Would it be better for businesses to roll out and go to another state that gives better tax breaks. Then there would be even more unemployed people in Wisconsin. If you were a business owner, would you set up shop in a state that gave tax breaks or higher taxes? Many companies are moving out of the country all together. If you want private businesses to stay in Wisconsin, then you should be happy. Because it is private businesses that generate money & tax revenue which help pay for pubic employee salaries, and many other state business.

  23. Morey Ladini says:

    For Gawdz sake,
    STOP comparing the old style labor union struggles to the civil sector union indulgence.

    It’s apples and oranges.
    It’s bargaining with Fatcats and shareholders over abundant profits
    vs. intimidating elected officials and taxpayers over burgeoning deficit.
    It’s sharing generated generated wealth vs. passi-the-bag in a Ponzi Scheme.

  24. everywhere says:

    The unions have killed this country. Hope it happens everywhere and maybe some of the jobs will come back to the USA!!!

    1. bernard mc kernan says:

      Everywhere, U R an a….hole. It was the greedy manufactures who took the jobs offshore because they didn’t modernize or are share holder driven. It was not the Unions. Unions if they had the so called power that everyone thought they had would have stopped it. Legal loopholes in the law & highly paid lobbyists enabled the companies to leave the states & move offshore to have good & services outsourced. Next time you fly idiots, remember that airplane you’re trusting your life to was serviced & maintained in Pakistan or some other third world country with counterfeit part & not USA American made..

      1. Theresa says:

        I have seen entire offices close up (which were run by unions) because sthey could not afford it anymore. They moved to India. The company was going bankrupt by the greed of the unions wanting more this, more that. Democrats are always talking about corporate greed. It’s the unions that are greedy. Ever take a look at any unions money/portfolio/transaction sheets? Me either. They are private. Gee, wonder what they are hiding?

      2. MDmomx5 says:

        Theresa- it’s the greed of the company bosses who on average make 300x what a worker does. Put your anger where it should be not where Fox News & Rush tell you it should be.

      3. Theresa says:

        MDMom, how much do the union bosses make? Much more!

      4. MDmomx5 says:

        Theresa- union bosses do not make 300x what the union workers do.

      5. Theresa says:

        Do you know how much a union boss makes?

  25. Herman Glimsher says:




  26. Mista T says:

    Maryland’s union lackeys are just taking orders from bosses nation-wide. Thank god for the brave Wisconsin leaders who are taking on the union thugs head-on.

    This country is tired of seeing its industries destroyed by union greed. That’s not likely to be fixed, as union workers self-inflict job losses. But Unionized public workers are a different story. They can, and should, be stopped.

    Public worker’s prilvilege to unionize (it’s NOT a Constitutional right, notwithstanding the Marxist propaganda) was granted in 1962 by JFK executive decree, as payback to Hoffa’s Teamsters for vote buying. Hopefully, after the next election, it will be stamped out nation-wide by statute or friendly court decisions.

  27. tom says:

    one word is impreach this Governor. Throw his ass out of office. IF PEOPLE VOTE HIM IN THEN PEOPLE NEED THROW HIM OUT.

    1. Theresa says:

      The Gov was voted in after telling his state he would do this. The voters want him to do this. Just because you see alll those people in Madison does not mean they are state voters. Some may be, but they do not represent the MAJORITY who voted for their representatives. Those people have been bussed in from everywhere, organized by MOVEON.ORG. They are a mob. This is not the middle east. We voted people in and they voted on leglislation. It was done legally, time to get on with it. The voters want to throw the union out and the gov is doing just that!

      1. MDmomx5 says:

        Gov. Walker was NOT elected to do the bidding of the Koch brothers & the majority of the people in Wisconsin do NOT want collective bargaining to be taken away from the unions.


    I also pay tax that contributes to government services. I left the private sector a few years back at age 40. I took a $20,000.00 pay a year pay cut when I made this move. Yes the benefits are more affordable and with that in mind it brings the wage close to the private sector but still less. Stop making the worker the target of your agression. Everyone has to make sacrifices in these tough times as a union member I relize this and most of my fellow employees do also. There are tons of wasteful programs that could be cut lets take a hard look ,but understand that essential services are provided by many skilled hard dedicated government workers that are a part of everyones community.

