Lincoln’s Inauguration Reinacted In D.C.

WASHINGTON (AP) — The visitor center at the U.S. Capitol held a rare event this weekend: a reenactment of a presidential inauguration.

On Saturday visitors to the center heard actor Sam Waterston read President Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address and watched as a Lincoln impersonator took the oath of office. The reenactment was in honor of the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s first inaugural address in 1861.

The actual anniversary of the sixteenth president’s swearing in was Friday.

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  • Teresa Dennis

    Who better than Sam Waterston to read Abraham Lincoln’s speech?

    • barnyard

      That Phony ass Waterston would probably break out in the middle of his speech something about E-trade. He is a pitch man for Fidelity on T.V.

  • h.g. king

    Please, please get a person who recognizes spelling errors. I think your staff may be too young and may be more expert at texting than accurate spelling.
    Headlines should be error-free, otherwise, as in this case, the story is lost. Also, “a” is used before a word beginning with a consonant. Geezy-peezy.

  • Tomz

    H.G. King,
    Shut up!..This is the age of non-journalism, texting, sexting. Who’s got time for consonant’s, cosmonauts, dangling participles or dangling ding-a-lings.

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