LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) — Defense contractor Northrop Grumman says it is cutting 500 jobs, mostly in the Baltimore area, because of a slowdown in defense spending.

Company spokesman Jack Martin Jr. said the cuts at the Linthicum-based Electronic Systems division will be made by the end of May through buyouts and, if necessary, layoffs.

The division employs about 8,300 in the Baltimore region, primarily in Linthicum with smaller operations in Annapolis, Sykesville and Elkridge. Martin says nearly 150 workers were laid off from the company’s offices in Linthicum and Annapolis last June.

The company says the vast majority of the latest cuts will be in the Baltimore area, and the rest will be made in Illinois, Virginia, Connecticut, Florida and Alabama.

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  1. youseff says:

    A sign of the times. That great engineering degree will get you jack s….t today. CEO’s of N.G. probably on the advice of their accountants made this decision over a couple of drinks while eating l;lobster at some downtown restaurant. They also most likely shipped these jobs to a third world country & saved millions. One day folks, there will be rioting in the streets & these CEO’s & families will the first to be taken out along with the lobbyists & legislators who allow it.

  2. Former Employee says:

    They don’t compensate their people well enough to offset their ridiculous BS comps and perks for the Executives…when I left I found out how much former colleagues of mine were making, and it was astounding when compared to the work they do. One less big lunch for the Executives at this company (they spend close to $3M/year at one local restaurant alone) means that many more people wouldn’t be asked to take packages or be laid off…”One of Baltimore’s 50 Best Places to Work” …not when you get a raise of 1% a year so the big wigs can eat crabcakes and deli sandwiches for lunch everyday…

  3. SmartGUy says:

    The most serious consequence of this RIF to Northrop and the Country is the loss of the most senior experienced talent. There is no substitute for these people and it will take many years to rebuild Northrop’s competitiveness, if at all.

  4. Laid off engineer says:

    Northrop is a complete joke of a company. I worked there for years, and despite excellent performance reviews, a raise each year on average, and plenty of patent and performance awards, they kicked me out and basically destroyed my engineering career in 2010.

    Who did they keep? Idiots who refuse to do their jobs, senior engineers who spend all day strutting through the halls while spewing obscenities, corrupt managers who spend their evenings vandalizing campaign signs, and slimeballs who only have a job because of nepotism, such as the son of a VP who decided one day to break into the office of a rival and remodel it to look like a women’s restroom, complete with a toilet, drywall, and filthy language scrawled on the walls.

    Yeah, that’s Northrop Grumman, one of “Baltimore’s Best Places to Work!” Right!!

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