GLEN BURNIE, Md. (AP) — Anne Arundel County Police say a 61-year-old Baltimore woman was beaten at Marley Station Mall in an apparent robbery.

The woman was found Wednesday about 6:20 p.m. outside a department store. Police say her car and purse were missing.

She was taken to Shock Trauma in Baltimore, where she was in critical but stable condition.

The woman’s car was found in Baltimore.

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Comments (26)
  1. tylerjake says:

    LMAO, Nick is exactly right! That entire area is nothing but an armpit! Plus it gets worse by the day. Unfortunately my house has plummeted 50% and I’m trapped around there!

  2. nick says:

    Tylerjake, I feel for you. I watched that pile of s…t go up back in the late 70’s 80’s & shook my head. The developers have long gone & are drinking the profits on a beach somewhere while the section 8 crowd & the housing bust has crushed a lot of Americans. How much longer are people going to take it before they march on the Annapolis & the U.S. Capitol to let out elected legislators know we are sick & tired & ain’t gonna take it no more!!

    1. Lynn says:

      between this mall & Arundel Mills… AA county is not a safe place to shop. Almost as bad as Baltimore City!

  3. Teajay says:

    Blaze Starr said she wouldn’t even move the block to Glen Burnie in the 60’s because the area gave it away! The area needs to be under Marshal Law or let the biker gangs straighten it out. UNTIE THE POLICE HANDS AND LET THEM CLEAN IT UP !

  4. Mike says:

    Where are our super heros?

    We need a local Bernard Geotz!.

  5. Holly says:

    I was born and raised in that area. It is not as bad as you are all portraying. It is no worse than any other place in the US. I don’t care what “hood” you are in, you have to be vigilant of your surroundings and you shouldn’t shop alone anyway. It is the sign of the times everywhere. We all live in a different world these days. Honestly, the answer is everyone should pack a gun, of course after you have been thoroughly checked out and deemed to not be a nut case. If we were all armed the criminals would think twice before attacking anyone because they won’t know when the tables would be turned on them.

    1. pigeon says:

      Perhaps she had just gotten off work – not all women in malls and shopping centers are customers – some of us work there and it’s not always possible to get someone to walk you to the car – remember, they have to walk back alone! As for “packing a pistol” – really BAD IDEA as some people can crack or fly off the handle in not time flat and boom – another dead person for no darn good reason. No thanks – guns are for police, soldiers and hunters.

      1. Greg Primrose says:

        Perhaps some people can, but some people can also crack and drive into a bus stop, or crack and grab a knife and stab someone, should be ban cars and knives?

        The truth is this woman could have defended herself had she been armed. What someone could possibly have done maybe if isn’t going to make this go away.

        As long as we remain concerned about 1% of the population going crazy, 99% of us are going to be victims.

        40 states allow concealed carry, and they don’t have problems with people cracking and committing murder. They don’t have blood in the streets, there malls aren’t showdown at the OK Coral.

        There are plenty of facts to show that armed citizens deteur crime, there is only emotional conjecture to show that armed citizens turn places into the OK Coral. The gang bangers are the ones doing that.

      2. 2nd Amendment says:

        Sorry Pigeon, Firearms are for people who know how and when to use them, Soldiers are at War, Hunters are in the Fields, and the Police are NOT required to protect you and are always Minutes away, when seconds count.

        You need to come up to speed by reading unbiased reports and statistics regarding Crimes and the right to carry. 40 + States are not wrong.


      3. Kel says:

        Your absolutely right!

  6. msizzle says:

    Glen Dirty strikes again…and again…oh I almost forgot…and again…

  7. Kathryn says:

    I quit shopping there some time ago & now go to Annapolis Mall, which I find to be clean & safe, w/ a good selection of stores & well lit parking areas. It is easy to get to from routes 2, 50 & 97. Maybe it is no safer, but it is definitely in a nicer area than Marley and I feel safer shopping there, even after dark. The mall cops there are also glad to escort people to their cars.

    Give Annapolis Mall a try!

