Bill To Allow Medical Marijuana Gets Thumbs Down

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A bill to legalize medical marijuana gets a thumbs down from the state.

Political reporter Pat Warren explains approving a system to distribute marijuana for medical purposes would have to be trimmed down to win health department approval.

In late January, Baltimore native and talk show host Montel Williams opened this session’s debate over the use of marijuana for medical reasons with an impassioned testimony of his own struggles with the pain of MS.

“Marijuana may not work for everyone but what it has done for me is it’s given me my life back,” Williams said.

Others with less celebrity but as much pain publicly admitted Monday to using the illegal drug at the risk of arrest.

“A few minutes before each evening meal, my goal was not to get high but rather to stimulate my appetite,” said Karen Marin.

Longtime supporters of medical marijuana say the arguments in favor of the bill have not charged.

“You have a person going through treatment and if they are seeking some help and put yourselves in their scenario, you’ll do anything to help them,” said David Brinkly.

But the state health department is reeling in the emotion to look at the practical.

“The department opposes this proposal in this form,” said Joshua Sharfstein, Maryland Secretary of Health.

What the state will do is work on a smaller scale.  Health officials seem to agree the pleas of the sick deserve some kind of action, even in a war on drugs.

“Patients can get off the battlefield and start living their life like everybody else,” Williams said.

The bill was heard by a joint session to House and Senate committees Monday.  No word yet on when the votes will be taken.

In 2003, lawmakers reduced the recommended penalty for a person arrested for using marijuana for medical reasons to a $100 fine.

More from Pat Warren

    Did the DEA Just Legalize Marijuana?
    The following are my own personal observations and understanding of a wide assortment of publicly available information available to anyone who cares to search for it. None of my comments should be construed as fact…please take the time to verify all of this information yourselves as it is easily found online. I promise it will be both an educational, entertaining, and sometimes infuriating journey through time.

    The DEA just changed an 80+/- year old classification of THC (active ingredient of marijuana) from an Appendix I substance (i.e. a worthless, toxic substance with no medical value) to an Appendix III category (a safe, useful substance with important medicinal significance). This was done quietly and behind closed doors without consulting the citizens of the United States of America.

    Most people became excited because the reclassification now meant (to some with legal backgrounds) that marijuana was once again perfectly legal to grow in ones backyard garden, just as all of our ancestors once did (to make highly nutritious food items, fabric, effective medicinal items, etc). But the DEA said no, no, no! The recent change only allows the pharmaceutical companies to grow, possess, distill and turn into another one of their evil concoctions. But the general public is still prohibited from growing, possessing or using it. UNLESS it is purchased in PILL form from one of the government approved pharmaceutical vendors and there rich stockholders. But again, this is something that only the rich will be able to afford. The average man who prefers the natural, highly nutritious and non toxic variety will still be classified as a lowly second class criminal.

    But the concoctions that the pharmaceutical companies are producing using synthetic THC have already started to kill people (see MARINOL aka synthetic THC). I believe there have been four confirmed deaths so far but dozens of other deaths are also suspected to be linked to the synthetic forms of THC . Yet it’s still being portrayed as safe and pushed onto the market for public use. So apparently if you have enough money you can steal an entire countries source of wealth, turn it into a literal killer concoction and then sell it on the open market for profit.


    In fact Marijuana is a botanical, medical and nutritional miracle. It’s been used by all generations to fatten up young kids, old folks and anyone else with eating disorders. Its also now known to be an effective prophylaxis against old age types of diseases such as general dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s. Our own government, yes the same one that took marijuana away from the public 90 years ago now agree with what all before them have already known. That marijuana is a powerful antioxidant, it strengthens the immune system, and is considered to be natures MOST nutritious food source.

    Please research the subject of Hemp Prohibition and the TRUE reasons behind it. I promise that it will be an interesting and educational journey through history that will infuriate most who take the time to educate themselves on the topic.

    Start with prohibition and then search for US Government cannabis patent # 6630507. Then move on and search for the definition of what both an Appendix I and Appendix III classification means (it’s on the DEA’s website).

    Prohibition was the theft of one of our nation’s most important natural resources. It was the theft of our nation’s NUMBER ONE CASH CROP, larger than both wheat and corn combined. Cannabis is a botanical, medicinal and nutritious miracle and its rightful owners are the citizens of the planet. Prohibition was forced upon Americas citizens for the sake of protecting the Hearst & Dupont families paper factories, cotton plantations and poison pill factories.
    Henry Anslinger was their common friend and politician. Most sources agree that he grossly mislead the entire Senate behind closed doors, either by sheer & utter ignorance or by intentional design. The exclusive purpose of conspiring to strip America’s citizens of perhaps their most important resource that allowed them remain self sufficient and able to provide for their own families and without the need for government assistance.

