ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—The bill allowing same-sex couples to marry in Maryland is now in jeopardy.

Gigi Barnett  reports some leaders are stalling on the vote, but the House Judiciary Committee chair says there will be a vote on same-sex marriage Friday.

Lawmakers will make or break same-sex marriage in Maryland. But after nine hours of hearings on other matters, members of the Judiciary Committee failed to vote despite the governor’s plea.

“I hope the House comes together. I hope they pass the bill that passed the Senate. And I hope they send it to my desk,” said Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Supporters say they can cast the measure even as cosponsor Tiffany Alston—considered a critical vote—is now backing civil unions over marriage.

“I don’t know whether she will or not. I believe that we’ll get the votes in any case, and we’ll move this bill to the floor,” said Del. Luke Clippinger, (D) Baltimore City.

It’s rare for a committee session to last so long into the night. The chairman promises he will take up a vote within the next 24 hours. But opponents say leaders are stalling because they don’t have the votes.

“Clearly, there’s been an attempt now for the last three days to vote this bill on multiple occasions, and it keeps coming up short. That’s a clear indication that the votes keep disappearing that they think they have,” said Del. Don Dwyer.

“The indication is that it would have support to come through the committee,” said Michael Busch, (D) Anne Arundel County.

In a surprise move, the governor said he would support a voter referendum on marriage. Surprising because same-sex marriage opponents do, too—vying to kill it at the ballot box if it gets through.

“Ultimately this is going to probably go to the people on referendum anyway. And I think that we should let the people decide,” O’Malley said.

It is currently unclear how many members of the Judiciary Committee are for or against the bill. The House remains the final hurdle.

Both sides have been heavily lobbying members of the Judiciary Committee.  Delegate Alston alone says she’s gotten more than 1,000 calls.

Comments (40)
  1. Lynn says:

    This state; this county and country have much work to do. If this vote gets voted into law, that should be it. ANY politician who ignores the problems in this state to spend timie putting this on the ballot should be drug out of the state house and flogged.

    We have serious issues that require their attention. Enough with ego and arrogance. And, if this bill fails, please remember is it the fault of TIFFANY ALSTON AND JILL CARTER…..and vote these tricks out…..

    1. John says:

      If it is signed it needs to be put on the ballot so the decent citizens of this state can let their feelings known over the vocal gay deginerate lobby

      1. Ashley says:

        I hope you’re not implying gay citizens are not decent human beings. When did it become ok to put minority civil rights up for a majority vote? That’s a disturbing thought.

      2. RJA says:

        Ashley, people like John do feel like people like him are the decent citizens of MD. John really shows how much of a bigot he is.

      3. HAS says:

        Yeah John, from all hatred spews–how do ya feel when that young kid kills himself/herself knowing he/she is gay because people such of yourself spews such hatred veiled as religion? How’s it feel to have blood on your hands?

      4. johnjohn says:

        I don’t believe John has any blood on his hands!!! If it were not such a BAD thing then why would someone kill themselves?? They chose it not JOHN!!!

  2. John says:

    I would like to see the Archbishop of Baltimore threaten Omally with excommunication if he signs this abortion

    1. jimmy says:

      Baltimore has bigger issues to worry about than gay marriage rights. Furthermore John, the Archbishop, has bigger problems with all the STRAIGHT PRIEST and their sexual abuse “cover ups.”

      But you don’t seem to get all fired up in your pants about that, but equality gets you fired up. Weird.

    2. Mike says:

      wow shows your intelligence level. The word you’re looking for is abomination, not abortion genius. You should comment if you don’t at least have a high school level education.

  3. charles jerrell says:

    the majority should always rule, but with the democrats it is the other way around, any bill like this should be voted on buy the people f the state

    1. RJA says:

      Your grammar tells us a lot about your ignorance.

      1. johnjohn says:


  4. Shawn says:

    How terrible it is that your heart is so broken that you would rather see someone cut off by the Church than allow others let into society…

  5. Czar says:

    DEMs/OMalley are hypocrites to even dare mention “rule of law”; DEMS are pure poiison. Any one “drinking the cup of the DEMs” are sexual predators.

    Luke 14 27, 28: Jesus: I Tell You, I know you not whence ye are; Depart from me all ye workers of iniquity. There shall be weepeng and gnashing of teeth.

    That is the rule of law – you sleazebag DEMs.

    Raining fire on Sodom is only a warning sign of the judgment that is looming. Jesus will execute judgment on this state and this nation with extreme prejudice.

    1. Democrat says:

      Im a democrat & I dont believe in voting for this bill…dont try to box us all in. You sound ignorant.

