WikiLeaks Suspect Forced To Sleep Naked In Brig

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Army private suspected of giving classified U.S. documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks was forced to sleep naked in a military jail at least once this week, the Marine Corps acknowledged Friday after the soldier’s lawyer complained.

Commanders of the brig in Quantico, Va., ordered all of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s clothing, including his boxer shorts, taken from him Wednesday night under provisions of the Navy Corrections Manual, which governs prisoner treatment, said 1st Lt. Brian Villiard, a spokesman for the Marine Corps base.

“It was a situationally driven event but to go into detail about it would be inappropriate because it would violate the detainee’s privacy,” Villiard said.

Col. Thomas V. Johnson, another Quantico spokesman, said the treatment was not punitive.

Manning, a former intelligence analyst, is charged with aiding the enemy and 33 other offenses for allegedly stealing computer files of more than 250,000 confidential State Department cables, classified video of a deadly U.S. helicopter attack and a raft of Iraq and Afghanistan war logs. The video and thousands of the documents have been published on the WikiLeaks website.

He was arrested in May and brought to Quantico July 29 from a detention facility in Kuwait.

The Navy Corrections Manual permits clothing removal for prisoners who have threatened suicide or made a suicidal gesture, or for strip searches involving suspicion of a crime. Villiard said Manning hadn’t been placed on suicide watch.

The 23-year-old Crescent, Okla., native remains in maximum custody and on prevention-of-injury status — designations that keep him confined alone 23 hours a day, and require removal of all clothing except his boxer shorts at night.

Civilian defense attorney David Coombs wrote on his blog Thursday night that Manning had been inexplicably stripped of his clothing for seven hours Wednesday night.

“This type of degrading treatment is inexcusable and without justification. It is an embarrassment to our military justice system and should not be tolerated,” Coombs wrote.

In January, after Manning was placed on suicide watch for two days, Coombs filed a complaint with the base commander alleging the brig commander broke military rules and ignored the brig’s own psychiatrist’s recommendation regarding Manning’s mental state. Coombs contends the confinement conditions are punitive.

The United Nations torture investigator is pursuing an inquiry into Manning’s confinement, based on allegations by a Manning supporter.

Manning’s friend and frequent visitor David House, of Cambridge, Mass., said in a teleconference with reporters Wednesday that Manning’s mental state has deteriorated during his more than eight months at Quantico.

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  • bernard F Mc Kernan

    If true, America is no better than the Taliban or Guantanamo bay bunch.

    • tom

      Hey Bernard, you moron – move to Pakistan. – you’ll see the difference. Then don’t come back. Please

      • olegunny

        He won’t.

    • Jim M

      I’d be glad to send the guy a care package with extra pajamas, some rope and a lifetime supply of razor blades.

    • Bob

      God you’re an idiot. Yeah, you’re right…having a traitor sleep naked in his cell for one night is comparable to the Taliban. I swear that bowls of Jello have more intelligence than a liberal.

      • Hojo

        Exponentially more :)

    • Ben Johnson

      Comparing manning to the Taliban or the Gitmo bunch is an insult to the Taliban and the Gitmo bunch. It is one thing to fight for a cause and quite another to sell out one’s country. Manning is a criminal and of the worst kind.

    • Missle Girl

      No sympathy for the little bastage. He deserves worse.

      • Hojo

        I’m actually in the miltary TexasProud. Quit being difficult I’m trying to educate you. Why do liberals always resort to name calling when they are wrong?

      • cwxj415

        Really? No sympathy at all? He “DESERVES” worse? Even before he is convicted? Have YOU seen the evidence? Do you even CARE that in the USA people are innocent until PROVEN guilty? I guess you and the rest of the fascist “bastages” on this comments page can all read minds! Why even bother with jury trials, right?

      • Rockin' Robbins

        @ cwxj415: There is this thing called the Universal Code of Military Justice. It specifically covers military personnel. Google it. Love your spirit, just wanna help ya a bit with that ignorance factor. Be sweet!

      • Lij

        Sec 851 article 51 of UCMJ. US has the burden of proof when it comes to guilt.

        “that the accused must be presumed to be innocent until his guilt is established by legal and competent evidence beyond reasonable doubt”

        sorry, it just irritated me since it is so easy to look up.

      • Frank

        So when he is found guilty, will you support the death penalty for the traitor? Yeah, thought so. Liberal goop for a brain….

      • JAG

        @Rockin’ Robbins
        It’s actually UNIFORM Code of Military Justice

        Ignorance factor bro,,,

      • light

        to rockinrobin: UNIFORMED code of military conuct….no such thing as universal……..

      • Hojo

        Military = guilty until proven innocent

        Look it up

      • TexasProud

        HOJO – you ignorant sone of an unwed mother.’

        look it up yourself

    • John Merchlinski

      He is a traitor in uniform and during a war. Death is the punishment. Being naked is nothing.

    • Jim

      The Taliban would have hacked off his head with a very dull knife a long time ago! What would you liberal wienies said if this “alledged” traitor had committed suicide? I know it would have been our fault, maybe you could have blamed President Bush’s fault.

