By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — People who work in D.C. know just how expensive it is to buy a house there.

Now, as Mike Schuh reports, a Baltimore group is exploiting those high costs in a push to get folks to buy homes here in Baltimore.

The average price of a home in the city is $112,000.  In D.C., it’s three to four times more expensive and it has none of our eclectic, funky and fun essence—or so says a new ad campaign targeting people in D.C.

“The big idea is to promote the sassy, sarcastic way that Baltimore lives and breathes every day,” said Anna Custer, Live Baltimore.

For instance, the perfect example is a guy who moved from D.C. who’s helping graffiti artists in the arts district.  He bought a warehouse and home at prices that shocked him.

“I came to Baltimore because the prices were really low,” said Louis Rosenfeld, The Graffiti Warehouse.

What happened next is exactly what marketers hope happens: transplants are the best salespeople for the city.

“That’s what happened.  A friend brought me in.  A guy was buying houses like crazy and ran out of money and credit,” Rosenfeld said.

“They see the difference.  In fact, I had one say to me, `I didn’t realize how different Baltimore was until I was here,'” Custer said.

So being different is an asset–one worth spending just over $40,000 to reach potential buyers.

“Yeah, the ads have a certain tone and we’re really targeting the young creative professional who gets it and wants to be part of the scene,” Custer said.

The average cost of a home in Baltimore City is $112,000.

For more information about Live Baltimore, click here.

Comments (18)
  1. SGT. DBAG says:

    Who wrote this!? What’s the groups name? It says a Baltimore group, so little information, really a poor story.

  2. Psssst... says:

    The prices are low and so is the life expectancy!!! Who in their GOD given common sense right mind would want to live in that cesspool? Keep them prices low so all the turds stay in one area, then hit flush. One problem solved

    1. aging baltimoron says:

      FU we are adventurous active creative professionals who love Bmore city. Stay out in the suburbs we don’t need sanctimonius judgemental wimpy losers like you crowding up our city. I hope the next time you come downtown yer window gets smashed and your GPS gets stolen…..tool.

  3. Sharon L N says:

    Baltimore Is A Wonderful city full of life, entertainment, yachting, parks and historical sites. There is so much fun that happens in this city. By the way, I’m selling my home so if anyone here is interested in Baltimore City, you’ll love it here so please, do not hesitate to purchase my home. Baltimore City Is Too Good For Me. Too Wonderful For My Presence.

    1. Jimmy says:

      does it come with a bullet proof vest and an alarm system

  4. lostsailor says:

    First you need to lower taxes.
    Baltimore is the highest property tax rate in the state.
    I moved from the city years ago and it surprised me how much cheeper it is to live in the county from car insurance to food cost. Baltimore does have a charming side as well as a dark side.

  5. theox says:

    2.2% tax, crime, corruption. thugs stealing your stuff constantly, worse schools in the country meaning you have to spend another $10K a year on private school, out of control punks on dirt bikes cutting you off, getting mugged, trash everywhere, no return on investment on homes, 80% of homes have lead paint, rats the size of cats, the highest concentration of sex offenders in the nation, top 2 or 3 murder rate in nation, …I fail to see the “bargain”. In fact, it will cost you less to live anywhere else, plus you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you life is not in danger.

    1. jimmy says:

      I agree with you Theox, unless you wanted to commit suicide by thug, don’t move to Baltimore City. Also, who wrote this article, it’s horrible.

      1. pigeon says:

        Some people write the way they talk.

  6. Travis DuCote says:

    This will only drive up prices for locals. This kind of help the city doesn’t need.

  7. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Hmmmm, really vague story, short on fact. Totally turned me off on buying a Baltimore home.

  8. jerryenowitch7 says:

    Baltimore,……Charm, err, harm city. Home of the 24-7 king coon criminal. steal your car, steal the liquor in yer old fruit jar. Would steal the freaken last supper if Jesus Christ turned his back. Stay away from this high tax city & don’t you bump me off this site for excersing my 1st amendment right of free speech WJZ.

  9. seashell says:

    DC & our city crime wil blend in very well to gether for new home buyers, I’m sure there are other towns nearby DC that the homes aren’t expensive..

  10. Mike says:

    Come on to the City. I’ll sell you my house. Don’t worry about The 15 New Friends of O’Malley that live next door to me.

  11. jerryenowitch7 says:

    I wouldn’t build an outhouse in Baltimore unless I could sell or rent it to Jack Young of the city council. He’s a real s……t head.

  12. SEAEAGLE says:

    I quit doing work in the city 2 years ago.Got caught in the middle of a gun battle,which cost me lost time as a witness.The perp’s walked,and I got stuck with damaged material.Went to apply for a gun permit,and was told not to waste my money.I don’t have a good and substantial reason to carry a gun,so your life don’t count,or even your employee’s.Now I don’t go into the city at all,and I don’t buy from suppliers who are in the city.That’s why I do all my buying in DELAWARE TAX FREE ( SMOKE that one MARTY).

  13. D says:

    Too bad to think that windows get smashed and a GPS stolen when someone goes into the city. Not a selling point. Neither is your spellling.

    Washingtonians are not coming to live in Baltimore because the gas (which O’Malley wants to add even more to the cost) is going to be too expensive for them to commute. This story is antiquated already due to the rise in gas prices.

    What would help Baltimore attract home buyers the most is to have better schools, and where more students can get training in careers as well as the basics while in school. We also need less crime, but of course, that goes along with students attending school instead of being out of school doing crimes.

  14. June Piper-Brandon says:

    The group is Live Baltimore. I was a preferred agent with Live Baltimore for many years until being a member got to be so costly I didn’t see the benefit. However, Baltimore has many opportunities for potential buyers and there are some great homes that are very affordable for homebuyers. In addition there are some great loan programs that provide downpayment assistance for buyers to buy within the city. In addition, many employers are also offering matching funds for their employees to Live Near Their Work. And, did you know that qualifying students who graduate from city high schools get scholarships at Hopkins? Now, that’s a real incentive to raise your family in Baltimore. I am still a Realtor and I’m still selling Baltimore City as a great place to live!!!

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