BALTIMORE (WJZ/AP) — The towing scandal involving Baltimore City police officers continues to spread.

According to WJZ’s media partner The Baltimore Sun, a former officer with a state law enforcement agency is also under investigation.

The officers are accused of taking kickbacks from Majestic Body Shop for steering drivers to that company.

If police outside the city were involved, that could indicate a wider problem than originally thought.

Baltimore’s mayor and police chief say they want to review the no-bid contracts given to towing companies in the city.

Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III refused last week to sign a contract renewing the agreement by the 10 companies with the city for another two years. Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says the commissioner wants to review the process first.

A spokesman for Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake says the mayor wants a comprehensive review of the system administered by the Department of Transportation and the police department.

Councilman James B. Kraft, meanwhile, says he plans to hold a hearing on the issue.

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  1. bernard mc kernan says:

    There is corruption at every level of government in Baltimore & I am afraid that it is so bad that morality will never return. Kind of like having the fox guard the Hen house. or the inmates running the asylum. We need to dismantle the city council for starters, the police & fire chiefs & a thorough I.A. investigation of the police force & fire departments. A college degree, U.S. citizen & a certain level of I.Q. mandatory.
    Doublke their pay & reduce the number of police / fire but hold them to such a high standard that they could do the thinking & work of three persons. Police & Fore Captains must have a minimum of a Masters degree. I believe you would see a more harmonious forces

    1. Charles B. says:

      Don’t you think its dangerous to expect 1 fireman to do the job of 3? The same for the police force. How do expect 1 officer to be in 3 places at the same time. And there are plenty of people with degrees in prison and with high I.Q.’s too. These officers in question were mostly from the same station. I’m incline to hold off my judgement until I have all the facts. Your blanket statement about the government in Baltimore is really crude. If everyone was corrupt then these officers involved in this situation would have never been caught.

  2. Herman Glimsher says:



    1. Willie says:

      And anyone with a college degree and high I.Q. doesn’t type in all caps either

      1. hjk says:

        Herman, I am a police officer. Not only do I have a college degree, I also have 8 years in the Marine Corps. Given the challenges I have faced in both the military and law enforcement, I have life experience far beyond most people twice my age As for college, I graduated with a 3.5 so I am sure that my IQ is just fine. To say that anyone with a high IQ or a college degree doesn’t want to be police or a firefighter is an absurd a baseless statement. While I don’t work for the city police, many officers in my agency are college educated.

        As for the city police department, I can’t deny that it doesn’t have serious problems. While the city department has problems with some of its officers, there are also many talented and ethical officers as well. Unfortunately, the pulbic never hears their stories. Here is the root of all problems with the city police department: They get beat on for EVERYTHING they do. They have no support from the citizens of Balto City, no support from the states attorney, no support from the media, yet they have the TOUGHEST law enforcement job in the state. All the while the city isn’t keeping their pay and benefits comparable to the counties. Who these days wants to do the most dangerous police job for less pay with no support from anyone? Good applicants go out to other agencies and the city is stuck with a less desirable pool of applicants that they must choose from to fill their ranks. Its not the departments fault. Its the hand they are delt. If you want this type of corruption to stop in the city, the city police department needs to be better supported in order to attract qualitly applicants. Furthermore, you can’t beat on these men and women for everything. There are incidents that happen with the county police agencies that never make the news. If the same incident happened in the city, it would be plastered all over the sun paper and the city dept would take a beating as usual.

        Its a vicious cycle that will never be broken until the city department is given the same resources, pay and benefits as county agencies. Until that happens, expect these type of incidents to continue.

    2. Richard Crystal says:

      Herman……didn’t you used to date Sally Rogers?

  3. RON H. says:

    should we not give them their full retirement like we did the last mayor?

    1. baltimorelady617 says:

      Good question

  4. Mike says:

    I wonder how much of a kick back the City Council is getting from the City’s towing company’s?

  5. Teajay says:

    Increasing pay does not mean more honest employees like you would want to believe . It will not even guarantee they show up on time on a regular basis. We have created a amoral society.

    1. derrickman says:

      No gurantee? Right but what it will do is help weed out the obvious dumb minority hires.

  6. treasure says:

    It’s situations like this that makes the people have doubt’s about Baltimore City Police Department and it promotes trust and respect issues.

  7. Herman Glimsher says:




  8. spanky says:

    what about all the kick backs from drug dealers, towing companies, etc etc…….. the police department lacks intergrity, professionalism and education. The police force needs to be cleaned up if not the city will suffer, cases will suffer and the people of baltimore needs public safety.We need to know who we can trust when we need help.

  9. renee says:

    This is pathetic but nothing new to the city. There was a time when we would teach our children to respect officers because they were honest, but now we teach our children not to trust anyone because the one person they should be able to trust is dishonest.

  10. Babylon says:

    I wonder why anybody would want to crucify a whole police department simply because some bad eggs were caught doing bad things. Kindly consider the fact that these men and women stick out their necks for a job most of us won’t dare to have. A stiff punishment for those found guilty is what I want as I continue to salute all dedicated officers for their sacrifices. A well-deserved punish for those bad eggs will send a message to others who are still in the habit of doing similar stuff that it is a matter of time before their terrible deeds are uncovered.

