BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Tiki Barge debate. Some say it’s a relaxing summer spot. Others say it’s like an episode of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore,” and they want it shut down.

Weijia Jiang explains the battle brewing over a local bar.

It’s an upscale, real estate gem in the Inner Harbor, but the Harborview property now has a controversial neighbor many homeowners want to kick out.

“The crowd, suddenly it’s ‘ The Jersey Shore.’ I’m waiting for Snooki and JWoww to jump out and start doing cannonballs into the water,” said a Harborview homeowner.

They’re talking about the Tiki Barge, stationed at the end of the marina dock.

Dozens of residents filed a petition with the Baltimore Liquor Board to revoke the bar’s license, claiming there’s public urination, nudity, destruction of property and excessive noise.

A home video posted on YouTube shows an unruly crowd, with one guy mooning his buddies.

The petition even claims one customer simulated sex on a palm tree at the Barge. But the owner insists none of that behavior happened there.

“It was a boat outside our premises where someone exposed their breasts,” said Bud Craven, Tiki Barge owner.

During a packed hearing Thursday night, Craven told the liquor board he remodeled the Barge to be a Baltimore hot spot.

“I was shocked there was complaints,” said Craven. “I was up at that pier that entire summer. At no given time did someone come to me and say ‘Hey we got a problem.’”

As it stands, the bar shares the alcohol permit with two popular restaurants, Tabrizi’s and Sorso. But petitioners want it removed completely. They say customers are simply out of control.

“They are individuals creating a chaotic situation in which my safety is placed  in jeopardy. And that, I have a problem with,” said a Harborview resident.

Members of the liquor review board have asked both sides to talk and try to come up with a solution. Meanwhile, they are reviewing the evidence presented at the hearing.

The liquor board is expected to make a decision on the bar by the end of the month.

Comments (30)
  1. Nick Pirce says:

    who is Tiki Barge

    1. Ebolter says:

      That is the other fat member of ‘Jersey Shore’

  2. Hiney Hater says:

    Filthy animals!!

    Shut errr’ down

  3. mike says:

    One Jersey Shore is one too many. Get rid of it.

  4. PAUL E. MICELLI says:


  5. vanessagirl says:

    Tiki barges & Harborview in particular are gold mines for the owners & a real PIA for residents & live aboards. Drunken, dopey young people with not an ounce of brains strutting among the plastic palm trees trolling for sex, look at me attitudes is old real fast & tasteless. The owners of these places tap into the kids who after a week of busting chops get a chance to hang it out. A really sad & bad time in their lives. Guys wanna get laid, Girls all want the eyes on them or a husband. The place is a drug & trouble making venue

  6. An23153 says:

    Exactly why Baltimore is so boring now.

  7. city sucks says:

    who gos to baltimore anyhow

  8. snookers says:

    I could understand if this was in the middle of like ohio or iowa or something…but its BALTIMORE, home of crackheads, chlamydia, and murderers. This is what they want to complain about? PLEASE get a life and move somewhere boring!

  9. La'Qunada says:

    Keep it, Baltimore is dead, this is like it’s last breath of air.

    1. Suraj Samaroo says:

      amen! I hate going down to Baltimore, NOW this is something i wanna party on!

      1. skimmer says:

        But would you want to live next to it? And deal with people throwing up and peeing on your front steps? Doubt it.

  10. skimmer says:

    There have been are are establishements in Harborview serving alcohol. None of them opened with off-duty cops and bouncers in place. Mr. Craven is a little disingenuous when he says no one told him there was a problem – the HOA let him know that there were problems. And what about the other establishments Mr. Craven’s run – there seems to be a history of highly profitable bars that had a lot of problems.

    Also, this is a floating barge. Does it come under city regulation, maritime law or both? Asking as Mr. Craven’s reponse to my question, ‘how many people can you have on here?’ was that his business was on a barge so he didn’t have any occupancy limitations. I thought that was odd. And really really unsafe.

  11. maxx says:

    What happened to the zoning laws in this city? The only people that go there are white trash to the max. Plus, it is an eyesore . I know if I spent the money to live at Harborview, I would be furious.