  29. jack says:

    sorry I couldn’t attend then rally– I’m not part of a union, therefore I had to go to work instead of getting paid to protest. Sorry I couldn’t help out!

  30. Dorchester says:

    There is no money left anywhere. For you pension, for your benefits…etc. Get the point? Everyone else, who is not union labor have to contribute to a 401k just to “maybe” see something at retirement age. Your situation is the same as the Social Security issue. It will not be ther unless you contribute more. Currently you contribute somewhere around 8% to a pension and benefits. The states are asking you, well now basically, telling you, you have to put more in. Do you want a retirement or not? If no, then start doing what the rest of us do, and put money in your own account and hope it will be enough. If yes, then ante up. Stop crying and stomping your feet, it looks ridiculous.

    The truth to the matter is the pension funds and social security and every other tax that we have paid and pay today has been usurped for Social Services and welfare. i would gladly back the person who would run on that platform but that will never happen in this state.

  31. Tax2deathinMD says:

    Since when are public employees suppose to profit on the broken backs of the taxpayers. When workers were exploited and bosses where unaccountable unions were a good idea. Now the workers are unaccountable and the bosses (taxpayers) are the exploited ones. Walker should fire them all, I need a job.

    1. Lily says:

      Oh, I guess UNION members don’t pay TAXES! How moronic! Tax2deathinMD, if you hate being taxed so much here, how about relocating to another state? I want to know how the hell I’m profiting off the broken backs of the taxpayer. Stop listening to Fixed News and get the REAL facts. This country will pretty soon be known as the United Corporate States of America. Geez, tell a lie long enough and it becomes the truth!

      1. Theresa says:

        She’s right. It’s basic economics. Where do you think the money comes from to start with? PRIVATE Companies generate wealth, which pay taxes and employee workers/paying them. Tax money given to the government is used for employing workers. Workers pay taxes, but it all begins with where the wealth started. If those companies move out of state, well we’ve got a problem.

      2. Tax2deathinMD says:

        Another Kool-aid drinker from MSNBC or network news I see. At least Fox News gives you both sides of a story and lets yous decide. I do plan to retire to another State with less taxes , there are so many out there. Until then I will do everything to make this a right to work State and not another peoples republic. As far as State workers in Maryland most do not have the sweet heart no retirement or medical plane dues like the teachers in Wisconsin. However with this last AFSCME deal we are on our way. AFSCME has gotten forced dues from formerly non due -paying employees who did not want to join the union. They are going to use this forced increase in dues to just funnel more money to OweMally and the democrats. It doesn’t even take Fox news to figure this one out. Are you a union leader or just a union flunky Lily? In this economic time you should just be happy to have a job.

  32. derrickman says:

    Social Security would be in good shape if Ronald Regan hadn’t stolen from it with an iou’s to balance the budget in the early eighties. Every president since has done so also. Now that we have a large influx of baby boomers, there will be a strain for the next twent years or until these seniors die off & it balances itself out naturally. So increasing the retirement age a little shouldn’t hurt too much & if congress would stop letting the administrations steal the money with IOU’s, we will be in good shape. Me, I like my $2100 check each month on time like clockwork.

  33. JC says:

    Public servants have become more highly paid and with superior benefits to the average Joe they are supposed to be serving. They also have such security in their positions that the public is not reveranced as their employers, but often treated as though we are putting them out when we actually have to interface with them. We have seen our taxes raised, fees increased, and surcharges levied, but we do not see any improvements, additional services, or bang for our buck. This is because those funds are all going to pay for benefits we can no longer afford to pay to “our” employees.

