By Jessica Kartalija

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A woman infected with measles prompts a nationwide scare and she could have passed the deadly disease to people in Maryland.

Jessica Kartalija has more.

The Centers for Disease Control says passengers may have picked up more than they bargained for on a flight out of BWI.

“We had an instance last week of an international traveler here in Baltimore who was, in fact, found to be contagious,” said Fran Phillips, Maryland Deputy Health Secretary.

According to the CDC, a 27-year-old woman infected with measles flew from London’s Heathrow Airport to Washington Dulles.  Two days later, she flew from BWI to Denver to Albuquerque.  Passengers on a flight from Denver to San Diego may also be affected.

Authorities are now working to notify anyone seated within five rows of the woman that they may have been exposed to the virus.

“It was important that we got information out to anyone that might have been exposed and wasn’t vaccinated,” Phillips said.

“How can they possibly contact everyone?” said one woman. 

Symptoms begin eight to 12 days after exposure and include bloodshot eyes, cough and sore throat, fever, muscle pain and rash.

“There’s always a risk of catching something when people sneeze or cough,” said one man. 

Measles can easily be spread through the air when someone coughs or sneezes.  Anyone who flew through Southwest Terminal A Tuesday should call airport officials or their doctors.

The number of measles cases dropped over the past several decades but has started to rise again, due to parents not getting their children vaccinated.

Comments (7)
  1. willie man hanging says:

    This inconsiderate SOB of a person should be made to be held accountable for her actions that result in any outbreaks because of her selfish actions. What a selfish turd & POS. That folks is the big problem in America today. “i WANT IT ALL & I want it now” attitude.

  2. Tammy Ann Calvert says:

    what the hell are you kidding me this person knew she was sick and then put everyone elese including children at risk dam right she should be held liable she should be charged with assault!!!!!!

  3. devilsadvocate says:

    The original flight is from London, what makes you think she is American? Not that I am or would defend her, but you can have it without having symptoms to know so why are you assuming she knowingly got on the plane risking everyone’s health along her travels?

  4. americanprick says:

    Devils, Shut your pie hole U a..hole. Ever have measles? probably not because you have been inoculated by Mommy. Well I had them as a child back in the forties & believe me dic head, You know when you have an outbreak & when you are dormant. Advocate my ass, you sound like another Liberal that is responsible for this countries demise due to no accountability or responsibility for their actions.

    1. Optimist Always says:

      American, please watch the mouth. Devilsadvocate was only looking at the other side of the coin and here comes flatulence from your mouth/keyboard. If she knew, throw the book at her; if she didn’t, do everything to notify those around her. Devilsadvocate’s comment in no way deserved this stream of obscenities or insults. There’s always a productive way of getting your point across with all that. BTW, you have been reported for your comment.

      1. peterthe geator says:

        Ohhhhh, I am so scared Optimist. Who the f….k are you, the new cyber police? Why don’t you SMD & give me your fat ass.

  5. larrybigdic says:

    This woman is a she Devil of a c…..t.

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