    1. derrickman says:

      Babylon, …You obviously are new to the city or have a short memory. This has been going on for years but has risen steadily the past twenty years. Holding the officers to a higher standard in & of itself will weed out the bums. True, money does not guarantee honesty but who would you rater depend on in a time of need, a alcoholic high school drop out who has a history of low achieving or a college grad who has shown steady improvement since graduation.?

  11. suetiggers says:

    “The Wire” didn’t get all its’ material from nowhere. Baltimore has too much corruption. I’ve lived here a long time and have seen it. But, it’s just part of what’s been happening in our country’s legal system.
    And who really cares? Not enough of us. Anyone who still believes we have the best criminal justice (sic) system in the world is clueless. And this disease infects each state….the “trickle down” monetary system was b.s. but the ethics or lack thereof is real… And I’m not blaming Obama. He can’t fix this terrible mess by himself. Big money has corrupted the system from the top down. The Koch brothers, Rupert Murdock at FOX…they bought off the Republican Party…and the Dems unfortunately aren’t a lot better… Anybody who’s had to deal with Baltimore’s court system knows …there’s always been we just have a whole bunch more of it

  12. outkasts says:

    This country has all of us under the gun ! Presidents change office and the results are the same….less jobs,higher tax and more wars to fight than any country in the world.

  13. Alla Bradley says:

    If these officers loose their jobs and receive their pensions like Sheila Dixon, someome should be held accountavle. That is money the state could use.

  14. baltimore resident says:

    Baltimore has the city yard, instead of paying for a private tow company just have the city tow drivers working and tow all wrecks to Pulaski Yard, that way they have more control no more corrupt cops all same price for all no kick backs

  15. hermanthegerman says:

    City council needs to go starting with that racist crook & liar Jack Young. The king Buffoon.

  16. David says:

    So why does the city get to decide where the cars go anyway? So you are in an accident and you can’t decide where your car goes? Why does the city have any say? They aren’t going to pay the tow bill..

    1. tmm says:

      I had to to tow my car once and rather than having the option (which is the right of motorist) of having a tow yard of my choice pick it up, the officer called a city two. Which cost me $150 to drive a block away!! That’s criminal if you ask me!!

      I also find it funny the news outlets are pulling these stories, maybe with a little encouragement from our city leaders, who are getting flack for their part in keeping these medallon companies so tight knit.

      Also, by the way, anyone see this weekends Sun paper, that exposed the city for keeping one of it’s medallion trucks on contract, when they’ve been suspended since 08 for owing MD $30,000?!?!

  17. dont get it says:

    I can figure out (maybe its me) but all I am reading is if someone has an accident the officers suggested a body shop and got a finders fee for the referral? Is it illegal to make a referral and get a little thank you in form of cash reward? Is this not the same as someone referring a customers and a token of apprecaition is paid for the referral. I am confused. Maybe its unethical but illegal, really I am missing a part of the story somewhre.

  18. Weed them out says:

    to Don’t get it–towing is different in that the towing company needs to be licensed not just a body shop–most of the tow yards in the state are on a rotating basis with calls from the police. Also, keep in mind, that most of these cars were towed and then the bill was being paid by the insurance company–therefore making your rates go up. Charges were bieing billed inthe bneighborhood of 1,000 when the average for the same call would have been less than 300=== I still support our police offiers–it was a bad bunch that did this–but we have some incredible officers in the city that oput their life on the line every day. And PS—a degree or a high IQ is NOT going to matter–you either have morals and ethics or you don’t–and that gammet runs the entire spectrum.


    Who can you trust in the city of Baltimore?

  20. Charlie says:

    Look at all the little piggies playing in the dirt, as for all the little piggies life is getting worse.

  21. toni evans says:

    No David, thats what the problem is, they are not getting the money, see the money for the towing is going to go in their paycheck, cause as you can see they don’t anything else for the city, like fix the streets, clean up the alleys etc…. so where is the money going to them, and they notice that they are losing money from their towing business and had to investigate…..cause it ridiculous how much you have to pay for towing fees when they towing your car for not getting to your car before the time runs out. And sometimes I really believe those tow trucks, tow your car before the ticket people get there.

  22. Silvea Cross says:

    well,iI am going to say, that ithis is a problem only because the sity wasn’t getting their money, to me the officers probably was giving them people a good deal unstand of having them get finically rape by the city for having their car towed for 200$! i am not saying that they wasn’t wrong departmentally but to say they are criminals is a little to much, you talking about 20 years for a referral somthing we all do! I think this is a waste of time and please fbi why don’t you spend your time on somthing bigger than this for example,murder,guns and real crime.To all the people quick to give their opinion lets not forget that these policeman left their families everyday not knowing if they would return to protect you and I!! Don’t be so quick to pass judgement

  23. NICHOAL.R says:


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