  34. Theresa says:

    I would never join a union, ever. I would refuse to be part of such awful mob behavior. Especially after what I have thug mentality I have witnessed the last couple of weeks. . Legislation was passed, yet they can’t accept the outcome. So the Dem run out of state and hide and the protesters throw tantrums. I have never witnessed anything so embaressing. The republicans haven’t liked the legislation that has been passed, but they have worked within the guidelines. The Democrats and Unions are SHAMEFUL. . They are absolutely awful.

    1. MDmomx5 says:

      SHAMEFUL is the way Gov Walker is in the pocket of the Koch brothers. SHAMEFUL is turning our backs on the teachers, firefighters & nurses. The unions have agreed to pay more for healthcare & pensions. What they are rightfully not willing to throw away is the right to collective bargaining. Would you really want a family member in ICU to be under the care of a nurse who is over worked & has 6 other patients to care for? Would you want a child you love to be in a class with 39 other kids? THAT is what collective bargaining is about.

      1. Theresa says:

        The reason the union should not be involved in the public sector is for the very reasons we are seeing in Madison. The public sector should not be behaving like a mob!

      2. MDmomx5 says:

        A mob? Really? Have you missed what is going on in the Middle East? THAT is a mob. The protesters in Madison are far from a mob. Now if Gov Walker had sent in goons to pose as protesters to stir things up then maybe there would have been a mob. A mob bought with Koch $$$

      3. Theresa says:

        Get over this Koch thing alread, too much MSNBC or something. . Koch deserves a tax break, so what!. The democrats have been bought by Union money for decades. Time for it to end.

  35. MDmomx5 says:

    “A public union employee, a tea party activist, and a CEO are sitting at a table with a plate of a dozen cookies in the middle of it. The CEO takes 11 of the cookies, turns to the tea partier and says, ‘Watch out for that union guy. He wants a piece of your cookie.'”
    Pretty much sums it up!

  36. Union man says:

    Dont be mad at the union people because they have the balls to fight for what they deserve and, YOU DONT!!!! Some of us beleive in fighting for our fair share and, some of us just complain about not getting their fair share. What if our fore fathers said,”Well, we should just be happy the king gives us anything.” Those would be the people who are downing the unions for doing what they wish they could!

    1. Oriolesgirl says:

      Can you tell me what your fair share is and how would it change if the union was not involved?

  37. Union man says:

    Orilesgirl ,
    My fair share is what it cost’s to live comfortably. To be able to pay my meeger bills and save a little. To have my own car in my driveway. To give my kids nice clothes and, good food to eat. To be exact, i make about 50k yearly and, I consider this my fair share. I work hard every day, I spend eight hours every day outside in the cold and, heat. I spend another 3 hours a day in commute and over a hundred dollars a week in gas. I am not greedy and, am not asking for a treasure chest. I think that all workers should be unionized. Why does a business owner need multiple millions of dollars and thinks his employees need 25-30k a year? Because hes greedy. So, unions are needed to force the wealthy business owners to give their employees a fair share. After all, is it not the sweat of those men and, women that made him or her that money in the first place? Why should they be paid slave wages to make them millions? Look at mcdonalds for instance, They are a mega rich corporation that pays their employees minimum wage. MINIMUM!!! I have worked at mcdonalds and, they exspect you to work your tail off. So I ask you, Why should they not be paid their tails off? This is what unions are for. For those who say they would never join a union, you are a liar or, a hippocrate. Because you know that you have complained about what you make or how your treated if your not union.

    1. Theresa says:

      I have the option of joining and I REFUSE.

  38. hopeful says:

