BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. (WJZ)—Busy roads, blocked for hours, as police investigate reports of a home invasion in Baltimore County.

A homeowner flagged police after saying three armed men wearing masks, forced their way inside his house.

Tactical units burst into the home on Liberty Road, but couldn’t find any suspects.

No one was hurt.

Police are still investigating.

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  1. Scott's county says:

    Liberty Road has been a crime chute out of inner-city Baltimore for the past 27 years. I used to live in Carriage Hill Apartments in Randallstown in the ’80’s and the MTA bus that runs down Liberty Road had to be stopped from entering the complex because inner-city thugs and criminals were actually riding the bus from as far aways as North Avenue to rob and burglerize.

    1. WhySoSerious says:

      Maybe if you people would stop coming in the city to buy your drugs, crime would drop!!!!

  2. D. Bos. says:

    It doesn’t matter where you’re at, crime and drugs are coming sooner or later. There is no way to protect yourself because you probably aren’t going to see it coming til it’s too late!!! Black or White

  3. Scott's County says:

    No, if black Baltimoreans would stop dropping out of school and being so anti-intellectual and graduate, go to college, get real jobs, stop producing illegitamate children, get married, and pay taxes, the crime would drop. It’s so easy to blame white people because it feels so good. But in reality, the greatest oppressors of blacks is fellow blacks. Why is it that smart black boys have to hide this fact to avoid being accused of trying to act “white”? Being book smart means you’re not a real black person? Is this mentality not black on black oppression?

    1. Sarah Sams says:

      amen//you said it well

  4. chris says:

    sorry just black everytime a crime is reported on the news there black ok i have alot of black freinds i dont hate blacks theres alot of good black ppl out there and then you have your bad ones but that comes with every body of ever race you have your good ones and bad ones what my problem is when a crime is commietand the person is black and ppl post about it the black folks get on here and say oh its because where black or its about race ITS NOT GROW UP AND STOP THROWING RACE IN PEOPLES FACE WHEN EVER A BLACK PERSON COMMITES A CRIME FACE THE FACTS THATS IF YOU CAN READ and you know ive talked to my black freinds and they agree with me ive met some really nice black ppl if you dont want the crime STOP JOINING GANGS STOP BUYING THE DRUGS ITS THAT SIMPLE WHEN PLEASE ASK FOR HELP TO GET THEM OFF THE STREETS ACTUALLY HELP THEM TO MAKE THE CITY AND COUNTYS AROUND IT SAFER FOR YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN OR GRAND CHILDREN IM SO SICK OF WATCHING THE NEWS AND HEARING ABOUT MURDERS ALL THE TIME THIS AND THAT ITS GETTING OLD AND YOU KNOW ITS JUST NOT THE CITY ITS COUNTY AND OTHER PARTS OF MARYLAND TO

    1. YoungBlack&Intelligent says:

      Blacks are not the only one’s joining gangs, buying drugs & all the other things that you seemingly are making a “black” issue. At the end of the day no one can deny how prevalent & dominating racism is in 2011. You can try to ignore it, but it does not make the problem go away. Its nice that you have black friends but that still does not mean you dont hold a negative stigma toward the entire race. Those few black could be the exception for you. There are bad characteristics in every race…. But are you really going to deny that Blacks aren’t stigmatized? My Black friends and I who speak intelligently and hold masters degrees (all between the ages of 22-28) still get harassed by the police & “looks” from the surrounding community & we live in places like Woodstock, granite, clarksville, glenelg, timonium, glenwood, rockville. We usually have more education, make more, drive the same “status symbol” (bmw, benz, acura, etc) car, live in equal or bigger size homes, all earn legitimate incomes….. & we are ALWAYS picked on by police because it seems like being a young black professional is somehow a cliche’. Get over yourselves. Seems like you need to wake up because nothing about me says ghetto or lower class. My husbands pants do’nt sag & he does not have gold in his mouth, yet our treatment is still different. & by the way, the term “them” is offensive.

