PARKVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — There’s a warning for people to be on the lookout in a Parkville neighborhood after a police officer was attacked by dogs.

The officer was responding to calls for wild dogs. Police say as soon as he got out of the car on Deanwood Road, he was attacked by two dogs and bitten several times. The officer was forced to use his pepper spray to get the dogs off him, but he also inhaled it and was sickened. He was hospitalized for his injuries.

One of the dogs was captured by an animal control officer, but people in the area are being warned to stay away from the other dog, a white pit bull with an orange spot. If you spot the dog, call 911 immediately.

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  1. icare says:

    Why can’t people be responsible for their pets?????? I just don’t get this!! It’s common sense, if you have pets you are to take care of them – they depend on us for their welfare and safety!!! |||

  2. mymantan says:

    People don’t give s…t about anything unless it’s in their best interest. Pit bulls don’t belong in any neighborhood, they are bred to attack & the f…..k’rs should be shot immediately. F….K …PETA & what they think. Just look at the mailings of children in the Balto area alone in the last few years. Owners, get your s….t together.



    2. diana says:

      you could not be more wrong about pit bulls. they are not ALL bred to attack. You are so truly ignorant to the facts. OWNERS train dogs to attack and ANY dog can be trained to attack.

      1. T darnell says:

        Amen……I love my Pitty Bully….she is an angel baby….the sweetest in the hole world…..I cant stand the steriotypes.

      2. Kais says:

        I love my pitty, too, T darnell. Also, for the record, man-tan, she was a terribly abused young adult – seized by animal control from an a-hole redneck who was dumb enough to abuse her in public – yet she’s still the most popular dog in a neighborhood full of children. She is THE sweetest, most grateful dog I’ve encountered in over 15 years of rescuing and fostering abused / abandoned dogs. Get your facts straight. I’d venture to say that you’ve never even had contact with a pitbull – and I’m more certain you’ve never personally been “mauled” by one. Right?!

      3. mymantan says:

        Diana, Certain breeds of animals like Pit Bulls, Rotweillers, German Shepards are more prone because of a innate blood line. Then you have goofball ignorant owners whop allow the dogs to run their lives like children & this is the results. You grow up.

    3. Sarah Sams says:

      not true at all.. I have two loving and obediant pibulls and they are great. They only want love like any other dog. Also statistics state pitbulls are not responsible for the majority of dog bites. It’s young hood rats that have caused poor pit bulls to suffer. You should not get on the band wagon before you learn the truths about pitbulls…mine were bred to love and be a family member and not for fighting thank you very much

    4. icare says:

      BSL is not the answer!! BSL is BS!!! These animals should not be made to suffer and be made a scapegoat and pay with their lives because of us. The people who are breed dogs for fighting need to be targeted and pursued. Any breed of dog can be bred, raised and trained to be vicious, IMO. The laws to enforce animal cruelty need to be strengthened and animal cruelty needs to be a felony across the board and anyone caught involved in dog fighting needs a stiff sentence. People are the problem, not dogs. Punish the Deed, Not the Breed!!!!! People need to pay for their actions!!!!!!! The dogs in case would not be in this situation if it weren’t for their owners. Also, I strongly advocate that dogs should be kept on a leash at all times – if this were the case, this would have never happened. Also, just to note am against PETA — for a number of reasons. ||||| |||||

  3. me says:

    the officer shoulda been spraying lead and not mace!

    1. pigeon says:

      In a residental neighborhood? I bet you would be one to scream and kick if the officer did that in your neck of the woods! He responded to the call and acted appropriately.

  4. T darnell says:

    I cant stand when people say NONSENSE about pit bulls. They are not bred to attack. The are raised to do such things by terrible owners. Any dog is capable of attacking anyone….even a chihuahua…but because a pitbull is a large dog and can do more damage, they are labeled killers. Give me a break. Pet owners should take responsibilty for their pets and keep them in the house and fenced in if the are not nice dogs. Not all dogs like everyone and Im sure they have been abused and that is why they are attacking people…out of fear. Do your research on dogs before you talk.

  5. Kais says:

    AMEN, T darnell and Diana – get a grip man-tan!!! Stop perpetuating such dangerous myths. Be part of the solution, dude – not the problem. Huh?!

    1. mymantan says:

      Kais, You sound like a twenty something pin head so I”ll give you a pass but not without first slapping your hiney. When was the last time you read a report about a chichuahua attacking someone but Pit Bulls which are not large dogs are always in the news do. That is because they have a genetic predisposition to do so & their breed are ugly a vicious. You say what you want & I’ say what is fact DUDE punk.
      F…..k dog lovers suck donkey dic.

      1. diana says:

        mymantan – you clearly would not know a fact if it ran over your empty troll pin head. i will say what i want, just as you can – but your ignorance deserves no more of my time.

  6. Jan says:

    I agree. Blaming the dogs is the easy way out. More needs to be addressed to the owners. Not enough is being done to get them not the pits.

  7. pigeon says:

    Let’s go down the list of what were considered “bad” dogs to own: Collie, Golden Retriever, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Rotties, and now Pitts. I wouldn’t own any of them but to give each breed an across the board bad name is absolutely wrong.

  8. dave says:

    Just because you can have a pet inst a reason enough to own one. Some people should not have a pet due to there selfishness and ignorance. In the community inwhich these dogs were on the prowl, is populated by black middle to low income. It seems as though it is a status symbol to have vicious breeds to help them feel powerful, but what it does is just push the decent law abiding folks to despise them. In the end these owners just dont give a rats ass what others feel or think. Arrogance and ignorance

  9. mymantan says:

    Dave, I presume you are not a spokes person for PETA. Well stated Dave & most dog owners are blind to a fault with their animals. I only wish as much consideration was shown on these sites about kids being shot, mugged mutilated every day as we see & hear about a bunch of poop hounds that annoy the s…..t out of my sleep late at night & early in the a.m.

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