    The prohibition of hemp surely contributed to the coming of the 1ST Great Depression but the state approved school books didn’t mention that in history class. The Prohibition of cannabis resulted in a large rapid concentration of wealth in a small number of families. It forced most Americans to use there already limited resources to buy critically important nutritional supplements & other remedies once grown in their own backyards from the pharmaceutical companies. People could no longer produce fabric for clothes, blankets, and other necessary items that were required for everyday life. They were now forced to buy there fabric from the great cotton barons. To work in the pulp and cotton mills for very little compensation. It made millions of Americans dependant on government and big corporations for many of their everyday needs they once provided for themselves. Now every time a baby defecated the Hearst and Dupont clans profited. The prohibition on one of nature’s botanical wonders was now well on its way of becoming the reason for the governments Great War on Its Own Citizens….using the same type of logic and schemes that were used to justify the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan. War is a very profitable business for those making the guns and pills.

    The DEA’s recent reclassification of THC or marijuana is all the evidence that one should require to prove that a decade long, well organized mass deception on America citizens and of national significance has occurred and is still ongoing. Our nation’s number one cash crop should be considered a national treasure, one to be used for the benefit of the entire nation and all of its citizens, not for the exclusive purpose of further enriching of a handful of privileged elites. The DEA has used this fraudulent deception to justify millions of deaths, incarcerations, broken families, and bankruptcy of American families for nine decades and counting. Too many innocent lives have been destroyed to merely walk away now.

    We plan on assembling a list of the companies and individuals that are currently responsible for the continued (public) prohibition and the theft of our nation’s number one cash crop. Perhaps people might decide to boycott those companies and choose not to re-elect officials that sold them out for their own personal enrichment. PEACE, intelligence, truthful and accurate information will prevail.

    If anyone would like to join our efforts to educate the general public and reverse 90 years of lies and misinformation then please do. You’re also welcome to use any of my posts in your efforts as long as they are used to educate and not to further deceive or misinform the general public.


    Hello Lisa….is this the article that you said I should share with this group? Here goes.

    Each and every year the US Government spends 50 billion dollars ($136 MILLION dollars per day) on the War on Drugs (enough to correct the problem with social security without degrading our living standards). We dont throw grenades through peoples windows, kick down there doors and assault entire families with fully militarized squads armed with potent military grade weaponry for drinking a beer or glass of wine. The other half of the population that chooses a milder (yet illegal) remedy shouldnt be subjected to this sort of treatment either. This is the United States of America….it is not the middle east or central America.

    The majority of our population seems to prefer harder drugs such as alcohol based on the number of bars and wide availability of the drug. So if 75%-100% of the population already agrees that Government has no right to bar an adults access to a drug such as alcohol. Then why do we allow them to drive us into bankruptcy in an attempt to prevent adults access to a mild therapeutic herb thats been used by almost every culture in history for 1000s of years?.

    Our species has evolved with Cannabis (marijuana) as an important part of our diets. The seeds have been an important food source since man first started eating. The paper that our Constitution is written on was made from its fibers. The oils & other compounds have a therapeutic effect on both the body and mind. This is why some cultures refer to Cannabis as the “Tree of Life”.

    According to the US Governments very own patent (#6630507), Cannabis (marijuana) also acts as a powerful Antioxident (promotes the ejection of toxins from the body via urination), as well as an effective prophylaxis against a wide variety of oxidation associated illnesses (aka old age diseases such as Parkinsons , Alzeheimers)…it gets much better than this…Please Yahoo the above referenced US Patent # and educate yourselves if required.

    The government is protecting the pharmaceutical companies interests until they can bring marijuana to the market in pill form with a shiny gold foil package and an equally bankrupting price tag for anyone that requires it (see MARINOL)..the government is the biggest drug dealer in the USA. But its all done through legalized channels that were created for the benefit of a handful of privelaged elites.

    Afterall if people could just grow a harmless herb in there backyard that relieved stress, relaxed the body, improved your appetite and just made everything that much better, then why would anyone in there right mind continue to use obscenely expensive, highly addictive hardcore prescription drugs with all of there deadly side effects.

    Legalize Marijuana and many problems (budget issues, broken families, supporting millions of imprisoned people that should be home working and taking care of there families) will simply go away.

