COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) — Several current and former University of Maryland students are accused of assaulting a fellow student who wanted to join their group.

Weijia Jiang explains nearly a dozen students are under investigation for hazing.

Police say seven Zeta Phi Beta sorority sisters at the University of Maryland College Park violently attacked 22-year-old Lavisha McClarin — who was pledging at the time — in October.

On Wednesday, they were each charged with assault and hazing.

“Some held her down, restrained her; others assaulted her,” said Prince George’s County Police Cpl. Henry Tippett.

In court records, McClarin said she was pushed against a wall and thrown around by one defendant and punched in the arm repeatedly.  She said one sister put an arm around her neck and choked her, that she was even struck repeatedly on the buttocks with an oak paddle.

“It’s supposed to be a sisterhood and that’s not how you treat your family,” said student Leslie Harrison.

Charging documents reveal much of the hazing happened inside an apartment on 20th Avenue, where two defendants lived.  McClarin said it was there she was first told being assaulted was required to join the sorority.

“People talk about Hell Week as though it’s the worst week of their lives.  It’s not like you can go in expecting it’s going to be OK,” said student Sarah Boccabella.

“I feel like you know what you’re getting yourself into,” said student Faith Clauser.

But McClarin said she was told the sorority stressed academics and that members said hazing and assaults were not a part of becoming a sister.

The chapter website lists “finer womanhood” and “sisterly love” as priorities.

The university has shut the sorority down for now.

Police expect to charge three more sorority sisters in the upcoming weeks.

Comments (11)
  1. Bernard F Mc Kernan says:

    Sorority my a….s, These students aren’t fit to be in a university anywhere. Bullying at it’s best & if you look into their past, , you will find this was learned on the streets, at home or they were bullied growing up. Insecurity manifests itself in ugly ways when we reach adulthood. They should all be suspended or expelled & thiose on scholarship , have it revoked. Disband the sorority completely.

    1. Ralph says:

      All the sororities in my college were full of women who enjoyed having sheep follow them around. I found none of them to be worth the time or money. It’s just a way for mean girls to get their kicks.

  2. Hugh Jazz says:

    Please Shutup Bernard

    1. bernard F Mc Kernan says:

      Hugh, Take a flying f….k at a rolling donut. Why not come up with some ideas that are constructive to the problem besides saying-shut up! moron!

  3. Jason Robinson says:

    As far as I am concerned belonging to a fraternity or sorority is not worth people assaulting or degrading you, and being a member should not give you license to do it to others. I dont need to use the Force to know that there are going to be some behavioral dismissals and pending criminal charges in this sad tale and rightfully so.

    1. Obi Wan says:

      So does that mean that are situations where you WOULD need to use the Force to know things?

  4. Miguel says:

    CBS Baltimore comments are worse than FOX news lol

  5. Aspen says:

    Noone is ever forced to participate in these things. The fact that these girls choose to call it assult after the fact are ridiculous. Not saying that it is okay for them to physically harm the girls in anyway because it is not. But if they did not want to participate they do not have to. They can become members without the having to go thru that stuff. As for Bernard disbanding the sorority is not the answer. You can not punish everyone for the mistakes of a few girls. The girls involved should be punished.

  6. Nate WIlliams - Polaris Beta Omega - Iota Phi Theta says:

    I’ve been proud to member of BGLO since November 7, 1981. What is relected here is not BGLO culture in particular, but the change in our society that makes thhis kind of aberrant behavior more typical and less shocking. Do you know that record numbers of high school and college bands, campus clubs/choirs, campus athletics all have “a process” by which members are rigorously challenged both mentally and physicallyt o join? SERIOUSLY, the gospel choir?

    Many of these “processes” are made up by the young people in school based on movies and outright lies being told by older members about the dangerous (often exagerrated) stuff they went through. None of this will change by expelling these girls and jailing them. Things will only change when all BGLOS begin to put more focus on what you do as a member and less on what you will do to become a member.

  7. Liarssuck says:

    Lavisha McClarin is a liar who is padding her story. I was a close friend of hers and she told me her plan. I think its sick how shes just deciding to ruin the lives of others who NEVER touched her. I hate liars and hope she gets her Karma.

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