ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Maryland is ending its crab license buyback program after retiring nearly 700 over the past year and a half.

The Department of Natural Resources announced Thursday that the limited crab catcher commercial license buyback program will end March 11.

Many of the state’s 6,000 crabbing licenses are not actively used and state officials began buying back licenses in August 2009 for $2,360 each to make it easier to manage the crab population, which had dropped sharply before rebounding recently. DNR Fisheries Service Director Tom O’Connell says retiring the licenses reduces the possibility that watermen with unused licenses will resume crabbing leading to harvests that could exceed management targets.

Funding for the program came from federal grant.

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Comments (4)
  1. uni7 says:

    There’s too much commercial fishing in the bay now. The crabs are over harvested.
    Crab pots everywhere, I catch them in my prop & I just reverse it & cut the line. F….k those snotty watermen & besides, crabs give you diarrhea & cancer due to the mercury & other toxins.

    1. tired of idiots says:

      And when you break down because you are too stupid to handle a boat, one of those snotty waterman would tow you in. Try knowing something about the subject before posting, besides what the Sun paper or WJZ says.

  2. uni7 says:

    Tired, I have tow boat insurance for that. I’m still tired of these a…holes putting their traps out in the area designated for boaters to travel through especially in the dark. I cut them everytime.

    1. tired of idiots says:

      You are a real tough guy, thanks for proving my point.

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