    • Philthy_PA

      @barnyard F Mc Kommie: your president should do something about this… You must admit that McCain would’ve handled this situation better.

    • Rick

      Right. It is EXACTLY the same thing.

      You can tell I am being sarcastic, right?

    • rick

      Right. It is EXACTLY the same thing.

      You can tell I am being sarcastic, right?

    • Talcott

      William…I know the brainwashing makes thinking for yourself

      a difficult task.

      Whom are you faithful to?

      Semper Fi to the constitution?

      If so you wouldn’t be stating your primitive

      hasty violent words.

    • Eric

      You remove clothes from a prisoner to stop them hurting themselves, clogging the toilet in the cell and flooding the cell, using clothes and blankets to block your view of them in the cell, things of that nature. Very common occurence in lockups and jails everywhere. Try to know something about your subject before comparing America to the Taliban

    • Migo

      Near end of WWII my father knock a non combat Major teeth out,.My dad was decorated with Silver and Bronze stars and purple heart. The army put him in deep hole naked and feed him only bread and water. Harry Truman pardon him and gave him all his back pay. My point is this is pretty tame it sounds like…

    • Beckwith

      bernie, you’re nuts!

    • meeester

      Oh Bernie you are so righteous. Everyone should listen to you.

      Also, not to suggest that you haven’t considered this yet, of course, but don’t you think we should maybe waterboard him, you know, just a little until he gives up Bush & Cheney’s method for raising gasoline prices again?
      I’ll defer to yourjudgement on this. I always will.

    • Greg

      SO WHAT???? WHO CARES????

    • JustAGuy


      TORTURE!!!! TORTURE I SAY!!!!!!! IT’S ALL BUSH’S FAULT!!!!! IT’S BUSH’S FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • HG

      You are one sick little idiot. This traitor should be shot (if there is any justice left in this country). You leftists (Socialists, Liberals, Communists) are so out of touch with reality.

      • Cleary

        Here! Here! Well said.

      • dwg

        i think you mean “hear hear!” think about it.

      • ByteRider

        HG — you can use a short cut for “Socialists, Liberals, Communists”…. just say DEMOCRAT… everyone will know exactly what you mean.

      • Mark

        You shoot him….

      • BillOreally

        Do you even know what he did? Or are you just going off what you heard on fox news. He is a patriot who threw his life on the line to expose the truth of our military aggression. Do some research and think for yourself. I know just call me a liberal and stick your fingers in your ears and scream nyah nyah nyah.

      • Edward Irby

        No Bush should be shot for lying to take the US into an illegal war where hundreds of thousands have died!! Manning has exposed the US and shown the world how little your military cares for fellow human beings! he is a far greater patriot than bush, cheyney Palin or any of those right wing crooks!

    • jonny Ninja

      HA, are you kidding? Making someone sleep naked for betraying their country during a war and summarily beheading people to honor a fascist religion are two completely different things..

    • J. Nelson

      This guy should be sleeping with his eyelids sliced off, hanging over a vat of acid upside down attached by toe nail clamps. This jack should have thought about this before he condemned hundreds or thousands of covert American operatives to death. No pitty for this loser, he deserves much more than we could ever do to him…

    • atty

      Jails make people sleep naked if they’re on suicide watch.

    • Overfiend

      knuckle head – this is allowed under the military code for prisoners.

      Remember Libs – there is lots of stuff that happens that would make you wet yourselves – but that keeps you safe in your lil condo with your Prius in the garage. You should be thankful for our military (and CIA, etc) and be ashamed of accused (for now) traitors.

    • Melvin

      Your comment goes to show how the pubic is the military. I used to tend brig rats. If one even thinks about suicide, he will be stripped of all clothing except his skivvy drawers. All objects deemed to be sharp or pointed, books, magazines, everything except a mat to lay on.
      A guard is posted outside his cell, and he is physically watched 24-7 so he will not attempt any for of suicide.
      We had attempts by brig rats to commit suicide by stuffing letter writing paper down their throats to choke, we even had one kid who tried to smother himself with his rubber mat by trying to put his face against the rubber.
      Prisoner’s cannot be strapped down to a bed in the brig, nor can they be handcuffed to a bed. So what would you rather have a dead prisoner or what?Because if this kid is even given half a chance he will off himself.

    • johnjohn

      Dam TRAITOR gets what he deserves.

      • Jekyll Isle

        William – are you nuts.

        As a Libertarian I am happy that this man may or may not have helped get information out.

        Our military is running roughshod over everyone and we have a right to know what is going on


        WILLI, Remember Red pills on odd days, Yellow pills on blue days.

      • Hojo

        Look it up TexasProud.

      • cwxj415

        “Traitor”? You mean “SUSPECTED traitor”, right? People in the United States are still innocent until proven guilty, Johnjohn. You really need to remember that, and then perhaps you won’t come across as the unamerican ignoramus that you currently do.

      • cjs

        cwxj415 said:

        “Traitor”? You mean “SUSPECTED traitor”, right? People in the United States are still innocent until proven guilty, Johnjohn. You really need to remember that, and then perhaps you won’t come across as the unamerican ignoramus that you currently do.

        In the court of law you are aforded the presumtion of innocence – BUT NOT in the court of public oppinion.