      1. Sarah Sams says:

        I work a a clinic in the ghetto here in Baltimore city..I’m the only white girl there. It;s a pediatrics clinic. And let me tell you those momsfist fight in that clinic right in front of the kids. They are ALL welfare receipients. Rude,pushy and they think i owe them something.
        i only wish they could all be like yourself. My job would be so much easier if i were dealing w/ people who had some damn common sense. They are always trying to run some type a scam even over the littlest stuff. And why do those moms have to have their steach marked butt cleavage always coming out of the backs of their pants..that poor middle belt loop always ;looks like it’s ready to give way. So please reach out to these morons and show them how to be a black person you can be proud of..I’ll grab up all the white trash and do the same for them..haha.
        You are right as far as police profiling but they do it to white people too.

      2. Squaregrouper says:

        I commend and respect you for being a successful man in today’s world. Unfortunately, the issues you have with the police are because there is too high a ratio of criminals in your demographic. Police see it all too often and tend to lump all black males under 30 in to the same bad category. Personally, I tend to be apprehensive around groups of young black males until they demonstrate they are upstanding citizens. I don’t do that with black adults or any other race. Maybe I’m racist, maybe I have learned from too many bad experiences.

      3. queenie says:

        You my dear are the exception rather than the rule. Now run along & help your black friend in poverty out. I notice that when blacks “Make it” they run faster than anything to get away from their own kind. Blacks are also the most racist of all the races. Hence black on black crime. Your veneer is too thin lady.

  5. CHRIS says:


  6. CHRIS says:


  7. bnaroundlongenuf 2 know says:

    white ppl commits crimes more than blacks..blacks are the ones white newspapers & tv love to focus on!!

    1. Ferhad says:

      If newspapers weren’t white they’d be difficult to read. I guess you could print white text on black paper, but that seems like it might be more trouble than it’s worth.

  8. G Dog says:

    you come from a race of devils who made a pact with Satan. Your days are rapidly coming to and end. The society you built is in decline. Others races are out breeding you and whites will be this country’s minority in just 25 more years. Already, the Chinese, who have the world’s highest population, are now becoming a global economic dominating power. Your race’s pact with the devil is now being called in. Watch your destrcution. It’s now beginning. Genetic annihilation is going to be your undoing. The seeds of daker genetically dominant races are replacing the gentically recessive white gene. Glorious days are coming with the vanquishing of your race!

    1. Luke says:

      Somebody wasn’t paying attention in genetics class…there are several genes that control skin color and their analysis is much more complicated than just dominant or recessive. Also, your theories on population genetics are pretty miserable. But then again, maybe my pact with the devil prevents me from seeing your hidden genius there….

  9. chris says:

    g dog your in denail bud grow up stop living in the past

  10. Lee Bowling says:


  11. Rob says:


    1. Dave says:

      I’ll bet your spell-check is embarrassed. Maybe your fifth grade English teacher too. Yeesh.

    2. WENDY says:

      that was EMBARRASSING

  12. white and opinionated says:

    wow its amazing to see how people really feel considering no race was mentioned in this article society has trained people to believe crime is committed by people of color rather then the type of person it is sad that all these comments r immediately pointing to the people of color they havent even determined if a crime has even been committed and everybody is jumping on that racist bandwagon grow up take a look at reality it is so sad that this is what society has come too

    1. tomz says:

      You dumb ass, Crime is committed by Black disproportionately to white. Get your head out of your ass. Ever check statistics?

  13. dave says:

    Same issue out here along the “loot” rail or as some call it, the “Rob & Ride”.
    Bike theft when up so much in the york road coridor so much, you cannot take a bike on the light rail anymore. Theft at the Ridgely Shoping center went up 500% and now there is a police station at the Ridgely station. Same for Hunt Valley….

  14. tomz says:

    It’s all about the f….k thug Niggas & their Chimpanzee parents. Bad Mo Fo’s.

  15. marian says:

    i think i missed something in the article. i do not remember seeing anythng about color or sex of the offenders or the homeowner. liberty road is not all black, white, hispanic nor asian. it is a small world of all races. please do not ASSUME until you know all the info and you know what the the word assume breaks down to. we are still all Gods children.

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