By Ron Matz

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — If you’ve ever dreamed about cheering for your favorite football team, Saturday will be your chance. The Baltimore Ravens will hold their annual cheerleader tryouts.

Ron Matz reports there’s something new this year that you won’t want to miss.

It’s a big rush performing in front of 70,000 Ravens fans. But it’s a lot tougher making the cut.

“We are having cheerleading tryouts for our team for next season. We are so excited. We expect 200-300 people, especially coming off such a strong season last year and moving forward into this year,” said Meaghan, cheerleader for five years. “I hope this will be my sixth season. Every year the veterans have to try out. It never gets old. It’s still nerve-wrecking and scary to go out in front of that panel of judges and prove what you have year after year.”

Some 300 hopefuls will come to Merritt’s Downtown Athletic Club Saturday. Making the team is a commitment.

“Being part of this team is like a lifestyle change. We put in so much time and effort in everything we do. The charity appearances, T.V., media, game days and practices it’s on and off the field. Come out and try out for our team. It will be the best experience of your life,” said Courtney, cheerleader for two years.

The Ravens have the only co-ed cheer squad in the NFL.

“We highly encourage males to come out, especially if you have any previous cheerleading experience in high school or college. You must be 18 to try out for the team. We are the only co-ed squad and they really add so much excitement to our game days,” said Meaghan.

There’s something new this year, a special cheerleader event March 26 at the Downtown Sheraton Hotel.

“For the first time in Ravens history we’re doing a live event called ‘Making the Cut.’ It’s on March 26 at the Sheraton downtown. Fans can come and watch and cheer on their favorite cheerleaders and they’ll pick the squad right there in front of everyone,” said Courtney.

Cheering and chasing the dream.

There are 60 members of the Ravens Cheerleading squad. Saturday’s tryouts begin at 9:30 a.m.

For more information, click here.

Comments (6)
  1. Nightowl says:

    If they have the only coed cheer squad, how come there are only women when you view the cheerleading squad on the Ravens website? Not saying there are not men, but they are not on the website.

    The audition info says women have to wear sports bra & tight shorts while the men wear just shorts (not specified as tight fitting) and a T shirt. What is the double standard where women may not try out in loose fitting shorts and T shirts? OK, we all know the answer- NFL cheerleading is just a flesh show for the predominantly male beer guzzling fans.

    The story fails to mention there is a fee to try out and you have to buy tickets to “cheer on” your favorits at the meat market….er “cheerleading” finals. Cheerleaders are the most useless thing on the field these days & are just a T&A show by women who essentially sell their bodies and look like idiots for the ego boost it gives them. You can’t even hear them over the crowd & they do not inspire fans to cheer, just to drool into their beers. UGH!

  2. issac7 says:

    I just know that there should be 90% Black, 2% Asian & 8% white / Hispanic representing the predominately black city of Baltimore. If my daughter wanted to try out for the flesh show I would 1-disown her2- Ask myself where I went wrong as a Father.

    1. anony says:


      Cheerleaders used to dress like decent women in cute uniforms, but now they look like the ho train. It used to be about athletic moves that required skills & now it is about boobs & butts wiggling. So sad and you never seem to see male cheerleaders in skin tight skimpy outfits, do ya? Speaking if which, I have never seen any male Ravens cheerleaders either

  3. issac7 says:

    It’s all about the crotch shots, the clevage, & a chance to think that people are actually looking at their faces & they’ll be famous. Err, excuse me while I vomit. These whiffers are all dying to date & get humped like a camel so they can tell all their girlfriends on F.B. who they slept with.

    1. Kongg says:

      Um, wouldn’t they have to know how to write to do that? Most of the Ravens cheerleaders are so skanky, Roethlisberger wouldn’t even shag em LOL

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