BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A vicious storm moving across the country triggers a line of tornadoes along the border of Oklahoma and Kansas.

Andrea Fujii reports another round of damaging weather is moving through Maryland. 

BGE is still recovering from what they’re calling the worst storm of the year and now, another round is here.

It comes just as an army of 1,300 utility workers restored power to almost 94,000 BGE customers. They lost electricity in Friday’s wild winds, which came within a few miles an hour of hurricane strength.

“This storm did significant damage to our electric distribution system. We had large trees come down on a lot of our equipment,” said BGE spokesperson Linda Foy.

Now, with repairs finished, the utility is gearing up for another possible severe storm Monday. The massive storm system moving across the country includes just about every kind of weather. In Maryland, strong winds and thunderstorms are possible. Parts of Maryland are under a thunderstorm watch until 4 p.m.

Arizona saw an extremely rare snowfall stretching from Sedona to the mountains around Phoenix.

Near Toledo, crews are concerned about heavy rain and are filling thousands of sandbags.

“We’re flood prone. That’s just the bottom line,” said one person.

BGE says they’re watching the next storm closely, hoping it’s not a repeat of the one from last Friday.

Comments (16)
  1. samantha says:

    Wat kind of strom is

    1. Z says:

      Go back to school. This time try to pay attention.

    2. AT says:

      Holy cow your spelling sucks.

  2. eeshhh says:

    Awful, terrible reporting.

    1. jimjim says:

      They wait unti its raining to say its gonna rain. They wait until 3 inches of snow have fallen to say it will be 1-3 inches. Ya want a good weatherman? Pick and older one. The newer ones and weather women….SUCK.

      1. Kurt says:

        Yeah, but the women are pretty to look at 😉

  3. S says:

    This didn’t really tell us much as far the weather and when it’s actually coming. Does anyone proof read this stuff before it’s published? There were so many errors in this report!

  4. AT says:

    Horribly written news story. Very half-assed.

  5. Raul says:

    Their reporting what the govt is about to do using the HAARP experiments! the govt does’nt care how much destruction or deaths it causes with these experiments!

  6. Kurt says:

    You know this HAARP experiment has been around since the early 1990’s. I don’t see a lot of validity in it. Apparently, other countries have devised the same sort of programs. How can anyone accurately predict what is going to happen when everyone is running this experiment independent of one another?

  7. Josye says:

    Are we suppose to feel pity for BGE employees??

  8. Bite Me says:

    I guess BGE has no funding in there budget for repairs.
    Here we go again higher BGE billing to cover this round of storms

  9. marian says:

    i will bet anything that neither of you have ever done a job like the bge men and woman. i know i haven’t and won’t. to restore power most of these people will work around the clock with little or no sleep!!! don’t blame the workers for what management orders. oh and the next time you need to get your electric back why don’t you ride along and work with 1200 volts or more so you can watch tv!!! i say than you bge employees for a job well done.

  10. Lady Shirley says:

    I was born & raied in Baltimore but now live in overly expensive Ireland. I’ve been here almost 8 yrs. & we have never had an increase in our bills. I’m moving back to Baltimore this summer with my husband & the one thing that puts us off Baltmore is…..are you ready for it……here it comes…..the BGE increases! Bet you knew that one was coming! LOL

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