    Call your local representatives and tell them that your tired of the massive wastes of our taxpayer dollars and the slaughter of innocent lives caught up in the middle of their violent War on Americas Citizens.

    • edthe bed

      Creepty, Why don’t you take your pot head smoking that has clouded your little brain somewhere else & spew your logic say, on the court steps in Annapolis. I’m sure you would be welcome there & make a lot of new friends & listeners. You would also have a grand time in jail as a wide receiver punk.

      • Ric

        “Time in jail” for having an opinion?! Hmmmmm, Ed. That’s a dangerous slope. Must I ED-ucate you on where in the world such intolerance actually occurs? Take us back a few thousand years, why don’t you? Do you work for the Taliban these days? Can’t we just cut off his/her nose and ears instead? As for your assault on the writer’s logic and views – I think, whether or not you agree with the writer’s convictions, that he/she is quite informed and articulate in expressing his/her opinion. Certainly the writer is more uniform and consistent in thought and his/her conveyance of such through this forum than what you’ve exhibited in your reply. You state no facts or data. You simply resort to calling the writer a few names and running off. How ironic that you called the writer out for having a “clouded… little brain” while responding with such a hopelessly-adolescent retort. May I suggest that you try a little naturally-occurring and 100% organic mind expansion in lieu of pulling the drapes tightly across your picture window, and hiding behind the couch while not answering the knock at your door. And, so as not to confuse you – that last part is a metaphor. Your homework tonight is to try and figure out what I just said. Good luck.


        are you trying to make me angry edthe bed? im used to uneducated nitwits like yourself making simplteon 3 syllable jokes..Get over yourself. Go grab one of your citrusy, fruity bottles of drugs with wooden overtones in the fancy glass bottle with the shiny gold labels and take a nap or something.

      • Ric

        I HOPE he takes a nap instead of taking to the wheel of his 6,000 lb. SUV and cutting my life short at a four-way stop intersection….


        Hello Ric….Thank you. Im glad someone can still appreciate science!


    Since the 1970s, more than a dozen government-appointed committees — in the United States, Britain, Canada and Australia as well as in other countries — have issued recommendations regarding marijuana policy. These include the Shafer Commission, appointed by former President Richard Nixon, Canada’s Le Dain Commission, and Britain’s Wooten Report, all of which concluded that marijuana prohibition causes far more social damage than marijuana use, and the possession of marijuana for personal use should no longer be a criminal offense.

    “Cannabis is remarkably safe. Although not harmless, it is surely less toxic than most of the conventional medicines it could replace if it were legally available. Despite its use by millions of people over thousands of years, cannabis has never caused an overdose death.” ~Testimony of Professor Lester Grinspoon, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School, before the Crime Subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, D.C., October 1, 1997


    Want to see one more teacher or police officer lose there jobs due to budget issues? Just lock up one more non violent individual for a year and your wish will come true! The mathematics behind this phenomena are quite simple actually.

    • S W

      this almost seems like what they had in mind. destroy the economy.give all of my money to the bankers and prisons and the hell with everyone else.

  • masscas

    Marijuana is not a good pain reliever. It just lets you get “high” (impaired) so you don’t care. It is also a way to get this drug legalized so there can be more “pot heads” being happy. It will lead to more crime and violence.

    It is a “gateway” drug that leads to other/and narcotic drug use. I also can cause sterility in men.

    • Sandy R

      According to the University of California at Davis and the prestigous Journal of Pain, marijuana is perhaps one of the most effective and least harmless pain relievers that God has ever created.

      • Sandy R

        Sorry for repeating your message Dr Roc…..I m slightly drunk right now (im at home), excuse me for not paying attention. I guess my thoughts were confused.

    • Ric

      Wait… I had to read this more than once, it’s so baffling. If marijuana creates “pot heads” that are “happy” – how on earth do you draw a conclusion that “happy” people will create more crime and violence? Do a little research today. Go find all the “happy” people you know and tell me how much crime and violence they’ve wreaked on humanity in their “happy” state. Post your findings here when you’re done. Now get to it! You might be onto something big, masscas!!

      • Sandy R

        Khres, you must be HIGH on ALCOHL or METH?