    Seriously you believe that all government employees work less hours and make more then you. Does some research before you spew your ridiculous ideals. Law Enforcement in general make below $50k a year. Also they almost never get off on time and have to work at least 25 years for a decent retirement and then usually have to get another job once they have retired. That’s if they make it to retirement without someone taking their life. Firefighters have the same scenario. Oh and I guess you’re ok with a teacher making minimum wage also, because they make so much money and live in mansions and fly around in helicopters. Last time I checked teachers are salaried and don’t make an extreme amount. I guess you believe they should make minimum wage. Just like anywhere else the people making the large sums of money are the people at the top. Everyone wants to sit here and point fingers at someone who has joined a union to help ensure that they are making a reasonable amount. These people all have to pay the same taxes you do. Most of these people work at least 25 years. Police 70 percent retirement with $70,000 dollars take home? Where are you getting your information? Police and firefighters generally get 50-55% of their ending base salary. I know lots of these so called overpaid people. Maybe when a firefighter, paramedic or police officer comes to assist you, you should ask yourself does this person deserve to make a decent amount of money or should they be making minimum wage? Do you believe a teacher who has one of the biggest impacts on people’s life should only make a few dollars an hour? Sorry your retirement is less then reasonable. Do you think the corporation or company is unable to provide better? Only because people don’t want to stand together are they able to get away with that. I’m sure they have no shortage of income. Do you really believe your company was unable to pay you more? Based on what you say you are displeased with your outcome. Why do you want to wish bad on others, just because you did not make out so well? If you wish that others made only what you made, then what about your neighbor who only gets 25% after 35 years and wishes that you made only what he made. If this is the model we follow then we shall surely find ourselves in a downward spiral. Instead of wishing that others could feel your anguish, why not rather wish that all workers were to be paid better than that which you find so insufficient. This is the principal on which the unions operate. They strive for all to do well. People need to work toward prosperity rather than degeneration. One Union cannot help every person but, they aspire to incite a spirit of positivity toward the work force to do better for themselves.

  39. Union man says:

    If GM was so bad off that they could’nt pay their union employees what they wanted then why did they not use their bailout money for things such as overhead or operating cost’s? Instead they used their bailout money to pay their top ceo’s and cfo’s millions in bonus comp. That is a proven fact. Perhaps if you were not brainwashed by whatever tycoon you work for you could see that GM and all the other bailout companies ie. AIG, Fannie mae, Freddie mac used that money to bail only there highest level officers out. You are just an ignorant under educated hopeless peasant who will allways be at the bottom because, you insist on dragging everyone else down to where you are rather than try to boost everyone where you want to be. You know very well that if you could negotiate you own wages and benefits that you would and to a tune of great portions. Be real and, stop hating!

    1. Theresa says:

      Stop hating, hahaha – let’s see you just called me a bunch of names, made a bunch of ugly assumptions, and you say stop hating. Wow! Perhaps you should go back and reread what you wrote so you can get a better look at your own behavior.

  40. union man says:

    You are a liar!

    1. Theresa says:

      Liar About what, refusing to join a union? It’s true and if I was ‘forced’ – I’d probaby quit. I think of unions as nothing more than legal mobs and I refuse to partake in it. I practice what I preach.

  41. edthe bed says:

    Republicans & Fox news should be punched in the face. Murdoch & his anti labor bunch @ Fox should also be kicked in the nuts also.

  42. jerryenowitch7 says:

    Theresa, do you ever pull a train? thin the herd, or jump on a donkey dic?…You are most definitely a liar, liar pants on fire!

    1. Theresa says:

      About what? Because I don’t believe in being part of the mob? Sorry,I’m not e a ‘follower’ and I don’t take orders from union bosses and I definitely do not have an ‘entitlement syndrome’. No one owes me anything except for what we agreed to, period!

      All these democrats talk aboutcorp greed, but they use unions as a mob to intimidate to demand more and more, wow talk about greed! Give me, give me, give me!!!. If you sign up for a job and the hours and the benefits, then you freely took this job. If you want more, start your own company.

      But, I’ve got a challenge for you, you are much better off than many people out there, start by giving away YOUR stuff first. Stop expecting everyone else to do stuff for you, do something for someone else all the time.

  43. xnepobia1127 says:

    I was a teamster driver in Philly back in the 60’s. Unions did little for me except take my dues & I still got laid off every spring because OI was low man on the totem pole. I worked hard but the older guys with more seniority some of whom were a lazy as a dog, never got laid off. I would have had to wait for ten years or more to “move up” as they say. I quit took a job in sales, became pretty good at it so good that I bought the company. After my employees were with me for a minimum of one year, I offered them all a partnership because I kept getting tired of working wknd, holidays & paying all the bills & they did little beyond making sales calls. When they saw how little there was left of the pie, they either quit or shaped the hell up & increased the margins of profit. That was my solution & it was successful until the big box stores creamed everybody but that’s another story.

