BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A teenager tells police she was abducted in East Baltimore, but she managed to escape. Now detectives are searching for the man who allegedly snatched her off the street.

Adam May reports the woman gave police a very detailed description of her kidnapper.

A 19-year-old woman walking down the 900-block of N. Milton Avenue on Friday night claims she was abducted by a man in an SUV.

“The victim was walking down the street when the suspect stopped his vehicle, asked her if she wanted a ride. She declined. Then the suspect got out of his vehicle, grabbed the victim and forcefully put her into the vehicle with him,” said Jeremy Silbert, Baltimore City Police.

While inside the SUV, the victim says she refused to perform a sex act and later escaped in the 200-block of N. Highland Avenue near Patteron Park.

“It’s a whole bunch of little girls around here that’s grown up in this neighborhood that I know that I wouldn’t want to have to worry about somebody driving around trying to rape them,” said Dee Nolan, neighbor.

The suspect’s SUV is described as dark-colored with a tan stripe on the side. If you know him or that vehicle, call 911.

“The suspect is described as a Hispanic male, 30-40 years old. He is a short, heavy-set individual with prescription bottle glasses.  He has dark hair, and last night he was wearing a baseball cap with a grey sweater, blue jeans and tan boots,” Silbert said.

A man who lives on Milton, where the woman says she was abducted, says crime seems to be down in that area.

“Since last year the police have been doing a very good job with sitting around the neighborhood watching out for that type of activity,” said Carl Sanders. “A lot less crime.”

The woman says she was able to get out of the suspect’s vehicle about a mile from where she was abducted.

Comments (22)
  1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

    Headline “Teen Survives Abduction By Attempted Sex Offender.” What is with this headline? You specifically state in your article that he did not force himself on her. She said no, he conpiled. Does asking automatically make you “an attempted sex offender?”
    And your grammar? The abduction took place in the past on Friday, yet the sentence is talking in the present tense. “The abduction began Friday night on the 900 block of N. Milton Avenue as a 19-year-old woman IS approached by a man driving along in a SUV.

    I am not even going into the minor grammar “hiccups” in the article. This is the third bad article in one day. Have you fired all your qualified journalists or did your proof reader quit!

    1. pigeon says:

      I recommend you read the initial article which really is a bit more informative. There’s even a comment in that one from some idiot who inferred that there was something wrong with the article since that neighborhood isn’t as portrayed in the article. I know better, I grew up in that neighborhood. If the story is true this young lady WAS abducted therefore he can be classified as a sex offender let alone a kidnapper. Had she not gotten away (as detailed in original article) I don’t think he intended to play a game of checkers.

    2. Fyre says:

      Speaking of grammatical “hiccups”, your last sentence should end with a question mark, not an exclamation point. Just sayin’.

    3. Dave says:

      Was is actually correct in that context, not sure what you saw wrong with it…

    4. Zach Morehouse says:

      So you would rather be totally uninformed about the incident than have to deal with improper grammar? And it’s okay to force someone into a vehicle and “ask” them to perform a sex act? I’m guessing you’re past the point where anyone is asking you, but that’s attempted rape ma’am.

    5. patt says:

      people should be more worried about the crime and the fact tath the girl could of lost her life instead of someones spelling. daaa

    6. Good Job Smarts says:

      “She said no, he conpiled.” What’s conpiled? Do you mean complied? That’s a pretty huge mistake for someone being so critical of other people’s grammar skills…

  2. ratm33 says:

    leigh ann. get a damn life. if all you have time for is to proof read everything on the internet, than you must not have any life at all. you are a big idiot. go get a job and stop collecting my tax money. then maybe you wont have so much free time on your hands

    1. Leigh Ann Erdman says:

      Rather than say what I would like to say since good manners and upbringing forbid it…I have served 27 years in the military and continue to serve so I have been gainfully employed in a combat zone on and off for ten years and I am educated so I don’t have to take the time to proof it. I am educated enough to spot it immediately and btw they fixed them, didn’t they? I fought and lost friends for your right to insult me! Three bad articles in one day from a “Professional Publication.” This is a news organization that claims it produces “quality news” and the public deserves it. No wonder our children can’t read.

      1. pigeon says:

        Our children can’t read because they are not taught properly in school. Newspapers and cyber space articles do not TEACH children how to read!
        And, by the way, thank you for defending this country and our right to freedom of speech.
        IF this incident did occur then I thank God this young lady got away from the POTENTIAL sex offender (if he isn’t only already).

      2. pigeon says:

        Oh shoot – my error – should read “if he isn’t one already”. I guess my proof reading days are passing me by quickly as that is something I once did. I can’t walk on water either (even when it is frozen).

  3. travis says:

    u my friend are the idiot if it is on the web then we are not proof reading it we are discovering that the plp that are writing it dont proofread it and the plp that are writing these stories get paid to do it right and i am not collecting any tax money You must be one of the writers

  4. Kimber says:

    Cant’ we all just get along? Is there not enough hatred in this society?

  5. Doug says:

    Now you know what happened to the missing black girl.

  6. edthe bed says:

    That Patterson Park area has long been known as a trolling place for prostitutes. I think this pepper belly was looking for some nookie & wanted to spend some of our tax dollars that provide these “New Americans” a better way of life.

  7. dee4diva says:

    All of you are crazy. You all are arguing over grammer and politically correct names. Yes, we do need to speak correct english but everyone is missing the bigger picture, a woman was abducted. She could have been possibly raped or worse killed. That woman is somebody’s child or sister. It could have been you or one of your relatives. Let’s be happy that she got away and hope the police arrests the suspect.

    Oh by the way for the last comment if you read she was not abducted in the Patterson Park area, that is where she escaped.

    Ignorance is what keeps this country the way it is.

  8. Sandra Schaefer says:

    Just to get it out of the way, Leigh, do you understand the word narcissist? Get over yourself hun, we don’t care.

    Men approaching women and trying to abduct them has been going on for way too many years in Baltimore. They say prostitution doesn’t hurt anyone, but in my neighborhood, close to Highland ave where this happened, men are constantly following young girls, some trying to make a determination on whether or not she is a “working girl” while other don’t care and will try to talk or force the girl into the car. I wish the police department was willing to spend more money trying to arrest both prostitutes and Johns alike, and we could get tougher sentence for these criminals who feel like they are hurting no one. This is proof of the type of criminal that they are attracting to my neighborhood and home.

  9. SMDH says:

    Hide Ya wife, Hide ya kids…!

  10. starpower says:

    The “New Americans” are coming for your ladies. Don’t worry, they have tiny wieners like hot peppers.

  11. OHNOMRBILL says:

    Heys yoos gringos will gives us your daughters and yours wives whens wants thems, Amigo Omallio has given us everything else for free now we,s takes your woomens to and we no pay, FREE FREE FREE EVERYTHING IS FREE IN AMIGO OMALLIO LAND. WE,S LOVE AMERICAS HAHAAHAHAHAHA

    1. trooper101 says:

      You are a bad imitation at best wanker. Sounds to me like you are some 12 yr. old hiding behind his Mommy’s computer playing with himself. Run along pimples & let the big dogs off the porch to handle these matters.

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