        Ive never met many violent cannabis users but tons of violent pill heads and drunkards

      • Ammber

        Thank you! I can say I know a few people that are happy a lot and they are very educated, non violent, and have never seemed to harm anyone or anything. They have never caused an accident or killed anyone behind the wheel of a car. They have never committed a violent crime or anything like that. They are fully functional people that you would never think to be “happy” people and I don’t mean people in their 20’s I am talking about people as old as 85 years old. People judge this “drug” when realistically it is a all natural herb that can be grown in your back yard. It is not ok to use this “drug” but it is ok to take medicine that five years down the line will cause cancer, will cause ill side effects. I am sorry but I believe that marijuana is safer that any type of alcohol and most common over the counter medication out there. Plus if we as Americans can decide to get drunk why can we decide to get “happy”???

      • Khres

        I like to get High and fight people, It was what we do everyday in the life of a thug!

    • truly knowledgeable

      THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A GATEWAY DRUG, BUT IF THERE WAS ONE, IT WOULD BE ALCOHOL. If Pot was leagalized not only could we channel resorces tward keeping real harmful drugs (i.e. crack/ heroin) off the streets. The tax revenue could help fund education or other programs that would benifit the people of the state. The war on Pot is a perennial loser and is a waste of resources.

      • Ric

        If anything, for some personalities, INFORMATION is a “gateway” drug. If an addictive personality type doesn’t know what’s out there – they’ll never discover it to abuse it in the first place. But, I wouldn’t suggest that we close all libraries, prohibit television broadcast, and unplug the internet. Wait, I’ve got a better idea – make marijuana the sole player in the “gateway drug” game. What better way for our government to malign a drug that they just can’t grow the balls to legalize, regulate, and TAX for a profit! No, they spend their time raising revenue through other means, like “gateway slots.” Pitiful.

    • dr_roc

      masscas…..The University of California at Davis says your wrong about pain relief. They did a study and released the results back 2 years ago. I guess the maryland political body missed that study too. It was published by the Journal of Pain and says among other things that marijuana provide significat pain relief. Look it up. The complete study is online.


    I”ll tell you whats a Gateway Drug. How about $80.00 a sixpack microbrews? or legal drugs like Oxycontin aka “poor mans heroin” or any other number of legal drugs such as alcohol that is solely responsible for an estimated 35,000 deaths a year. Or common ASPIRIN thats reponsible for killing an average of 200-300 people a year. As ive already stated numerous times marijuana has never caused so much as even a single death due to overdose and not even the Center for Disease Control will dispute this little jewel of significant importance.

    Do your homework masscas before you comment on something that you obviously know very little about.


    Hello Again Masscas…..your obviously not very up to date on yoru violence statistics either. According to most authorities including the UN, WHO, and just about every police department in the USA and beyond, pharmaceuticals and alcohols are responsible for 40-60% of all violent crimes. Bad attitudes and poor judgement account for the other 40-60%. Marijuana isnt even a factor in violent crime statistics.

    Did you just wake up? Why dont you try a cup of caffiene first and then come back and try again.

  • Jeff

    Legalize mj! For me it’s slot better to calm my life than taking prescription pills that kills my liver n stomach. It’s the natural alternative. Hope Annapolis is really serious about this issue since it really has a medical benifit

    • Ric

      Well Jeff, down at the state house you’re unfortunately up against some of the same old, recycled, career politicians that paid 25 cents to see “Reefer Madness” when it was first released. Ignorance is bliss.


    >>>>>>In 2003, Maryland approved a law limiting sentencing to a $100 fine for people who use marijuana if they have a medical excuse<<<<<

    From what I understand, this 8 year old law is useless and is virtually impossible to use as an argument in a courtroom to prevent a prosecution.. The people that wrote the law must have known this. Other than trying to buy some votes I have no idea why they would have even bothered. Maryland is also known as one of the 14 states that have a medical marijuana law already in place. But as everyone knows its a completely disfunctional law that is flawed and has changed nothing. Alcoholics are still provided access to safe and organic products free of insecticides and are even accomodated with "bars" and other structures along the sides of public roads. The rest of us that prefers milder therapeutic type remedies are still designed to be second class citizens according to current laws..