  12. seashell says:

    There are better locations to dock it elsewhere than the Inner Harbor. Then again I wouldn’t spend top $$ to live there either. There is enough NOISE just listening to the cop cars and fire trucks, sirens, dogs barking excessively and gun shootings. Whats the difference. You chose to live iat the marina, deal with it or cut the ropes and let it float among the trash in the surrounding waters, There is no beautiful view during the day or night . Put the barge at Fells Point with the other bars. I say leave it there and enclose it . The IH is too expensive to park, eat and
    enjoy the aquarium, science center etc. All the dead people they fish out there, well thats a free attraction. At least put a damn railing around so the city won’t lose another paying customer.

    1. Steve says:

      I think the Tiki Barge is a beautiful place to relax. It is a gem. Nothing like jersey shore. Im a paying customer who takes my 12 year old son to swim. If it was as bad as people are trying to make it out to be, i wouldnt go there. Good luck this season. Ill be back.

      1. skimmer says:

        Steve, do you (or would you) take your 12 year old to swim there on a Friday or Saturday night after 8pm? That’s when the problems start – the neighborhood really sees the effects when people start leaving the barge after a happy day of relaxing and drinking.

    2. skimmer says:

      You’re right – residents should just leave there. Most of us moved to the neighborhood long before the Tiki Barge arrived. Many would like to leave, but that “top dollar” isn’t available any more and places like the Barge don’t help the situation.

      1. steve says:

        If you went there you would know that the pool is closed at that time. Yes,I myself go there in the evenings. The real problem in Baltimore City is Fells Point, Canton, and Fed Hill. The residents complain about drunk people and try to blame it all on the Tiki Barge. There are two other establishments there that serve drinks also.After a wedding reception they have 200 people leaving, most of them a little drunk. Do they complain about them? No. Do they hire security? No. If you dont like bars, dont live in the city. That’s a no brainor!

  13. Scott's County says:

    Yeah, Baltimore may be home to many crackheads, clamydia, and murderers, but these bar establishments also harbor a lot of young white guys and gals who get drunk, have sex and spread genital herpes and warts. I can’t tell you how many of my white male friends have gotten burned by those drunk white young ho’s in these bar establishments.

  14. vanessagirl says:

    Scott, It works both ways friend, remember that when your friends have a drip & still have sex & guys are carriers as well. Just because you buy the drinks for these Ho’s doesn’t buy you the immunity from responsibility. Girls like …Peter too.

  15. Raven says:

    Wow vanessagirl, you make me really glad to be older and married. How absolutely disgusting you must be to even KNOW that sort of thing. Even when I was a young adult, I didn’t like that enough to be trash. Eww, how do you even know all that? Yuck.

    1. PCV says:

      Raven, we KNOW that information because we are educated. Being educated is far different than being trash.

  16. oh, brother says:

    Hilarious, I love yuppies who move to the city only to discover…gasp! It’s the city! “I didn’t realize there would be all these people drinking around fells & the harbor”…or “wow, there sure are a lot of brown people in patterson park, oh my!” – towson is calling you home. go there.

    1. Steve says:

      Exactly Brother.

  17. Duncan Morgen-Westrick says:

    I think that this is an overreaction. It’s not like it’s right next to the condos! The Tiki Barge is at the end of a long pier/dock, and even then, the pier/dock is not THAT close to the houses. In order for there to be a legitimate disturbance, they would have to set of firecrackers or blow something up on the barge! I think that people are just annoyed that there is a place near their home that is a hotspot for party people. But honestly, what did they expect? They are living in the middle of Baltimore City. If they wanted to live someplace quiet, they should go live in the suburbs or somewhere in the country, NOT the city!

  18. Tim says:


  19. Keishikazawa says:

    anyone who wants to party on this tiki barge should seriously reevaluate their lives.

  20. Bite Me says:

    Harborview residents will whine no matter what
    Get a life

  21. Maria says:

    I live across from Federal Hill Park & went to the Tiki Bar/Pool last year several times. It’s fantastic – a real Bal’more gem. I’ve seen none of the lewd, disruptive, Jersey Shore behavior claimed by a few, complainants who are adept at making a lot of noise. Those people need to get a life. They’re probably the very same people that don’t want to see any change in the city. Well guess what, a city is defined by it’s ability to adapt as well as breath change and new life in unexpected ways….like the tiki barge/pool ! I also happen to think the latest redevelopment idea to bridge Key Highway (at Rusty Scupper) to Harbor View with a graceful airy bridge is a brilliant idea for change too.

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