    I hope they catch them, what kind of animals have to nearly beat an old woman to death to rob her?

    1. pigeon says:

      In case you don’t know it – 61 is NOT considered old.

      I hope this lady recovers without any ongoing medical problems/complications. Mentally she will need and certainly should keep help/treatment. My prayers are with her and her loved ones.
      Catch the suckers that did this!!!!!!!!

      1. Kathryn says:

        I am sorry, I did not mean “old” in any sort of derogatory sense, just that the woman was most likely old in relation to the ages of whose who robbed and beat her.

    2. Elaine Elliott says:

      Go to Annapolis, It has always been safe for me. I would do without if I had to go to Marley or Arundel Mills to shop.
      Last spring I went to Marley for first in I can remember. A car load of punks followed me off Ritchie and into lot, then continued to follow making comments about what they wanted to do to me!
      They were relentless, I needed to get to T.Mobel and was closer at that moment. NEVER AGAIN !

      1. Kel says:

        These kinds of things have also happened at Annapolis mall. I wouldn’t be feeling so safe there either. Do your research.

  8. Don says:

    You can’t legally carry a gun in Maryland because the elites somehow feel disarming you makes you safer. Join Maryland Shall Issue and help get that nonsense corrected.

  9. Scott's County says:

    Section-8! Coming to a town near you to drive up your crime rates!

  10. fran says:

    maryland should allow folks to carry guns legally, but if what happen in arizona, happens here there could be a blood bath.maryland is very racism state.people that have power feel threaten by folks who would carry guns , which are their counterparts.point is ?

  11. alan says:

    The name might be very fitting should you ever encounter these same folks. CCW would allow this woman or someone witnessing this brutal attack and also give them the capacity to stop it on the spot.
    If you really think that only police, soldiers and hunters should carry a firearm, make sure you have one handy in your pocketbook when you go to this mall next time. CCW permits are only issued after a thorough background check and also training.
    I never met a victim of a brutal crime like this who said ” I’m so glad I didn’t have a gun”.

    1. Holly says:

      I am happy to see that some of you have a brain. Carrying a concealed weapon is our right. Carrying guns would not increase crime, it would decrease it drastically. Any criminal is going to be deterred if he thinks he may be shot. Think of all the mass shootings we have had. All of the shooters were mentally unhinged. Not everyone would be able to get a gun and a permit to carry it. The ones that pass all the mental evaluations and learn how to handle their weapons would be the ones who get the permits to carry. Think of being in a public area and having a nut case come in and start shooting people. Chances are a police officer is not going to be around and if called they are going to arrive too late to stop the blood shed. If some in the crowd are carrying a weapon legally they can shoot the shooter and end the blood bath before even more innocent victims are killed. I am 100% for the second amendment and I all for carrying a conceal weapon. I agree with Alan, Don, Greg Primrose and 2nd Amendment.

  12. rose says:

    She also worked at the mall. They sure do protect their employees. Some times one has to do inventory til 4:00 am and their is no one their to see if you get to your call ok. But they sure want to make you believe you are perfectly safe to shop there. I know this woman. She has worked in retail for years. All she was trying to do was go home. So very sad and this jerk just beat some one last week. And before that had just gotten out of jail after serving a few years for assault. He will serve a few years for this even if she dies.

  13. rose says:

    sorry for the grammatical errors. This story is very upsetting. I dont even know how she is doing.

  14. Kel says:

    There is crime everywhere you go. Stop pinpointing Marley Station Mall as horrible. I’ve worked in that mall for 10 plus years and it’s no worse then any other mall in the country! If anyone can name a mall that has never had something like that happen then I’ll pay you a thousand bucks. Each individual has to take responsibility for your own protection by being vigilant and stay aware of your surroundings. And carrying a concealed weapon is not the answer. Do you know how many people do carry weapons that are absolutely insane?

  15. terri says:

    That could have happened anywhere. Any parking lot. He was lying in wait. to attack and beat people weaker than him. He could have been at any Mall. He picked Marley that day.

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