By Pat Warren

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A vote on same-sex marriage hit a snag in the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday.  The committee is trying to clear the way to take a vote but an unexpected turn of events is complicating matters. 

Political reporter Pat Warren has an explanation.

The vote is so close, every vote counts.  But when the committee convened for the voting session Tuesday morning, two delegates were missing.  One was Baltimore delegate Jill Carter, who says she’ll withhold her vote unless she gets some concessions.

After hours of testimony last week, the House Judiciary Committee was set to vote on same-sex marriage Tuesday, but two delegates—Carter and Prince George’s County Delegate Tiffany Alston—refused to vote without assurances that school funding will be restored, even though they agree the two issues are unrelated.

“They can vote; it just might not pass without me.  I want to vote for the bill but there are other bills and this is not necessarily the most important,” Carter said.

She also wants a hearing on equal time for non-custodial parents, another unrelated but, in her view, equally important bill.

Both delegates’ votes are considered necessary for the bill. 

The committee is still hearing regular bills.  They may or may not take a vote on same-sex marriage after those bills are heard.

The committee is under no deadline to take a vote.

Comments (22)
  1. Bill says:

    Great Christian, Moral Leadership. What will God Say? I guess the Dems can rewrite the Bible as well?

  2. kennyG says:

    Bill, God was a Democrat. He was for all the people always, Not just the rich & special interest Republican types & Tea Baggers. Remember in the bible he said: “The rich & healthy can take care of themselves”.

  3. Shannon says:

    This is one more reason to move out of the state of Maryland! If you want a gay partener thats fine. The state may recongize it but GOD won’t. Any gay person that believes in the word of GOD knows in their hearts that getting married is not what GODS plan is for his people.

    And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, he made into a woman, and brought her to the man.” Genesis 2:22

    1. Tim W says:

      Luckily our laws are not governed by religion. I suggest if you want to live in theocracy you move to Saudi Arabia or Iran

    2. kennyG says:

      Shannon, Let’s let yours & my God figure it all out in the end if there is one. The moral religious right has committed more crimes, sex abuse & immorality in the Republican congress & Senate in the past years that there’s not enough room on this blog to report it. You phony bible thumping hypocrites.

    3. Mark says:

      I am glad we have you around to tell us what GOD recognizes and what He doesn’t, what His plan is for His people and what is not His plan.
      You are free to interpret the bible as you wish but please do not push your interpretetion on me, my family or my fellow Marylanders. The Civil Marriage Protection Bill simply applies civil law fairly and equally to all Marylanders….if you read the bill like you read the bible.

  4. inkster says:


    Hey Luiz Simmons, forget looking under the desk, “try the closet”.

    Evil, pure evil is upon us. We shall overcome with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. Billiam says:

    This Jill Carter sounds like a real prize-winner.

  6. Jimmy says:

    First of all I do believe in God. I was born this way, it did not just happen to me, therefore God is responsible. Are you saying God made a mistake?

    This right of equality has nothing to do with God, but everything to do with humanity.

    In this debate, replace the word Gay with Black, Hispanic,White, or Jew and then you will see just how wrong this is to deny.

    Gay equality is a right not to be determined by a majority. No minority should have to be second class to anyone.

    Equality for all, Gay rights and yes God loves me for just the way I am.

    I will go to heaven just like you and I will stand next to our same God, smiling, when that day comes, that’s when you will see that you were on the wrong side of history.

  7. Rev John Elder says:

    Rev John

    Jimmy ; I could not agree with anyone anymore then I do you we are made the way he wanted us and HIS LOVE is for EVERYONE. I did not choose this life it was giving to me and I am going to make the best of it. My PARTNER and I have been together nnow for 20 years if GOD did not want this he would have stoped it because he can Maybe we will get to stand together with GOD and see just what is going to happen to all them that want to run OUR LIVES. God Bless to ALL Rev Dr John Elder

