WALDORF, Md. (AP) — The Charles County Sheriff’s Office has charged a 73-year-old man with numerous counts of rape, sexual child abuse and assault for alleged incidents that date to the 1970s. 

Samuel Glass Jr. of Waldorf was arrested last month. He is being held on $50,000 bond. 

Deputies say three alleged victims reported the incidents in January. They said they were adolescents at the time of the alleged abuse. 

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Comments (9)
  1. Nikki says:

    String his butt up by his you know what better yet cut it off all together with a very dull rusty old knife. Sorry worked sex crimed against kids in the city makes me sick.

  2. peterthe geator says:

    NIKKI Sex perverts only need a mind to commit their horrors therefore cutting off his willy would do little. Send him to jail forever & let him become a wide receiver on the prison football team instead where they play day & night. A much better scenario.

    1. Nikki says:

      Good point very good point. I know the twisted pathology behind it but the kids that I’ve worked with and their horrible accounts of abuse and the mental and physical damage have made me a rigid person.

  3. Hannah L. Duer says:

    SORRY NO! I can’t believe that after all these years teaching our children to tell us if something has happened to them that this has got to be focused more on the parents they should be held responsible for there kids and what is happening to them! how about being thorough investigate a bit better MOMS AND DADS . Really, check out your infants toddlers to see if they are being violated. if your teen cant speak about it by now ….?sorry should maybe start charging the parents for neglect.

    1. Robin says:

      Hannah, you obviously have someone in your family that has done this. Your comments are completely ridiculous. In the 70’s you didn’t hear as much about this problem as you do now. Unless the parents are careless about who keeps an eye on their children or are molesting their own children, how do you expect them to know what is going on, especially if their child is a teen-ager? What are they supposed to do, nightly body seraches? I’m glad there is no time-limit on these types of crimes.

  4. Hannah L. Duer says:

    Robin you couldn’t be further from the truth fortunately I have not been or even anyone in my family been molested .OH,’ some one must have ‘ …..who do you think you are? i was born in the early 70s Fortunately RAISED by TWO parents that where interested in what happens to there little girl ,enough to be cautious concerned and educate me to no the different s .OBVIOUSLY .also i have managed to raise two sons as a single parent.The children have not been abused or molested.[now 19 and 22] due to trusting that they can tell me if they were violated,besides like i said teens should be able to tell someone they have been hurt by someone .you would think.and just because you didn’t hear of these things don’t mean they weren’t happening. CATHOLIC Priests have been bend over the alter boys for what over 100 years? now some of them realize it was bad what happened to them and are coming forward with it. Even in the 70s as child i remember when we were out some where like the FAIR grounds My DAD and mom would warn us that there are strangers that will steal you and maybe kill you and they would through you in the sticker bushes ! So don’t run off anywhere where we don’t know where you are. That must have worked because we then understood what the dangers were.THEY CARED ENOUGH to teach us and they still kept a watchful eye on us .

    1. Hannah L. Duer says:

      Just as I was saying and I quote from ROBINS comment; UNLESS THE PARENTS ARE CARELESS !!!!!! THANK-YOU, My point exactly.

  5. charles manson says:

    child abuse is whats up 🙂 i like too beat my wife too

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