FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — A public transit advocacy group says a proposed 10-cent increase in Maryland’s gasoline tax could help fund an expansion of MARC train service between Washington and Frederick County.

The Montgomery County-based Action Committee for Transit said Tuesday that some of the higher fuel tax revenue should be used to fund MARC’s Growth and Investment Plan.

MARC adopted the plan in 2007. It includes a four-stage expansion of service on the Brunswick Line, which currently carries commuters from Frederick, Brunswick and Martinsburg, W.Va., into Washington on weekday mornings, and back to Frederick and Brunswick on weekday afternoons.

The final stage calls for all-day, two-way weekday service, with additional weekend trains by 2035.

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Comments (4)
  1. youseff says:

    No one in the government or the suburbs wants public transportation running out to Frederick, The Red line, etc because it will bring crime by all the porch monkeys just like the light rail did to Towson, Timonium & Arbutus & Glen Burnie. More coons = more crime & blight.

    1. youseff says:

      I’m being moderated for speaking the truth.

  2. Mary C. says:

    Something else Maryland need is some kind of public transportation between Frederick and BALTIMORE. The Greyhound service that ran between those cities for decades was discontinued some years ago, so that anyone traveling between them must now go to Washington and transfer–probably after a considerable wait.

  3. overtaxed says:

    Why should gasoline tax go to support public transportation? Public rail lines cannot supprot themselves and always need a subsidy. Gasoline taxes are ROAD TAXES, that is to say a tax levied on a particular product (gasoline) for a particular purpose (fixing roads), not for whatever ideas the politicians dream up next.

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