  8. Geri says:

    I do not want to signal any one person out in this discourse, however, I feel that I must respond to Jimmy. You cannot equate a gay lifestyle with the Civil Rights Struggle of the 50’s and 60’s that afforded people of color the rights that they had been denied them since their arrival to these shores from the coasts of West Africa. When God created humans, he placed a man and a woman together; I haven’t read yet where he placed two men or two women together. What would have been His point? How could humanity continue to evolve? God does not hate the sinner, how could He went He sent His son to die in our place so that we could have life and have that life more abundantly? Civil Rights for gays isn’t open for discussion if it means having a type of marital relationship that God ordained for a man and woman. Its the sin in our lives (disobedience of God’s Law) that God has a problem with. To my brothers and sisters who will so emphatically state that they were “born this way,” that’s not true; its a lifestyle that’s been chosen. Even when one thinks of the separation of church and state, the idea of two men or two women lying together would be totally out of rhythm with God’s plan for the whole of creation. We could debate this issue from now until Jesus returns; God’s word will still be the same. I urge those who have an opposing view from God, to prayerfully read Romans 1: 24-32. May you have a blessed day.



    2. Teresa says:

      Really, Geri? Really? You chose to be heterosexual…like there were two choices and you chose straight and ‘they’ chose gay? For me, I didn’t choose to be heterosexual…it was just a basic part of who I was born to be. In the same way, gay people are gay because they just are. Worse than the way you pick and choose what constitutes “God’s Law”–in precisely the way others used the Bible and God’s Law to justify slavery–is that you presume to know and speak the will and intention of God in His creation. If I were you, I’d spend my days in this life considering my outlook and my words to others…because no one will be judged as carefully after this life as those who have presumed to judge others during it.

      1. Richard Perry says:

        you are gay becauce you want to be not because you have to be !

      2. hvillage says:

        Richard, does that, mean that you are straight because you want to be? You could be gay if you wanted to be? I mean if YOU think it’s a matter of choice, then there must be some conflict with which you, personally, struggle. I’m not saying this to be confrontational, but I don’t know any straight people who made a conscious decision about whether or not to be straight. You can’t teach children to be gay… you can teach them to be compassionate… or intolerant.

        By the way, Isn’t intolerance the reason your savior was beaten and hung from a cross?

    3. donjuan10" says:

      Geri, Have you spoken to God about this in the last 24 hrs? His voice now & not the one ringing in your ears. Shut your pie hole you religious zealot. The moral right that breaks all cannon & God’s law are the real perps.

    4. God is not evil says:

      I am not a Christian, but let me tell you what it sounds like you are saying: God is an entity that created life only to toy with man by dangling hundreds of different methods of worship before him and saying, “Pick one (or don’t pick one)… but if you pick the wrong one, you’re going to suffer for eternity.”…”and, by the way, I’m going to let you all think you’re the one’s who are right.”. If that is what the Judeo-Christian faiths teach, I want no parts of your religion or your God. No wonder 82% of Americans all themselves Christian, their scared to death!

  9. frank coffee says:

    Just vote on the bill already ! Just like politicians,always wanting to sneak some unrelated spending in to get more re-election votes.

  10. Carissa says:

    Ok… you all need to chill. None of you know exactly how God feels about this. We are all His children and it is not our place to judge. The gov. is just trying to make every ones preferences equal and you all should just mind your own businesses and let God judge them when the time comes.

  11. hvillage says:

    So you are saying that you could have been convinced to be gay? Doesn’t that imply that we all have the propensity/desire to be gay and we actively choose not to be? That explains a lot about the venom with which many of the commenters preach.

    You know, religion can be a beautiful thing… until it is used as a weapon to threaten people into believing in the creator the way we think is right.  It is people who exploit faith that create terror.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  

  12. Jessi says:

    Equality for All! Leave the Bible out of it. Not everyone has the same beliefs, and it’s NO ONE’S right to push what they believe on anyone else. Gay, straight, whatever, humans that love one another deserve to celebrate their love. They are destroying the sanctity of marriage: people that cheat on one another, people who abuse one another, celebrities that marry for 55 hours and then decide oops are the ones that destroy it. If you disagree with same sex marriages: don’t get one, but don’t get in the way of people who want to express their love.

  13. Teresa says:

    Lovely, Jessi. Thank you. It’s good for all of us to remember–or even realize for the first time–that ALL of us look for (or luckily find) that special someone and 99% of our time together is with our clothes on. Straight or gay, it’s about the love and support and laughter and silly arguments…what goes on in our hearts. I can’t imagine the pain of having some people tell me every day that I am ‘wrong’ for loving my husband, or having the government judge whether my commitment to him is ‘good enough’ to count for something. That’s why I will not turn around and do that to our gay friends and neighbors and family members. Love is large!

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