Md. House Committee Passes Same-Sex Marriage Bill

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)–Maryland is one step closer to recognizing same-sex marriage. On Friday, a House panel signed off on the historic legislation.

Political reporter Pat Warren has reaction and what happens next.

Accusations of arm twisting, manipulation and deliberate deception colored the voting session. But same-sex marriage advances to the House floor.

The delegates voted almost exactly as they were expected to.

Baltimore Del. Jill Carter says she received  the assurances she was after when she first withheld support of the same-sex marriage bill this week. But Prince George’s County Del. Tiffany Alston did not. She proposed an amendment that would make it a civil union bill–rather than a marriage bill–and got shot down in the process.

“To tell us we are not allowed to amend something if we earnestly believe we should be able to is wrong,” Alston said. “And to tell us we have to vote a certain way is wrong.”

“I mean, this was a cockamamie title to begin with, talking about religion as your leadoff quote,” said Mike McDermott, R-Somerset County. “And the Senate eliminated that, and I thought ‘That’s great. They did half the work.’” 

Opponents say calling it civil union would mislead folks at the ballot box if there is a referendum next year. They say it sounds more like a contract rather than what it actually does, which is change the definition of marriage from that between one man and one woman to two people in a couple.

“To claim that the voters are either going to be confused by the title of this bill or that fraud is going to be committed is enough to make a cat laugh,” said Luiz Simmons, D-Montgomery County.

Same-sex marriage passed in the committee to 12-10 and delegate Luke Clippinger, an openly gay member of the committee, is grateful.

“I’m just so happy that we’ll be able to get this to the floor,” Clippinger said.

The full House gets revved up for that debate next week.

WJZ will continue to follow the bill and let you know when the full House votes on it.

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  • Robin

    It’s about time these people are going to be receiving the benefits they deserve. Yeah for you!

  • Thinker

    Unfortunately, the small minded Bigots & Bible-Thumpers will vote it down in referendum.

    • George Mouring

      No, sorry, not bible thumpers and bigots. Marriage was created for the purpose of pro-creation, Human beings are not A-sexual, it takes one female and one male to accomplish that. This whole concept is an abomination of human morals and sense of right and wrong. Get help!

      • Sandy

        So only people who can procreate should be allowed to marry? What about infertile couples? What about people who wait until they are too old to conceive? What about people who choose to remain childless? That argument makes no sense. And since when do heterosexual couples do such a good job on childraising? The vast majority of child abuse is done by heterosexual people so they certainly don’t have a great record on that count.

      • Sharon

        So if a couple cant have a kid them they should have to get divorced right?

      • jimmy

        George M., So, if your straight and sterile and unable to reproduce you should not have the right to get married. And too use the word abomination of human morals, is just a window into your soul of hate.

        “What about all the straight married people getting divorces. What a joke, the word marriage means nothing to you people. “If you want to really honor marriage, “Divorce is a Sin and it should be illegal.”

        Gay rights, gay marriage and equality for all!!

        You sir are the one with no sense of right and wrong. You don’t know me, have you fought for your country are you willing to die for your country. Well I have and I still do.

        Are you telling me that I am not worth it. But it’s ok for me to die for your freedom. What a hypocrite.

      • Heartwings

        …and could you explain exactly who “created” marriage and when? BTW, you don’t have to be married to procreate and people were doing it long before marriage (a civil ceremony originally) was instituted. About 40% of babies are born to unmarried women in this country; by some miracle these men and women can procreate without marriage. WOW! Some of these babies are adopted by same or opposite gender couples who can’t have children. There are plenty of kids needing homes in foster care; we are not running out of children. Some couples chose not to have children. Marriage is a piece of paper that grants certain legal rights all couples who chose to marry should have. What marriage is between the two people who marry is their business & choice & will be based on their own system of beliefs. The “human morals and sense of right and wrong” is an individual thing and I believe you are confusing religion with law. If you want to live in a religious state, Iran would be a good place to move to.

      • Pro Love 4 Everyone

        You dont need marriage for procreation. It’s not talking about procreation. It’s about equal rights for persons who love each other. Maybe your the one who needs the help!

      • morals really?

        Wow the whole purpose for marriage is to procreate that’s an interesting theory being that most children these days are not even raised by their parents
        And if they are lucky they might be raised by one. Really it doesn’t matter if gay people can procreate or not because there are plenty of children who need homes in foster care. Who most were created by reckless heterosexuals or were removed by social services. These days nothing is moral and you can’t classify a group of people as right or wrong without taking every lifestyle and analyze them too.

      • Pete Hajewski

        For the record, George Mouring’s facebook page lists him as divorced.

