WASHINGTON (AP) — More escalator problems are being reported at Metro stations in Washington.

On Monday morning, a Dupont Circle station escalator jolted to a halt, causing riders to fall. No injuries were reported. A Metro spokeswoman says a problem with a handrail triggered an emergency stop.

Later on Monday evening, firefighters were called to the same station at Dupont Circle for reports of smoke coming from an escalator.

A Metro report shows the escalators have been breaking down more often, failing after about eight days of use on average. Consultants brought in during the fall blamed Metro’s poor maintenance practices.

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Comments (2)
  1. kennyG says:

    Ha ha, Shabby contractor work, minority run jobs works program on Metro = a cluster F…..K!

  2. FeedupwithMETRO says:

    They never talk about the dangers at Union Station (Red Line/Metro) 1st Street entrance due to having one escaltor only working. People crowd up and there is no where to go. No one seems to care if safety is an issue or not. They more than likely will not care until someone gets hurt, like always.

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