  • Ric

    Masscas…. Come now – Are you still running that Reefer Madness movie through your BetaMax? Nobody gets violent when they’re under the influence of THC. Nobody drives their car at 130 mph into a family of four and kills them all after smoking a joint. Your friendly neighborhood Bud Lite drinker will take care of that one for you. A “gateway” drug is a term that has been incorrectly assigned to any substance of unlawful use or abuse that is readily available. Alcohol and marijuana are generally more available to people than other substances, and as such, is what people tend to experiment with first. Alcohol or marijuana do not CAUSE a person to want to try heroin, or worse yet, the most prescribed drug in America – XANANX. NO drug is a “gateway” to any other substance. Any drug (or non-drug that causes some desired affect) serves some purpose to mentally and/or emotionally disturbed people that are seeking a departure from whatever ill is consuming them. For that matter GAMBLING is a “drug.” High dopamine levels in the brain can cause people to take risks and not use good judgment. They can also create “addictive” behavior – which could include drug use/abuse, gambling problems, and obsessions with pornography (whatever THAT is these days…) I fail to see how any intelligent human being can agree that a weed that grows wild on this planet can be classified as a “drug.” If I discovered that smoking green tea leaves made me high for 30 seconds – guess what gets the “drug” classification next? A wild-growing plant can NOT be a “drug” – unless there is billions of dollars in the cultivation and marketing of it – which there obviously is. Our fat, old, backward-thinking legislators will eventually be sufficiently paid-off by the multi-billion dollar drug lords that run Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, et al, and will craft legislation that will eventually permit these companies to manufacture and distribute this naturally growing weed and turn it into billions upon billions in profits. You want to see crime statistics related to marijuana drop precipitously? Simply legalize it outright and clear the books of the ridiculous laws that have sent millions of citizens to maximum security prisons to serve lengthy sentences for use and/or distribution charges. It’s time to put violent people in prison – not those moving a product that people want and that is naturally-occurring, and largely harmless to the recreational user. Drinking whole MILK is more dangerous than using marijuana. Eating chemically processed FOOD is more dangerous than using marijuana. Yes, FOOD is the biggest most abused “drug” that your body will ever know – and what you’re buying and consuming from legal sources is s-l-o-w-l-y killing you. You’ll die of a heart attack long before you use marijuana – the “gateway” drug – and move onto heroin, crack cocaine, or crystal meth and massacre a family during a botched robbery attempt. Stop looking to your government to fix people with mental/emotional/psychological problems that are hell bent to destroy their lives and the lives of others. Marijuana isn’t the cause of this – neither are the real drugs they ultimately seek. The wasted billions of dollars spent on The War on Drugs is a colossal failure of biblical proportion!!! That money should be spent on education and rehabilitation of sick people that find the need to abuse ANYTHING – including food, pornography, gambling, drugs, and other people. There are so many uses for marijuana beyond getting high. The USA could take the lead and become the world leader in the manufacture and distribution of marijuana and all of the products that can be manufactured from it. You know what would happen then? For starters, the Mexican government (masquerading around the Mexican/US border as “drug cartels”) wouldn’t have any export business to conduct. Those violent killings and underground tunnels into San Diego would be a thing of the past. Oh wait…. but marijuana CAUSES crime…. ooops, I forgot. Well, lets try this… how about the US Gov declares MILK a controlled substance. How violent do you think that black market for milk becomes? The news would be inundated with tales of “milk cartels” battling it out to the death. There would be mass massacres of cows… illegal milk pipelines being built beneath our borders, and jails full of minors that got caught sipping some good high-calcium sh i t out of Canada. Honestly, the marijuana as a drug argument is about as stale as month-old- chemically-processed-bleached-white-flower and LEGAL bread.

  • edthe bed

    I wonder how many of you posting pro on here allow or would like to see your children using MJ at an early age while their brains are still developing or better yet to get high just to run away from life. I stand by the same nut jobs that use alcohol as well. It’s no better & maybe even worse. Booze is legal, prohibition didn’t work Pot maybe should be legalized & taxed but hey, then we would have a serious health problem with every body drinking & using eh?

    • Ric

      Ed – you ARE still in “bed.” You say that pot should “maybe” be legalized and taxed but then we would have serious health problems “with everyone drinking and using.” There are a few flaws in your logic. First, prohibition of ANY substance doesn’t stop people from using it. You’ve made that clarification when you said “prohibition didn’t work.” Hence, people use whether it’s legal or not. Secondly, why would ANY responsible parent allow their children to use ANY substance that affects their development? Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, and I personally have never met a responsible adult that would condone a child’s use of either of those substances – so why would marijuana be any different? Third, are you naive enough to believe that your teenage child doesn’t have access to marijuana whether it’s legal or not? Fourth, the “health problems” associated with recreational use of marijuana just aren’t there. Lastly, legalizing marijuana doesn’t mean “everyone” uses. If you are of the opinion that it somehow would make you crazy and want to rip off your clothing and jump out of the window to your death, rape your neighbor’s teenage daughter, commit endless crimes against humanity, or make you a vegetable destined to serve out the remaining years of your existence in a mental institution – none of which marijuana will do – then, like alcohol, you simply CHOOSE to not partake. Just because something is “legal” doesn’t make it a good idea to use inappropriately. I work 70+ hours a week. If heroin was legalized tomorrow, I wouldn’t race out to buy syringes and a big old bag of government-issued horse!! I have a JOB to perform, and a family to provide for, and I take care of myself and eat an organic, animal-free diet. But – if I want to smoke a joint in the privacy of my own home and watch the Wizard of Oz on a Friday night…… as they say in the sports arena – “no harm, no foul.” I promise you I won’t be waking up in the middle of the night to break into your home and kill you and your family for your $35 Timex watch and some spare change.