        Who’s the unamerican ignoramus now?

      • william

        Dear Fellow Conservatives

        Please read the article, he is “not” on suicide watch. The liberals are trying to shame us by treating him badly. He should be killed as soon as possible. Maybe a guard will take matters into his own hand and bash him to death. This is what he deserves and this is what I pray to Jesus for every night. DON’T LET OBAMA FOOL YOU!

        He deserves to DIE – Obama wants him to suffer so he can blame the right, If you can join me in praying for a guard to bash him to death that is great

        SEMPER FI!

      • puddintame

        Manning is a far greater Patriot than you any day of the week. What he did was have the courage to expose truth, which is what the major media should be doing under their 1st amendment obligations but instead since the media is owned by the Globalists they will never tell the truth.
        You are displaying thinking of your globalist masters and not freedom and truth loving US citizen.

      • Jimmy Folkvar

        to the people that claim he is a traitor, who did he betray? to the people that say he should be put to death, why?
        this man did nothing but expose our gov’ts corruption and wicked lies…I cant believe that people still believe that being a patriot means you are loyal to the FED.

      • DiverCity

        William, please don’t delude yourself. You’re not a conservative. Conservatives don’t sanction lawless behavior by government and its military. You are an activist liberal, despite, perhaps, holding certain conservative views.

      • DiverCity

        Jimmy Folkvar, you are absolutely correct.

      • william

        I will Pray for you
        Obama Ossamma has fooled you

        Traitors should die, I am not without mercy though. I don’t want him to suffer that is why I pray for his life to end sooner than later. I think libarels will make up stories about his suffering that Is why we should just kill him before they besmirsh America’s good name.

      • william

        If I was a liberal than I would smoke pot and drink kool aid and read wikileaks for fun. I am a real conservative I love America and I love Americans and I hate traitors and I pray for their death.

        I will pray for you too but I can tell you are already an Obama soldier

      • Lij

        Burden of proof is on the prosecution with the UCMJ. There is still a presumption of innocence so he is “innocent until proven guilty”. To judge someone in the court of public opinion means that you probably don’t have all the facts and are in fact ignorant.

      • Sparro

        cwxj415 you are and idiot. This turd was in the army and is subject to the UCMJ and this butt pirate is guilty.

      • detter

        Ethics and training will be provided at a much later date. Here now sign and date this form.

      • dont tread on me

        this is to william! how dare you “pray for a guard to bash his head in”!!!! not because im defending him but because it is absolutely disgusting to see someone llike you call themself a Christian. you cant ever pray for someone elses death bro! what i will pray for tho is you man!

      • Larry Croft

        Before anyone goes too far with this killing notion, we should run a red hot poker up the traitor’s ying-yang.

      • Hojo

        To you guys that say he is innocent until proven guilty…you are WRONG. If he were a civilian you would be correct but in the case of military personnel you are guilty until proven innocent when you are charged with something. Look it up.

      • roadmaster

        The UCMJ presumes guilt, not innocence like dopey civilian courts. Don’t believe me? You can look it up.

        They could keep the bastid in a cement mixer full of corn cobs for 23 hours a day, and that would still be too good for him.

      • TexasProud

        HOJO – you are wrong my ignorant friend. The military’s opinion about guilt is the same as civilian courts.

      • 11Bravo

        Sorry, The saying that you are innocent until proven guilty is a bunch of political B.S.

        If this were the case, the courts would not hold people in prison until their trial as they are innocent right? People are either released on bail or bail is denied until trial, Thus the court treats you from the very beginning as if you are already guilty. How can you hold an innocent person in prison without it being illegal false imprisonment. This man has yet to even go to trial and is still in jail. Where is his right to a speedy trial? 8 months without trial or a guilty verdict is a long time to be in prison. If he did what he is accused of then I support the death penalty, But until he is convicted he should be free. In this country it is really guilty until proven innocent, Thus the confinement prior to trial.

    • Les Partiss

      Are you nuts? How can you even compare the Taliban with the Marines at Guantanamo. I guess you never served your country.

      • Flapps

        Military people are second class citizens, not under the protections of most of the Constitution. Where else can you go to jail for refusing to work?
        On a personal note, why would any man enjoy living in a barracks and showering naked with other men? Maybe Les has something to tell us.

      • BJ

        Dear Flapps,

        You must have forgotten the Wisconsin Senate Democrats.

      • allhaileris

        and flaps…it sounds like YOU may have something to tell us…exactly how much time do you spend thinking about showering naked with other men?

      • Fanny Forbes Franklen

        “I spent 33 years in the Marines. Most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism.”

        Smedley Butler

      • hatsheput

        I agree with you. There is no comparison.

      • Ted Siok

        Hey Flapps,
        I live at 73 Main Street, Wales, MA.

        Come see me you piece of high minded garbage. We need to talk you coward.

    • Stephen Ryan

      You are not “innocent until proven guilty”. You are guilty the moment you commit a crime. However, under the American legal system the court gives you the presumption of innocence so that the prosecutor is compelled to prove your guilt.

    • John Dooley, Sr.

      Are you s—-ing me. This idiot gets what he deserves.