    2. RJA says:

      Please keep your religious beliefs to yourself. Civil marriage is what is being talked about, not holy matrimony. Why is divorce so rampant in today’s world? Do you agree with what the Westboro Baptist church is doing? You should – your email is the equivalent.

  6. Richard Perry says:

    let the people of Maryland decide not the half wit politicians

    1. RJA says:

      Please, if people voted, blacks could never marry whites. Don’t you agree?

      1. GCF says:

        And this would be a bad thing how?

      2. johnjohn says:

        They shouldn’t do that either.

  7. phil rhudy says:

    I agree – Let the people decide via a simple majority.

    1. RJA says:

      When is it fair that a decision affecting the minority is decided by the majority?

      1. Jim says:

        This happens all of the time in Maryland. The democrat majority that lives off of the government goes to the polls and votes themselves benefits paid for by the minority of taxpaying citizens that actually work for a living. I don’t hear you complaining about that.


    If this becomes law, I want Polygamy to be recognized in this state also!

    1. Jim says:

      AMEN, BROTHER! If people have no right to say two people of the same sex being married is immoral, then they have no right to complain about the number of people being married to one another, and in what combinations.

    2. jimmy says:

      That’s just stupid, “Go ahead be part of “NOM” and their lies.”

  9. HAS says:

    This religious thing is such hypocrisy. I don’t see anything about being Gay in the 10 commandments (that was supposed to come directly from God), but you preach from something that you just “interpret” that was NOT directly written from God and has been retold and rewritten time and time again–by man who obviously just loves to hate. If you want to go by God’s word, then the 10 Commandments state thou shall not lie, thou shall not steal, thou shall not be an adulterer. Why are liars, thieves and adulterers allowed to marry? Some people just like to hate to make themselves feel like they are better or above those they hate–they are sad little bigots who I’m hoping will be judged one day–they may be very surprised that they are the REAL sinners!

    1. johnjohn says:

      Why are liars thieves and adulterers making the laws?

  10. Carol Seip says:

    How can they vote to have same sex marriage and then picket some brave soldiers funeral because he is gay?

    1. johnjohn says:

      He was not GAY. The damn WESTBORO A’holes say that about everyone!!!!! He was a soldier . If they can’t stand behind them then let them stand in front of them!!!

  11. Johnny says:

    Letting the voters have a say on this? Sure, that turned out well in California. It’s bad enough there are people like Don Dwyer spreading vile lies about marriage equality in the State House, but allowing him and his ilk to spread those same lies to the voters is unconscionable. It’s a shame that these lies are probably going to either kill the bill or send it to the voters. How can Dwyer’s arguments even hold water? Look at D.C. Seriously, look at it. It’s still there. It hasn’t been sucked into a black hole or destroyed by any natural disaster. For that matter, Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, Canada, Spain and other states and countries are ALL STILL HERE and offer marriage equality! The state and the country can not continue to tell a certain portion of the population – the taxpaying population, mind you – that they are second class citizens. Religious beliefs have to be left at the State House door because there still is separation of church and state and any lawmaker who wants to bring religion into this or any other matter should be removed from office because they can not be subjective and work in the best interest of their constituents – all of their constituents, not just the ones who pray the same way they do. Gay people in this state contribute a lot more to society than a great any straight people so it’s time to stop treating them like trash! Our elected official should be the only people to have a say in this matter, and they need to think logically and not be poisoned by Dwyer’s irrational fear mongering. Vote this bill into law now!

  12. ron says:

    look let the fudge packers do what they want, they are making this too big of an issue

    1. Mike says:

      wow it’s amazing how people use the term “fudge packer” for gays. Last time I checked MANY women allowed their husbands to take part in anal sex. Doesn’t that mean that the husband has just performed “fudge packing” on his wife in a HETEROsexual relationship? People like you really need to think before you make a comment because the terms you use could be reflected right back onto yourself.



    1. jimmy says:

      Because they have parents like your with hatred in their hearts, “That’s whats wrong with the kids today.”

  14. Herman Glimsher says:


    1. jimmy says:

      Original Herman, is that all you got.

  15. liz4 says:

    Same sex marriage is not traditional marriage between a man and a woman. It never will be even if the bill pass. To pass a bill to make this the new norm will not make it totally acceptable and right. If you want to get married in the traditional ceremony then you need to become STRAIGHT.

  16. jimmy says:

    Liz, it’s about having the same rights, (taxes, death benefits, hospital visits, etc.) not about a sheet of paper that says Marriage. And really your answer is to become straight, that’s like telling a black person to become white in the 1960’s.

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