  • Deb

    Another case of Maryland jumping on the bandwagon!!!! If same sexes were meant for marriage/sex, whatever. There wouldn’t have been any need for Eve!! Or May He created two Adams and two Eves, Has anyone read THAT in the bible?

    • Mark

      What does the bible have to do with civil law? Please don’t push your religious beliefs (or personal intrepretations ofthereof) on me, my family or fellow Marylanders.

    • slplitzko

      I am so sick and tired of you holy rollers saying “this or that is not in the Bible,” do you actually think God himself is going to punish someone because they fell in love with someone of the same sex. Highly doubtful. Another question, why would it bother you, are these couples actually hurting you or your God an any way? NO!! Leave these people alone and let them do what they want. In my opinon everyone who disagrees with this bill to leagalize same sex marriages are just as stupid, arrogant, and ignorant as those in Topeka, Kansas with the Westboro Baptist Church who protest at soldiers funerals.

      • lee

        slplitzko – thank you. A comment worth reading….

      • hvillage


      • RG

        not that it matters anyway. The vote probably won’t pass a referendum. Besides if California passed a referendum banning gay marriage, what makes you think Maryland can?

    • Tiffany

      Have YOU read in the bible that Adam and Eve were created as man and woman to PROCREATE…There was never any mention of them being MARRIED!!! It still does take a man and a woman to make a baby, but that doesn’t mean that they have to actually sleep together! Marriage and chlidren are NOT synonymous, you do not need one to have the other.

    • Victoria

      Actually, God did create two women for Adam, Lilith just went crazy and hooked up with Lucifer. The wealth of information that comes from the apocryphal texts, perhaps you should try reading them sometime? Even though the church cut dozens of gospels out of the Bible centuries ago in an unprecedented move of censorship, there are some interesting perspectives found in them.

      • Maya Luna

        Thank you, Victoria! :)

  • Disgusted With Joe

    It’s great the House passed the bill. It will need to clear Joe Vallerio before it’s put to a vote. If Joe doesn’t like something, nothing you or I can do will change that. Joe Vallerio= Pompous Arrogant Delegate.

  • nick

    if you read history then you will find out that what ever is the trend for the time will be the will of the people and of those who represent us in goverment, i am not gay so what ever the end result will be . it will be. i just wish people would be this much outraged over gas prices,, safety on the roads, and the list could go on.
    i learned in life to just go with the flow, but stand up for our freedom as i did in the late sixtys by serving my country. so i gave 4 years of my life to help preserve this freedom we have, and if they want gays to have the same rights then that is ok with me,

  • Dave

    People are going to look back on the early 21st century and discuss how embarrassing it is that it took us this long to provide our citizens with the equal rights they were promised in 1787. I doubt history will be kind to our bigotry…

  • JPhillips

    This does not need to go to the voters because its a civil rights issue and we don’t vote for civil rights issues. I wish the bible people would leave there religion out of it just like the people in public office. If they can not do that then they need to be fired.

  • j

    and I’m tired of people treading on my religious beliefs. You don’t have to agree with me, but don’t criticize because I don’t agree with you. This is still America isn’t it? Also just because someone thinks a behavior is against Bible teachings doesn’t mean they they hate the individual.

    • Em

      So true, I’m tired of people trampling on my beliefs. How dare Christians or any other religion say that someone cannot have equal rights. I mean, America was founded on the ideas of freedom and equality. Just because I support equal marriage doesn’t mean I hate God.

      • Diane King


  • Wheres common sense when you need it

    Religion is a crutch inwhich the weak use to navigate life. People need to mind their own business. Let gay people live their lives the way they see fit. At least being gay is real. Besides, what do you think God will say when he finds out that all the religous people have been judging people? Isn’t that his job? Something about “Thou shall not Judge”?

  • Ashley

    I just dont understand why the Bible pushers are so mad. I am a Holy woman and I believe in my faith. I just dont understand why everyone is making such a big deal of this. The heterosexual couples out here these days make more of a mochary of marriage than the gays do. Most gay people who get into a commited relationship are more likely to take their vows seriously. I mean come on!! Look at the divore rate for heterosexual couples. Dont try and bad mouth the gay community for wanting what they have every right to have. Love is love. Let it be. Maybe if these people who fight so hard against Same Sex marriage concentrated MORE of their time on things that ACTUALLy matter, say like war, the economy failing, crime, etc; then we as a community and a country would be better off. Just sayin…..

  • j

    Real religious people do NOT judge, but I can see by these comments that non-religious people think they have the right to judge us. Just because you don’t approve of someone’s behavior does not mean you are judging them. That’s God’s job. By the way, I didn’t have even state my view on the issue. My main concern is that every has a right to their OWN opinion

    • Em

      Unfortunately, many religious people DO judge. I’m not one to question if someone’s belief is ‘real’ or not. That’s not my business. But if someone uses the Bible as a basis for bigotry, I am going to speak up.