  44. T says:


    Another liberal which speaks foul over and over. No manners what so ever.

  45. John Rickard says:

    I am that Union Ironworker who volunteered to speak. I received no compensation for my opinions expressed at Saturday’s rally. It amazes me how much invective is spewed against us, we have lost so much to corporate excess over the decades. We are the United States of America, and it makes sense to support ALL workers, in ALL states: without workers, nothing gets done. After 9/11, we were championed as ‘Heroes’: The first-responders, Police, Fireman, who raced INTO uncertainty to save ANYBODY, the Ironworkers, Crane Operators, Laborers and everybody who helped recover all the dead, clean up the carnage. Since, the first-responders bill was stalled in Congress, & now in Wisconsin, we are villified as ‘greedy elitists’. How short the American political memory is. I appreciate all the pro-Worker, pro Collective bargaining comments in this thread: I hear you. We have become a polarized Nation, yet, we are ALL Americans. I did my time in the military, volunteered for that too. Started @ $361.07 a month. I was a non-Union Ironworker for years, received absolutely no benefits beyond my wage, back in the 1980’s, even while working on Government jobs, which I later learned was illegal. The Davis-Bacon Act insures all jobs which receive Federal money must pay the prevailing wage, even for the non-Union workers, and they are compensated to the point of receiving entitlements equaling the ‘Union’ package: it is the Law of the Land. I agree, there have been grievous incidents, but we must remember the Unions were instituted, and do so remain, dedicated to insuring rights of workers. It does not trouble me that people villify Unions while enjoying 40 hr work weeks, eight hour days, weekends, vacations, sick days, retirement funds including 401k: We do not fight for popularity, we fight for the Rights of Man, and what we do, hopefully, helps all people. So much untruth is published out there, it is hard to find the kernels of truth. One bit of truth is this: My Union bosses do not receive 300x my hour wage, not even close. We do Build America, and we do it, usually quietly, for all Americans. I am sure I will be attacked for my opinions, sure as the day precedes the night. I have been my entire life. My political interests were piqued when I was a young first-grader, and I saw my President’s head blown into the back seat of a car on a street in America. I knew something was wrong. And it is not Unions.

  46. coonman says:

    When all the unions are an afterthought, who will the naysayers blame then? Frankly, we have a good standard of living today because of the unions hard work of yesterday. Without unions you jackwagons would be working for minimum wage & kissing hind tit.

  47. Steven Cville says:

    Government employee unions should never been allowed to start with. They have become nothing but Democratic voters bought with concessions of tax payers money. You work for the Government you are working for tax payers and if tax payers don’t want to pay 100% of your pension and insurance to bad you should not be allowed to hold taxpayers hostage. Time to be fired there are a lot of others willing to have those jobs and take on some of the cost of pension and Insurance.

  48. Henrik Bundgaard says:

    Sometimes you should take a birds perspective.
    As a total stranger from denmark- by accident hitting this serius stream of discussion because of wisconsin hitting Danish news media i would Lke to day:
    Take care of your children, make good schools. Take care of Your elderly people with good free healthcare. Eat healthy – to Many overweight people’s In the US due to a nation brainwashed by commercials from profit oriented megabranded producers of unhealthy food. You are killing yourself, Your nation and Your economy due to lack of food culture.
    In Denmark and most of Europe Trade unions are a vital part of our society, contributing to welfare for ordinary people. Members are All taxpayers 🙂 Most major Us companies In denmark dont pay tax ….

  49. rob says:

    Stop this middle and lower class bickering and go after the rich and their tax breaks!

  50. This site (Marylanders Fired Up Over Wisconsin Strike CBS Baltimore) won’t render properly on my apple iphone – you may wanna try and repair that 🙂 Ashton Wright

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