      Hello Edthe Bed,

      No I wouldnt want small children using marijuana, alcohol, prescription drugs, airplane glue, bathsalts, or anything else for recreational purposes.

      But im an adult. I work for a living. I pay taxes just like you. And I dont drive while intoxicated on anything whether legal or not.

      As for “running away from life” Yes I think thats what a lot of the alcoholics are trying to do and thats why they choose such a harsh drug. But marijuana isnt nearly as incapacitating as alcohol or a lot of the pharmaceuticals. In fact ive built several hundred webpages while under the effects of marijuana and theyve made me and the IRS quite a bit of money (I think im whats commonly referred to as a productive citizen). I believe Steve Jobs and his buddy from Apple stated that they frequently used to smoke marijuana while developing the Macintosh system!. So your arguments are based on 90 year old propaganda and not modern science.

      • Ric

        Well said, A. I might add that Steve Jobs was a college drop-out. He also stated that his LSD use was “one of the two or three most important things I have done in my life.” I’m glad Jobs dropped out, and I’m glad he was curious enough to expand and develop his mind to the extent that it helped him to help ME through his cutting-edge and wonderfully useful contributions to my everyday life.

      • Edthe bed

        Steve jobs is dying from a blown out liver & pancreas. Wonder how much pot smoking had to do with that. People drink booze because it’s more readily available & legal. Who wants to go to jail & have a rap sheet ruin their careers because of having MJ?

      • Ric

        Steve Jobs had pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver. Good luck tying pot smoking to that disease – so “wonder” all you want about that one – it’s what people that don’t have facts do all the time. I personally know of three people that died of pancreatic cancer, and none of them smoked. Come back with the facts about pot smoking causing pancreatic cancer and post them here, please. What I DO know is that it’s medically-understood that excessive alcohol use can lead to cirrhosis. As for your “rap sheet” comment – that’s a rhetorical question. NOBODY wants his or her career ruined for ANY reason – especially having it ruined for NO GOOD REASON. That’s the crux of my argument, Ed. Having marijuana in one’s system (which can be there and detectable on tests for up to 90 days or more) should not “ruin” anyone’s career as long as that person is productive at what they do. What difference does it make if a worker smoked on a Friday night and showed up at work on Monday morning NOT under the influence of marijuana? At test time, that worker gets canned anyway because the residual is in their system – despite them NOT being “high.” That’s ridiculous. However, that same worker typically has full access to the coffee maker whereby he/she can consume mass quantities of a drug known as caffeine – which has been scientifically proven to be as addictive as more serious substances such as cocaine and morphine. Don’t get me started on that same worker’s employer-permitted “smoke” breaks used to fill their blood with their daily requirement of nicotine… Shall we move to lunch time? How productive is an employee that weighs 290 lbs. and chooses to eat his/her lunch every day at McDonalds? Many do! They’ve served BILLIONS, don’t forget. Choking back 30 grams of saturated fat in a sitting, and it’s unfortunate and scientifically-proven adverse health implications, CAN’T be an investment an employer wants to make in an employee! I’d be more concerned about whether or not one of my employees was a heart attack waiting to happen, versus knowing he/she likes to smoke a joint every once in a while on days off in the privacy of his/her own home.

  • Somebody

    So long winded

    • Ric

      See? Marijuana use doesn’t even adversely affect one’s respiratory function.


      But there seems to be such a deficit of good quality, accurate information regarding the top of prohibition. You cant unwind 90 years of government lies and garbage in 3 words or less! Thank you for caring though! Maybe i’ll stop for a cup o’ caffeine! (the legal form shaped like coffee beans and served with sugar and cream).