    • SteveThomas

      Who cares. If it was up to me the traitorous little pufter would be sleeping in the bottom of a latrine

    • meandog

      Ticket to see Navy beat Army each year in the annual football showdown, $50; Average money bet lost by a typical general to tipical admiral, $100; an Army puke in a Navy brig: PRICELESS!

      • Hojo

        TexasProud, again, I’m actually in the military unlike you. Corpsman are Navy and travel with the marines, feel free to ask any marine. The more you comment on things you know nothing about the more like a liberal you look.

      • green

        An Army puke in a Navy brig? At least that worthless kid has stepped foot in a combat zone instead of hiding on a ship his whole career. Maybe you should snuggle up to your shipmate and enjoy your easy paycheck.

      • Hojo

        Navy has boots on the ground everytime the marines do. Look up the hospital corps or sea bees. Thanks for playing!

      • TexasProud

        HOJO – Marines arrive first and become casualties.. Navy bedwetters show up later.

        look it up

    • D. Long

      Boo hoo!

    • Robert Bryan

      Oh BS. The UCMJ and standard operating procedure in a US military detention facility is to remove anything from the cell that the detainee could use to harm himself if the situation warrants. They aren’t picking on the poor little traitor. They’re insuring he doesn’t kill himself before standing trial. Go whine about your ludicrous Taliban comparisons where people are stupid enough to buy it.

      • Newbern W Johnson

        Keeping him in a max security situation also insures that he will LIVE to stand trial. He wouldn’t last a week if he were in the general population in the brig.

    • allhaileris

      Never take sides against your tribe. It’s simple. He should not be abused, though. If found guilty, he should be executed for treason. Many of us have special anger for people like this. We are Americans though. We demonstrate our greatness by treating him as innocent until such time as he’s proven guilty. That’s what America is supposed to stand for.

    • mike

      “It was a situationally driven event but to go into detail about it would be inappropriate because it would violate the detainee’s privacy,” Villiard said.

      I was a medic for detainees in Iraq so I know how this all goes. This isn’t because the ‘big, bad military’ is trying to punish this kid for leaking secret information…when something like this happens its 100% of the time medically related (99.9999% of that being suicide attempts). The situation was a suicide attempt, and they can’t say why because of patient’s/detainee privacy…I can say that with 99.999% confidence

    • Martin CO

      When a person is suicidal in prison, frequently clothes are taken away since they can be used to commit suicide,

    • Darryl


    • J

      Do realize that the military members essentially sign away constitutional rights upon enlistment. He is now beholden to military law, not civil law. There is a significant distinction.

    • olegunny

      Put that d@mn civilian lawyer in the with the sob. He should be dancing on air by now.

    • Riley Smiley

      Listen up Pal, you are full of BS period. You know what Pal you and your hero Manning can go hell, he betrayed his country he deserves nothing at all. In a just world he would have been hung by the neck until dead long ago.

    • tess

      You are so crazy ……….. Right, go to these countries you ignoramus and live amongst the neantherdals. My bet is 10-1 that the traitor threatened suicide and stripping of clothing gives him nothing to do it with. I say give him his clothing and let him put himself out of his misery.

    • DDecker

      You need to learn the rules before you start lecturing. The Military does not subscribe to the Innocent until proven Guilty method. In the Military, like the Federal Court system, charges are brought once the investigation has determined that they have enough evidence to bring them. The Military conducts Article 32 Investigations to determine charges, and if you look at Military Court History, it is very rare that courts martial proceedings happen without solid proof. The Military does not assumed you are innocent at all. You are guilty until proven otherwise.

    • Wexpat Guero

      Gawd you are a twit. He is gay, and loves being naked around men. he was just acting out trying to hit on the guards.

    • smokemifyougotem

      Good for the weasel.

      If there are any more Lady Gaga wannabees out there I hope that you learn from his traitorous acts.

      This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,
      this ain’t no fooling around
      This ain’t no mudd club, or C. B. G. B.,
      I ain’t got time for that now

    • smokemifyougotem

      It’s a lot better than the hellhole you were whelped in, bernard!


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  • Herman Glimsher


    • johnjohn

      He probably WET his pants!!!

    • SMH

      He may have been concealing something in them? ;)

    • mike

      Refer to my post on Mar 5 @ 2:02 AM about suicide attempts

      Detainees who are suicidal are first stripped down to their boxers. Then if they are still a danger to themselves they take away the boxers. People try to hang themselves using the elastic waist band in underwear. I had one patient who took his waist band out, tied it around his neck fixing it to a drain grate in the floor and then drug himself away trying to hang himself because they took away all his other clothes to attempt it in some other way.

  • Les Partiss

    Tough! I wonder what the effects of this traitor are on other people – sleeping naked in the dark. As a Korean War veteran, I have no pity for this damn punk.

    • Jonny Ninja

      Right on.. This guy should be getting way WORSE treatment for what he did, in all actuality… Torture him, whatever.. I don’t care…

    • johnjohn

      Thank you for your service Les!