      And yes, not approving of something IS judging. You are making a judgment about the acceptability of their behavior to your lifestyle and beliefs. Explain to me how you can have an opinion on something and not judge it?

  • me

    Ashley, you do make a lot of sense. Marriage today is not what it used to be. But the opponents are not necessarily bad-mouthing the gay community. I also am a woman of faith and strongly believe in hate the sin but LOVE the sinner (unlike a certain church we will not name). However I also believe churches have a right to their beliefs. Freedom of religion, whether you agree or not.

    • Wendy

      I agree with you, me and Ashley. I guess all we can do now is wait and see where this bill goes from here and should it come to where the citizens of MD vote, let everyone vote their conscience/beliefs.

  • TKrebs

    Disgusting, what is this state and country coming too? I can only hope the majority sides with me and votes this down!

    • jimmy

      Oh sure, let the majority rule over the minority, sounds like Communism to me. Last time read our constitution it did not read that way. What the heck or you reading.

      • TKrebs

        That’s called DEMOCRACY!….I sereved for 21 years in the armed forces proctecting and ensureing it! What have you done for this country??????

      • RG

        What’s the point of a democracy if you have a “tyranny of the minority?” I love how you say that if the majority win and rule, somehow that constitutes communism. You might consider China then if you don’t like how things are run here.

  • Herman Glimsher



    • TKrebs

      Agree….vote them out of office! It’s time we get the right person in office…..someone that is willing to take a stand on issues even when it’s not the popular stance.

      • Richard

        Christianity nor any other religion has any place in Government. It should not be used for people to choose how they want to vote on something. Religious individuals who are unable to separate their religion from the issue at hand have no place in being in politics.

  • Wayne

    Just another case of our Elected Officials dropping the ball on US !!! All the stories have stated we will have to vote on this on Referendum. Can the People Elected do something right for once —-First BGE — then all the years for Slots now this and also the pending GAS TAX. Can anybody say Term Limits ??? Busch and Miller have been there what 30 YEARS ???? I bet it wouldn’ t take them 30 seconds to vote down Term Limits !!!

  • dar

    I don’t think the issue should have to be voted on in the first place. If two men or two women want to be together, it should be their choice. Life is to short and it should be a personal choice of who you want to spend it with. And before anyone replys, I am straight and been married for 38 years. So don’t hate, because gay marriages will probably have less of a divorce rate.

  • dar

    And also, why is everyone so eager to stop gay marriages? What about the fact that the illegals are getting more rights than the American people. The gays aren’t hurting us, but the illegals sure are.

    • TKrebs

      I can support your stance on illegals (it’s great to have choices) — round them up and send them home!

  • bill

    can 2 of the same sex have kids? NO? I guess nature must not have intended on this. After all God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

    • TKrebs

      Thank god for all the Eve(s)….!

  • dar

    No they can’t have kids, but there are lots of straight couples who can’t have children so that isn’t even an issue. There are so many adoptable babies out there also who need parents. I don’t believe in abortion either as I feel there are so many couples wanting children, that a woman shouldn’t throw away a fetus.

    • TKrebs

      You are missing the entire point…..they can’t have kids because regardless of what your belief in origin is……2 peopl of the same sex can’t have off spring! Abortion is an entirely separate issue…….

  • j

    EM- that’s the problem-you don’t understand. I am perfectly capable of loving someone without accepting all their choices. Too bad you’re not

  • j

    But yes, some “Christians” are judgemental. That’s between them and God But don’t lump us all in that category.

  • dar

    I’m just stating the fact that there are other options. Rosie adopted, Elton John used a surrogate. There are couples that for medical reasons can not have children. And there are couples that don’t even want children.

    • Tiffany

      And what does children have to do with marriage???? You don’t need children or need to have the desire to have children to get married, and you don’t need to be married to have children!! Two TOTALLY different subjects!!!!

  • bill

    let the people get married. i myself like women and i am a man. it doesnt bother me that two people of the same sex want to get married. we as citizens of MD are wasting out tax paying money so the idiots in annapolis can have meeting after meeting and eating lunch on government credit cards that we are paying for. guess what people….if they get married that brings more money to md not other states. think people think. we say no, they go to wash state and get married and then come back. yeah good idea. lets give other states money that should be coming to MD. let each person enjoy there life as they want to. if people minded there own business and not everyone elses the world would be a better place.

  • Jonathan Chiles

    It is quite simple, some people will be for it, and others are against it. Deal with it

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