  • Doug

    At over 50,it’s medicine to me.
    And I’m a hard working tax payer,who never collected a dime from the government.
    It helps me much more then all those poison pills,the old Doc wanted to give me.
    It should have the same laws as alcohol, applied , PERIOD !!
    Tax it and collect big revenue .
    Either way Governor,the same amount of pot will be consumed.

    • Ric

      Unfortunately, our governments don’t share that amazing grasp of the obvious. It IS common sense, Doug. But, don’t expect your elected officials to possess anything of the nature. Remember – if the opposite of “pro” is “con” – what is the opposite of “progress?” I rest my case. Your witness, council….

      • Ric

        Sorry, that’s “counsel.” I’m not stoned….

  • Edthe bed

    I think Creepy & Ric should hook up, it’s a marriage made in heaven or perhaps they’re one & the same playing the game . At the end of the day fellas, if you need to come on this site & cite an encyclopedia of statistics, to make your point & impress the serfs of the world, may I suggest you both find another audience that is more suited to your ego? I’m not impressed & I think the Phd’s of the universe wouldn’t be much impressed either cause they have all heard it before. In short, your diatribes suck dead donkey dic.

    • Ric

      Welcome to the site, serf (you said it, not me). There’s no ego involved here – just facts and opinions. Coming out on the intellectually short-end of a discussion doesn’t mean the victor has an “ego” problem. Au contraire, mon frère – I respectfully submit that you might be in possession of the (bruised) ego – hence your ongoing insistence to reply with slurs. Oh, and be careful with your comments regarding the PhD’s of the universe not being impressed. While I don’t have facts on this subject, I would take my chances on suggesting the many PhD holding members of the academia world, which happens to be one of the most liberal environments on the planet, have no misguided and hysterical concerns about the ill-effects of recreational marijuana use.


    edthe bed…let me guess, short bald, addicted to pharmaceuticals and angry because your penls doesnt work anymore. Good thing im not one of those violent alcoholics or id probably be thinking bad things about you now. But you know what ed the bed, I like you! Your a funny guy with funny thoughts and you make me laugh little weenie and all!

    • Khres

      IM a violent POTHEAD

      • Sandy R

        I dont think its the pot KHRES. Try it without the METH and ALCOHOL (I think you’ll find it a more peaceful experience).

  • edthe bed

    Creepy & Ric, You two couldn’t be more wrong on so many accounts. I don’t feel that my ego has been bruised. Quite the contrary I think you two birds have found a sandbox that you feel superior in your minds to play in & that the poster are impressed. Fifty cent words, titles & long winded retorts have never impressed me when I was younger & surely do not now. I still think you two clown make a lovely couple & excuse me for the slurs but it’s part of my Brooklyn N.Y. heritage, the real world.

    • Ric

      I’ve been to Brooklyn – and you’re correct about one thing – most everybody there considers that the “real world.” As well, most everyone I’ve ever met from there can’t listen because they’re too busy talking all the time. It’s a NYC thing and you know it. I’ve got news for you Ed… the SUN is the center of the universe – not NYC.


    Ed the bed….my generosity has just about reached my limits with you. I think your upbringing was lacking something and its spilling out of your face in the form of gaseous emmisions now.

    Theres an old saying that goes something like “once a man decides that he knows everything is the point that he stops learning”. Based on your grasp of the English language and limited knowledge base m guessing that you learned everything by the age of ten.

    Educating you is not my job. If you care to one day grow up to be an adult man capable of holding a civil and meangful conversation then your going to have to put the bottle down, allow the gray matter to clear and then exert yourself.

    • edthe bed

      Creepy, Hey man, get a grip you are starting to repeat yourself dude. You said to me the other day this very same thing. Whoaa, better get that noggin checked out cause I believe you have some of those gaseous emissions clogging up your flue pipe to the brain or a reasonable facsimile….You’re a goof.

    • edthe bed

      I love you to sweetheart.

  • nicole

    i must commend Ric and Alcoholics_are_Creepy for their informational posts. for the record, i’m a 26 year old female in what i like to think is good health and im an advocate for the legal use (medicinal or non) of marijuana. I pride myself on being part of the academia community and have never been called a “burn out” or failed to get my daily tasks accomplished due to marijuana. It relaxes me. what’s so wrong with that? I like to smoke and watch a good movie and go to sleep? should that be considered a crime? and for the record, i have been using marijuana for years and have never used any other type of “drug” thereafter. asfar as it being a “gateway” drug, it only proves that those who branch off into other “drug related” directions have decided to do so on their own accord. Marijuana can’t be held accountable for the actions of weak minded individuals. Good day!