      • TakeThatPunk

        Me Too……Thank you for your service Les! :)

  • bernard F Mc Kernan

    You people are drinking from the conservative poison cup & blinded by prejudiced remarks. Wiki Leaks in many cases have been a good thing & frankly I see complete transparency a good thing. After all aren’t we in search of the truth? Many lies by public officals have come out as a result of these leaks & maybe if we had knowledge or the technology back in 2001, we could have avoided 911 in N.Y. & the stupid unnecessary lies & war in Iraq given to us ny Bush Cheney & Rumsfeld. Real lying sacks of s….t….On the matter of Guantanamo, we kicked some ass & without knowing for sure they were guilty. Just a presumtion of guilt because this nation was so angry.

    • slash

      This is not about Wiki-leaks. This is about a U.S. serviceman betraying his country.He broke the ultimate contract…….Burn is ass!!!!

    • Missle Girl

      Stupid a$$

    • Jason

      I agree with you. These other posters are uneducated angry fools.

      • Harold E Vincent

        “I agree with you. These other posters are uneducated angry fools.”
        Should be: (name), I agree with you. The other posters are uneducated(,) [or] (and) angry fools.
        Engage brain before putting mouth in gear and calling others “uneducated fools” when you yourself cannot generate a proper sentence. Try this—
        Sir or madam; I agree with you. The others posting here are uneducated and angry fools.

    • Philthy_PA

      @bernard F Mc Kernan: You’re right about transparency – what’s the harm in spreading truth anyway? BTW, bernard can I have your full name and SSN?

    • George

      Bernie…this is standard procedure when someone is on suicide alert…no big deal!

    • Jim Brock

      I do not like people who blatantlly disobey the rules. That way lies anarchy.

      As to the boxers…they could easily have been used to hang himself. He is said to be suicide prone…

      Jim B

    • johnjohn

      If even in one case it caused harm to our troops it is WRONG and TRAITEROUS he should be shot!

      • cwxj415

        IF he is guilty! Why do you have such trouble understanding that one, very American, concept?

        You and Stalin would have gotten along really great, Johnjohn. He didn’t believe in trials for people he suspected of being against him either!

      • wodun


        I notice you didn’t defend Bush and Cheney from the accusation that they deliberately lied to start the Iraq war. Innocent until proven guilty only works for some people in your world doesn’t it?

    • tess

      This fellow is still a suspect , you accuse the right of judging him already. You in your progressive stupid head have already judged him righteous. How about stopping your proliferation of communist banter and let the authorities figure it out. You think its bad here , wait till you go to Russia and the send you to the golog for looking stupid

    • Wexpat Guero

      Wikileaks has providede tabloid garbage at best, of no value to anyone, and caused mayhem and death on the worst scale. The consequences of releasing biased, out of context communications, constructing a straw man of “official” and therefore true, well I hope Bradley gets the high hard one of his dreams.

  • Carol

    Back in WWII everyone knew the saying “loose lips sink ships”. It was known that information leaked would lead to loss of American lives. Leaving aside the ever present hate and blame of BOTH political parties, shouldn’t our main concern be the lives of our children, brothers/sisters, husbands/wife, etc., serving in the military? Has any of these leaks lead to loss of life? If so, he should be punished as if he committed the crimes, which, in essence, he actuality did. If it is just political rhetoric, then no crime, no time.

    • Herb Kincey

      The big difference between World War 2 and now is that back in those long ago days we Americans trusted our government leaders to do the right thing and to tell the truth. I think that trust was for the most part deserved.

      But does anybody today believe anything someone representing our government tells us? Many people say that Wiki Leaks. is providing a valuable service. It’s giving thoughtful Americans a pretty good idea of just who the liars are in our government, as well as the names of those who in other ways hide the bitter truth as to what is going on in the world around us. If our leaders in 2011 were ethical, honest, and truthful, there would be no need for Wiki Leaks.

      • Hojo

        Right now we have people that fried their brains with drugs when they were young in charge of the government. Researchers have proven that once a person starts using drugs the brain stops developing. We have leaders that have the emotional and intellectual maturity of high school children. Looking at our “leaders” as if they are high schools explains a great deal of their actions and failtures. These people in turn are adored by people that are greatly uniformed and misled by the media to think that these “leaders” are competent. It is a perfect storm of stupidity reigning over the United States of America.

    • bernard F Mc Kernan

      I just love those that drape themselves in the American flag, spew rhetoric about the children, the future, God & country. If you choose to listen to a three piece suit over your life’s knowledge & experiences, then you are in for a sad awakening one day soon.

      • Daniel Morgan

        Bernard, the ignorance of the military that you and many other that have posted here is astounding!

        The Uniform Code of Military Justice, as authorized by the Constitution, is U.S. law. When an individual requires a clearance, as an intel analyst does, a background investigation is conducted, for a SECRET clearance, which PFC Manning had, he agrees to protect the information within the guideline of DoD 5200.1R.

        PFC manning chose to violate that trust, break the law and do grave harm to the United States. It is punishable under the UCMJ, the same law that governs his containment as well as providing him rights and protection.

        The Constitution grants the government and military the authority to classify information to which the 1st Amendment and FOIA does not apply. Transparency is NOT a good thing when it comes to National Defense.

