The weather ups and downs continue, and today we are on the upside.

Spring is in the air – at least for today. Sunshine and a southwesterly wind has warmed us up to low 60s this afternoon. However, a new cold front is moving by to the north. All the rain and snow will stay in upstate New York and New England, but the cold air behind it is coming our way. We are going down into the 20s tonight and will only recover to near 40 tomorrow afternoon. That is over a 20 degree hit from today.

Temperatures will slowly moderate as we move into the weekend. By Friday, we are back in the upper 40s, then upper 50s Saturday, and maybe near 60 on Sunday. At the same time, a new storm will be moving our way. This is a very slow-moving storm. Clouds will move into the mid-Atlantic Friday, then maybe a few showers on Saturday. The best chance for rain and maybe some thunderstorms would be Saturday night and Sunday, when the storm finally moves through.

That storm will get out of here for the beginning of the week, taking the rain and warmer air with it. This stormy weather pattern will continue, though, with another one expected to this way at the end of the week – probably around Thursday.


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