    • Ric

      Yes, Nicole – thanks for weighing in with your opinion that NO drug is a “gateway” to any other drug. You’re too young to remember the old Flip Wilson show when he played a female character named Geraldine, and “her” famous line was “THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT!” As I don’t believe in either heaven or hell, I think it’s likely that some political appointee out of this great fascist theocracy government of ours actually believes there are supernatural forces steering a recreational marijuana user toward mental and physical ruination via hard-core drug abuse…. and as such they needed to clarify, in mortal terms, how that is possible. Presto, marijuana is it! How clever. Pick a substance that is relatively harmless, and to date not taxable/profitable for our fascist theocracy, and put the FEAR OF GOD in those people that are inclined to try it. Not so fast! You’ll smoke a few joints and the next thing you know, you’re breaking into your 80 year old neighbor’s home in the night to club her and steal her Oxy Contin. Bad, bad, bad weed it is…. tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Josye

    Everybody…Let’s get stoned!

  • xnepobia1127

    Yeah, let’s get stoned & I’ll show you my bone & like Rover, I’ll take over with the big bone of my own.

  • Jim

    Edthe Bed – You continue to embarrass yourself, please stop. I’m even younger than Nicole (21) and a current college student maintaining a 3.6 GPA and guess what? I can’t even describe to you how smoking can sometimes clear my head and allow me to relax. I have some anxieties that have bothered me snce childhood and have been presbribed a couple different medicines a few years back and had nothing bud bad experiences that just made me slow, or unaware of what was happening around me. I can escape some of these anxieties and imrove my mood and overall personal wellbeing with the use of Marijuana. Thanks.

    • xnepobia1127

      Jim boy, Twenty one years of age? That explains it all pimples. At your age having anxieties is ridiculous. All that should be on your mind is your next lay with one of your classmates. Enjoy sonny cause it goes by fast. How come you can’t maintain a 4,0 GPA like my grandkid @ Duke? You dummy.

  • Ed's an idiot

    Ed still in bed, is the reason marijuana is illegal and will remain illegal. This is the thought process in american government. Ed, you are ignorant.

  • jean

    The comments toward “Wrongside”, albeit true, are becoming a tad meanspirited. Do I have to hire that emotionally disturbed- drama king/queen- fan of Britany Spears to do a “Leave Ed Alone” video?

  • jean

    My grandson’s rockin’ a 420 GPA @ Humboldt U. Your reply to Jim marked your second excursion f/ topic Are you that creepy alcoholic I’ve been reading about?

    • xnepobia1127

      Humbolt U.?…..I attended F…U. univ. Where I was ate before I was seven. Me the Creepy alcoholic stoner? Please, that bird has a problem with his long winded diatribes trying to impress the world how smart he is. Loves to see his voice in print.
      He should have a…hole tattooed on his forehead everyday so when he looks in the mirror. You get the picture?

      • Ric

        Come now, X…. with spelling and sentence structure in the form of what you’ve exhibited here, do you really expect us to believe you attended an institution of higher learning?


    Ric, Ed’s an Idiot, & other lovers of freedom posting here today. I hope the failure of our local politicians to adequately represent their constituents and provide honest representation today didnt come as a surprise.

    Did you actually expect them to honor the wishes of the general public rather than their corporate sponsors? If they were as smart as they think they are they wouldnt have pulled such a stupid stunt nine months before elections. A wiser man would have waited until after the upcoming elections. and then thrust the knife into the backs of there supporters.

    I would now suggest changing priorities from educating the public on the failure of prohibition and would now concentrate our efforts on informing MD’s citizens about the people that are grossly misrepresenting them.

    Use email campaigns, mass social platforms, blogs and other inexpensive yet highly effective means to spread the truth. If your fortunate enough to have the resources required for alternative campaigns such as billboards, ad space on prominent websites, publications, roadside billboards, inexpensive inserts that can be circulated by mail order companies and those already involved in conducting mass mailings, then please spread your good fortunes around for the sake of your own freedom if nothing else. I fully intend to practice what I preach and will continue to dig deeply into my own pockets to end the 90 year destruction of our civil rights and our” representatives” War on Americas Citizens.

    • xnepobia1127

      Ric & Creepy,….Go away you’re boring turds.

      • xnephobia1127_TurdManSpeaks

        xnepobia1127 is a LOCAL POLITICIAN trying save his own azz? Too late for that, people are paying attention now.

        As for certains writers boring all of the turds here. Your the only one thats complained so far. TURD.

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