        To those who have served, but held only a confidential clearance, like Nick, it may seem his clearance was high, but that is the lowest clearance an intel analyst would have. Your point about his section leader, platoon sergeant, plt ldr, company first sergeant and commander is valid. At the minimum they are guilty of dereliction of duty.

        So at ease in the harness airborne, he will get fair courts martial and then go to prison for the rest of his life.

      • Vince Ross

        Where in the Constitution does this appear? “The Constitution grants the government and military the authority to classify information to which the 1st Amendment and FOIA does not apply.” Eagerly awaiting your reply.

      • rick

        Best post. Should be final word. All other concerns about the poor “accused” “presumed innocent” “low level PFC” “low clearance analyst” “Scapegoat” are smokescreens by posters with hurt feelings and political agendas.

      • dwg

        i think what he did is terrific. the more information out there, the better. period. maybe if we knew leaks like this would happen regularly, we’d think more before going to war. no secrets = no chance of success, right? isn’t that why you’re all calling this guy a traitor? good for him, good for assange.

      • Oren

        No, actually he made things worse, now we won’t hear or know anything. What was he thinking, he wasn’t. Poor baby boob.

      • maggiemay

        Danny Boy,
        He will go to prison for the rest of his life for what?/…Telling the truth….People of higher rank are offering this kid up & we the public are taking the bait. Anyone who has ever been in the military or dealt with high levels at the Pentagon knows the military code of conduct is this:….CYA…Or better know as Cover your ass.

      • Nathan of Nevada

        Every one in the Military swore a oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies Foriegn and Domestic but all people like you do all day is protect and defend the enemies of the Constitution and this is why your UCMJ is meaningless because you and the entire system you reprsent are fraudulent.

        Restore the Constitution of the United States! Polygraph everyone in the DHS and Military intel to see if their loyalty is to the Constitution or Israel.

      • KayCee

        Why are all liberals rude and profane?

      • dwg

        i think what he did is terrific. the more information out there, the better. period. maybe if we knew leaks like this would happen regularly, we’d think more before going to war. no secrets = no chance of success, right? isn’t that why you’re all calling this guy a traitor? good for him, good for assange. no rudeness, no profanity necessary.

      • mfm123

        dwg and the rest of you libs, I can tell you never served!!! Hang him!

      • bernard F Mc Kernan

        Loose lips give the best head by the way.

      • dissapointed

        Nathan, you might want to recalibrate your tinfoil hat. I can’t believe I risk my life to protect idiots like you.

    • Charles

      No that is incorrect. Whether his acts led to loss of life is irrelevent. He broke the law under the UCMJ which applies to all service members. He will be tried based upon that. If his acts did lead to a loss of life, then he will be charged with yet another article under the UCMJ. A copy can be downloaded from the internet. From the looks of some of the comments here a number of people need to educate themselves.

  • bernard F Mc Kernan

    John John, Good night & please, go back to school. You might learn how to spell & use sentence structure.

    • rj

      Bernard-a ridiculous series of posts by yet another low-IQ liberal. Everybody reading your post is now dumber. It’s not too hard to read between the lines and see he’s under a suicide watch. Removal of any material a prisoner could use to hurt himself after he exhibits sucidal ideations or behavior is standard practice. So the post of “degrading treatment” is absurd. If he committed suicide, I’m sure you and all the other left-wing nuts sitting at home in your PJ’s with no job would be screaming he was murdered. He willfully revealed classified material. I think you should go to bed. I’m sure you’ve got to be up tomorrow for your basketweaving class at Yale before noon.

      • cwxj415

        RJ says: “It’s not too hard to read between the lines and see he’s under a suicide watch”

        but you don’t HAVE to read between the lines at all. You can read the LINES THEMSELVES: “after Manning was placed on suicide watch for two days, Coombs filed a complaint with the base commander alleging the brig commander broke military rules and ignored the brig’s own psychiatrist’s recommendation regarding Manning’s mental state.”

        Get it? the article itself specifically states, as have many articles printed in the past few months, that Manning was determined by the base psychiatrist to NOT be suicidal. But the base commander put him on suicide watch anyway, as a PUNITIVE measure. In my opinion, it’s the BASE COMMANDER that should be in the brig!

      • meeester

        hey – easy on the basketweavers there fella, er, person.
        Obviously you are a racist. Not everyone can afford those fancy re-usable grocery bags ya’ know.

    • johnjohn

      You got the jist of it though didn’t you?

    • johnjohn

      Bernard, if you can’t stand behind our troops, then feel free to stand in front of them.

    • johnjohn

      Bernie, why don’t you go back and check the spelling in your long winded tirade.

      • Bernard F Mc Kernan

        One small grammatical error. My bad but you’re still stupid in thought reasoning & expression by ink.

      • johnjohn

        Wher’s the INK Clara Bernie? You were very quick to jump me for a small grammatical error weren’t you? My bad? That is a childs way of saying I WAS WRONG.

    • Hojo

      I don’t care if somebody is a liberal or conservative if they are a grammar nazi. Grammar nazis are not loved by either side.

  • nick

    Very convenient that a scapegoat lowly Pfc has that kind of clearance. Like wall street, no CEO’s or any one above the rank of Captain will go to prison over this. Stop believing the three piece suits. When all are out of office, they will write a book, go on Hannity Beck or O’Reilly & spew more lies. I served honorably discharged from the 101st Airborne division & I know what I’m talking about.

