MOUNTAIN LAKE PARK, Md. (AP) — The western Maryland town of Mountain Lake Park is considering a ban on drilling for natural gas within its boundaries.

The Town Council was set to vote Thursday evening on the  proposed measure.

The town of 2,100 sits atop the Marcellus Shale, a geological structure that is yielding natural gas in other states through a process called hydraulic fracturing that’s been blamed for contaminated water and reduced property values in parts of Pennsylvania.

Mayor Leo Martin says he introduced the proposal to protect the town.

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley says he wants assurances the practice is environmentally sound before his administration approves any drilling.

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  1. Wheres common sense when you need it says:

    The last line in this story is code for Mr. O’Malley wants to make sure that it will bring riches to a certain group of people before he brokers a brave and heroic deal between the town and the Drillers of Natural Gas.

  2. Trueamerican says:

    So true! Common sense… omalley along with the rest of the md general asylum are a detriment to the citizens of the state!

  3. gerrygriff says:

    How about we citizens of Md. drill all the f….k’g politicians & governor in the ass for some real natural gas. We could run the state for years with the results & save a ton of $$$$. OMalley is disgusting & has his eyes set on the Senate when Porky pig Mikulkski retires in a few years. His wife is the daughter of the former state attorney general & a judge herself……Do you begin to get the picture? Democrats are steeped in corrupt politics in this state & we have to wait another four years for a change or we will get whatever bones they toss us. It’s all about them folks & not the citizens.

  4. grad student says:

    What people don’t realize is the environmental impacts the drilling has. If you have seen the movie “Gasland” or done research like my graduate class has, the gas companies get away with leaving chemicals on the site and skate around the regulations. I know gas is an alternative fuel but there needs to be some sort of way to protect the environment at a higher standard. I am in grad school learning how to restore the environment and the project opened my eyes to what I need to prepare for as a budding landscape architect.

  5. youseff says:

    Grad student, Thank you, good post. Please keep up your studies & continue to do good work. My generation were takers, hopefully yours will be makers. Thank you again

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