SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — A Virginia woman has been sentenced to 18 months supervised probation for taking off her clothes in a convenience store and sexually harassing patrons and employees. 

Jennifer Riegler, 22, of Accomack County also agreed not to return to Maryland as a condition of probation. She was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to assault and disturbing the peace. 

Police said on Dec. 18, Riegler danced naked around a Royal Farms store in Hebron, making sexual gestures and propositioning customers and employees. 

Riegler apologized during her trial, saying she was not in the right state of mind. 

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Comments (8)
  1. J says:

    Do you realize that if a guy did that he’d probably have to register as a sex offender and face a small jail sentence.

  2. Scott S says:

    Yeah, there is a double standard. Women can do this kind of stuff, but if a man does it, he’s a sex offender. Same goes with teachers who have sex with their students. Men go to prison for 16 years and have to register as sex offenders, but women are treated as if they did their victims a life lesson service.

  3. Donna M. says:

    My comment is not related to the subject matter of this article, but still worthy of comment:

    I guess the Associated Press doesn’t have anyone proofreading their copy before it is printed. “She was sentenced on Monday after pleading guilty to assault and disturbing the piece.” Seriously? How about “….disturbing the peace?”

    1. Jane says:

      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who noticed that GLARING error!

    2. East Coast says:

      Donna, so many of us notice these errors. It used to be that a degree in journalism included proper writing skills. Just using spell check doesn’t constitute proper proofreading. These site has become so generic with stock graphics and very poor editing, but I’ve noticed it on other sites as well. Guess this is the new normal. Very sad.

  4. Julz says:

    Theres also things in life that guys get away with, so really it can go both ways. But in this case, she def should have got more for doing sumthin like this

  5. jack says:

    please don’t be too critical with the AP: “disturbing the piece” = juggling around the store giving men hard-ons

  6. nick says:

    Bull………T, Women get the goldmine , men get the shaft in most divorces. Women get to stay in the home with the boyfriend of the month club while guys scratch around for a life….I have been with a lot of women & all of them used the support for their social life & the kids but a lot went towards themselves so they could attract a new man.

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