    • E

      I served from ’85-’06 in mostly special operations and strategic intelligence (to include 5th SFG(A)). I was the same MOS as the sphincter who took all the classified information. Even as a young 18 year old I had a TS-SCI. ALL analysts have them. They’re required to. And the way they handle intelligence nowadays is the “push down” method. In other words, put as much raw information and intelligence out there as possible on the classified systems and as an analyst you can pull it off there. I agree with another poster – the SSO should also be checked into. But to automatically say that he’s simply a scapegoat is showing your ignorance of the job and how things work.

      Such a system is needed to make sure people get the information & intelligence they need. That is why there is a very expensive and thorough vetting system for those who apply for the job. 99% of those who take the job are well deserved and handle their clearance with maturity and responsibility. Are there going to be security violations? Sure, but this is blatant espionage, NOT a simple minor security violation.

      My opinion? Fry him.

      • E

        @I, that is true and something I should have clarified. Not all do have access. But at one time I know they all had to have a TS. And it’s true too that an 18 year old won’t have much derog. All they’re basing their investigation on at that point is what little financial information is available and interviews with references.

      • I

        Not all analysts have a TS and most of those that do don’t have access. Additionally, being granted a TS at age 18 makes a bit of sense considering the investigation. How much derog can an 18 year old have?

        Either way, fry him.

    • chiefek2

      Not at all, I was in the military for 26 years and many young people have Clearances. I will agree that the SSO that allowed that activity to occur was complicit and should also be in jail. I too was in the 101st in 1976

    • Mike

      Nick, if you served then you know that Secret clearances (not TS or SCI) are very common. Manning didn’t have access to the really damaging stuff…

      • chiefek2

        Mike I disagree, If he was an Intel analyst, I can assure you that he had a TS

  • J

    It seems that we’ve lost the notion of innocent until proven guilty in our country. He’s been charged with a crime and that’s it for now. He hasn’t been found guilty yet, so until that time he should be treated like a human being and be allowed due process. Men and Women have died for us to have those rights and they should be afforded to every American until found guilty in court of law. On a side note, I do think that it’s highly unlikely that a low Pfc acted alone or even had access to all the information that has been leaked. There has to have been someone with higher rank involved.

    • HG

      J: Criminals are ‘presumes” to be innocent until proven guilty.
      That doesn’t mean they are innocent.

      • Jerry L Kreps

        Yes it does! That’s why the accused have a right to a speedy trial because it is not right that they languish in jail for months or years before they can face their accusers in person, in front of a jury of their peers, not a secret court.

      • Lij

        Sorry, but you are consistently wrong about this. Here is the link.

        Just look up the phrase “burden of proof”

      • Hojo

        In the military you are guilty until proven innocent.

  • John

    The little fairy probably got caught hiding contraband in his boxers. He’s a criminal and a traitor. He’ll only have to endure this treatment until his deserved execution. So don’t worry about it.

  • chisum

    So what’s wrong with sleeping naked? I do every night

    • anonnew2bp

      I agree. Everyone is all up in arms about it. So, its ok for us guys to be naked in the gym locker room, shower together in the barracks but to be made to sleep naked in a military jail cell is torture?
      Give me a break bleeding heart liberals.

  • Hank Warren

    Wikileaks is Mossad propaganda for the US to continue endless Wars for Israel, it all started nearly a decade ago under a false flag attack.
    9/11 and Israel, here:

    • claritas

      Hank – you left your tin hat on the bus –

  • Mike

    Probably suicide watch. Prison inmates have killed themselves with all parts of their clothing, including waistbands (hanging), zippers (slashing wrists), etc.
    Maybe everyone should stop leaping to conclusions about torture (as if sleeping naked is torture — except for my wife).

    • HG

      I was a guard at a Red Line Brig at Camp Lejeune. When we made someone strip it was for a good reason. We didn’t do it just for fun.

  • Jeff

    Boo frickin’ hoo…can we shoot him now?

    • ByteRider

      No, let’s save him for later when we can savor it in all it’s glory!

      • cwxj415

        Or, perhaps, just perhaps, you should wait until he is CONVICTED of a crime!

        Not that it surprises me that a bunch of fascist righties would want the execution to preceed the trial! That’s the rightie way of showing how American you are, right?

      • Hojo

        cwxj415, you have some serious misconceptions about the military. In the military you are guilty until proven innocent, you get a chance to prove your innocence before sentencing but he is guilty. They have enough evidence to prove that he copied the information. He is guilty. If you leftists don’t want to be held accountable for your actions don’t join the military. All you guys want to do is ruin everything you can get your hands on but you never contribute anything positive to society.

  • glo

    It’s more than disgusting! I do not support a military that tortures people!
    It’s inhumane. Militant equals masochism. It is psychologically and criminally
    insane to treat another human being in this manner. This world does not need
    genoicide for oil nor does it need these authoritarian groups who are given carte
    blanche to injure others in such vile and jaded ways. Give peace a chance.
    People have become so violent, brutal, and uncompassionate and this is civilization?

    • rick

      I hope to the dear sweet Lord that we don’t depend on the likes of you when the hordes start sweeping across the prairie one day.

      And trust me, you obviously haven’t even heard of vile and jaded torture if you think this is it.

    • chiefek2

      Glo taking away his cloting is torture???

    • anonnew2bp

      So, its ok for us guys to be naked in the gym locker room, shower together in the barracks but to be made to sleep naked in a military jail cell is torture?
      Give me a break bleeding heart liberals.

    • Charles

      “People have become so violent, brutal, and uncompassionate…” You are woefully ignorant of recorded history.

  • Matt

    The kid is only 23 years old. I don’t care that he’s legally an adult. Remember back when you were 23 years old? You shouldn’t have been allowed out of the house yet! How old was he when allegedly commited the offence? Now they are going to torture this kid for the rest of his life.

    • Jim M

      The rest of his life should be a very short time.

    • rick

      How is sleeping nekkid torture, exactly?

    • Hojo

      He committed a heinous crime while serving in the military under the uniform code of military justice. He agreed to live by the rules and he even raised his hand and swore in to them he then signed paperwork to live under those rules. The rules state that aiding the enemy and being a traitor during a time of war is punishable by death. You also have to look at it from the point of view of the people he killed. Lots of people have died as a result of the infomation he released. To kill him is not only fair and just to these people, it is what he agreed to.

    • olegunny

      Wonder how many other 23 year olds and younger this sob put in harms way. Guess that don’t bother you. Of course not no one you ever knew went in harms way.

  • glo

    The word Israeli used to be synonymous with terrorist
    not so very long ago!

    • JustAGuy

      Only by those who excuse suicide bombers who target innocent Israeli civilians…..

    • Mike 224

      You are a worthless piece of human garbage, not worth the time to correct your mindless slurs……NEVER AGAIN!

    • Hojo

      You can tell who serves evil and Satan by looking at their stance on Israel. Satan hates Israel because that is the country God gave his chosen people. Satan’s minions always follow suit. Yes I am calling you EVIL!

  • Schteveo

    Inhuman? Like the Taliban?

    HELLO earth calling, it says in the article, that they took his clothes because they thought he might hurt (HANG?) himself. Would all of you who question the folks running the brig, feel better if he’d HUNG himself with his own skivvies?

    You’re p/o’d when someone is PROTECTED by the jailers now!? Seriously, don’t just comment, read the articles, not just the banners or headlines.

    And yes J, a PFC could have a high enough secret clearance to access this stuff. Clearances aren’t assigned by rank, but by need.

  • ByteRider

    I sleep in the nude all the time… little did I know.. I was torchering myself.. egads!

    • Dan

      huh huh he said “tourchering himself”

  • Ollie

    When the establishment sets a pattern of lying and deception with the result being a bankrupt nation through wars to protect israel then thats ok but when a true hero tries to gets the truth out he should be sumarily shot than its obvious you have no idea what freedom is.Those in power don’t want us citizens to know what really motivates our foreign policy and and our enemies. I guess you people are just gulping down the kool-aid while our civil liberties disappear. Keep believing “the they hate us for our freedom” line if its makes you feel good but in the mean time this nation is going to the dogs.

  • michele

    Its disgusting , they don’t get into trouble for war crimes murder , and he does for telling the truth , and they have the have to preach democracy , what a disgrace to humanity they are .

    • JustAGuy

      Michele, try learning something.

      Uniform Code of Military Justice requires Manning be tried, and if convicted, executed. It doesn’t matter if you think he told the truth or not, he divulged secrets.

      • JustAGuy

        m from m, you are NOT the arbitrator of what should be kept secret. Besides, that’s NOT for Manning to decide. If he’s convicted, he will be executed.

      • m from m

        secrets that shouldnt have been secrets. Kinda like Bushy saying he’d order torture again, yet those specialists that followed his orders remain in jail.

  • BigDaddy557

    Anybody happen to notice a striking resemblance between Bradley Manning and Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Neuman?

    • JustAGuy

      Don’t insult Alfred E Neuman that way!

  • M from M

    The pilots who shot and laughed at civilians being killed from a far distant spot are the traitors and the people who stand up as whistle-blowers are the heroes. Those that would continue to kill innocents at the behest of the liars in our leadership when shown evidence that there were no WMD’s are no better than the Nazi SS troops.

    • Darren Michael

      Well said…

    • Hojo

      How many people died as a result of the secrets this guy let out? A large number of people, and they are still being hunted down and killed. This guy is a murderer. He is just like the left wing National Socialist Workers Party of Germany (Nazis). The left is EVIL and is trying to protect their own murderous people. M from M, you make me sick.

    • Alan Biggs

      You mean the Kennedy’s right?

  • Michael

    This is torture, and what will it accomplish?
    I just thank God every day for the complete and total economic collapse of the USA so the vindictive commenter’s and their families on this thread get what they deserve for being immoral people. The economic collapse will also end the bogeyman wars.

    • johnjohn

      Are you from Westboro?

  • Mannie

    Probably a suicide attempt, or something that could be interpreted as one.

    We don’t want him to die in confinement. We want him to stand trial, then rot to death in prison.

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