By Mike Hellgren

PERRYVILLE, Md. (WJZ) — Police say they have caught some of the suspects behind an elaborate credit card scheme. 

Mike Hellgren reports on how women were targeted while trying to use the restroom.

Police reviewed hundreds of hours of security footage and traced back gift cards bought with stolen credit cards and made three arrests.  But they believe the scam was much larger and there may be dozens more victims.

Thousands of dollars in merchandise, furs, computers, shoes and TVs—police say a ring of scam artists from Baltimore bought it all after stealing purses from elderly women in bathrooms at the Maryland House and Chesapeake House rest areas.

“That’s frightening because we’re in there alone,” said one woman

Police say lookouts would spot easy targets outside and then call their targets inside.

“These individuals were wearing street clothes but they pretended to be an employee and people believed them.  Then, once the potential victim was inside the stall, they would  knock on that stall door, create a diversion of some type and while the woman’s attention was directed to the front of the stall, the other partner would reach under or over that stall, remove the wallet or purse and steal the credit cards,” said Greg Shipley, Maryland State Police.

The victims would be miles down the road before they realized what happened.  Police believe the scam played out along the I-95 corridor from Virginia to New Jersey and there are others involved still on the loose.

“Investigators believe there are scores of cases still out there,” Shipley said.

“You have to be very cautious,” said one woman.

Purses would be snatched from the floor and hooks.  Police are urging women to take precautions.

“They can be in and out of that pocketbook very quickly, take those credit cards and you won’t even know they’re missing,” Shipley said.

Ishia Cason and Yvette Jones were charged Friday with using other people’s credit cards, identity theft, theft over $10,000, fraud and forgery. They are being held on $150,000 bond.

Police say they are investigating more cases and obtaining warrants for more suspects.

Extra security measures are in place at the rest areas, including signs that warn of the dangers.

Comments (42)
  1. ARNOLD says:


  2. Tammy says:

    You WOMEN SUCK! Why can’t people go out and work for their money instead of stealing from unsuspecting victims? COWARDS!

  3. s.carter says:

    that’s a shame! Ishia is pregnanat. Feel sorry for her baby!!! What a shame

    1. the truth says:

      i dont feel sorry for her baby and neither does she. that was just a pay raise on the way another mouth i would have to feed on my HARD EARNED MONEY i hope they all rot

    2. dame shame says:

      And she still did it no dont feel sorry be glad that hopefully the child will be in a better place

  4. Jenn says:

    I hope these two receive lengthy jail sentences. Poor excuses for women period.

  5. Jenn says:

    They should’ve used some of that stolen money and got their damn hair done and paid for some plastic surgery as well. They are busted for real; baltimore bamas!

  6. more problems says:

    With the economy being how its jobs are hard to get so people are out here doing what they have to do to survive even though its breaking the law I guess they feel like any means necessary

    1. frankiebig boy says:

      You sound like one dumb ass yourself.

    2. Bullfrog says:

      O.K., So let me get this straight, because times are hard we (the victims should try to understand). Have you thought that maybe I needed that card to buy some food until the end of the month when I get MY very small but MY social security check, or maybe I needed it to pay my electric before the company (that sent me a turn off notice) shuts off my electric. Or maybe my husband who is going through chemotherapy needs another prescription and I was going to use a charge card because I don’t have the cash. You are asking for people to understand their problems, WHAT ABOUT MINE!

      1. Kathryn says:

        I needed more money as my retirement income is not what I thought due to the economy & what my health insurance doesn’t cover, so I went out and got a JOB. There are jobs to be had, but you have to actually fill out an application to get one.

        They weren’t buying basic needs like food & shelter & utility bills, they were buying stuff most of us can’t even afford

    3. Excuses's my A$$ says:

      Since when do people need FURS, COMPUTERS and/or T.V.’s to survive, ASS!

  7. What she did was sooooooo wrng if this is true!!!! She was not raised like that n far as feeling sorry for the baby u dont have to be I work everyday n so does the babies father .so again right is right n wrong is wrong n if shes wrong then oh well!!!

  8. MPB says:

    What a shame. Their behavior is disgraceful. I can’t stand a stinking thief.

  9. seashell says:

    What a shame and I feel sorry for them? You’ve got to be joking. Wrong is wrong. Get a frikin job. Then again get the h out of our country. I feel bad for those who were victimized 100%. May they rot in jail. preg or not.

  10. Gibo says:

    Catch the rest and put them all in jail.

  11. Scott's County says:

    Yeah, too poltically incorrect for me too! I got bumped as well. I just made a comment about the scub criminals from Baltimore plaguing the surrounding counties. WJZ are Communist, pro-gay, over the top animal rights, anti-gun ultra-liberal fanatics!

  12. ravenmaniac881 says:

    Just look at them……what do you expect. I guess the welfare and food stamps just weren’t enough.

  13. steve says:

    Hi, i suggest the next time they plant a bomb in a purse and let dem(s) steal(s) it(s)

    Then detonate the bomb so the explosion can reveal where dey be

  14. Nightowl says:

    Check them out on Both have extensive records & are career criminals. Take their kids away & lock them up for good- there is no helping these two, they don’t need to ever see the light of day again & should be in prison forever.

  15. the reality man says:

    You all sound like suburban never had to struggle for anything in your lives.Crime is no doubt wrong but non violent crime deserves consideration in todays violent times.Call for the heads of murderers,rapist.and child molesters not purse thieves.

    1. edthe bed says:

      Reality man, come around herew with that attitude & I’ll pick your pockets & clean your ass like a Popeye’s chicken wing quicker than you can say, What,, Nigga??

  16. Nightowl says:

    That is no excuse, wherever you live, there will be people struggling to make ends meet and most of them do not resort to crime. Both of those women have extensive criminal records (multiple pages) & have done things well beyond stealing purses from old ladies. They are career criminals in & out of jail and they have no intention to earn an honest living. They steal so they can have the things honest working folks can’t afford. If they had lifted your wallet, you’d be playing a different tune! Crime is crime and it is wrong. They stole purses from elderly women, hard to get much lower than that.

  17. Edthe bed says:

    Nothing but lazy ass coons.

  18. TIA says:

    eveyone needs to shut there mouth if you dont know them or there history than dont judge them at all.I know one of these girls “isha” and she is and was a very nice girl.Yes what she did was wrong but she is far from a lazy person and she did try to find a job many times but her past prevented people from hiring her.SO ALL OF YALL NEED TO SHUT UP AND MIND YOUR BUSINESS!. Yall act like they killed someone..GET A LIFE!

    1. issac7 says:

      Stealing from old ladies one of whom could have been my Mom is my business porch monkey. The problem with you car wash jockey raisin heads is that you always have an excuse for your behavior & when cornered, your reply is always “Shut up”. You shup up & scrub my floors you crooks.

    2. dame shame says:

      really Tia u probably stole with her.. clearly this is part of he r life syle if her past s preventing her from finding a job. hell i know u from the hood , she clda didi hair or something. i respect strippers more than a theif. this is clearly a patternin her life and we wld mind our business if she wldnt have done it then we wldnt be able to jugde the low life theif that she is and pregnant her child will probably steal. i hope they take the kids.. what a way to raise her kids she didint buy food no clothes, furs shoes and computers prob to get the directions for the stations.. damn shame

  19. Shut up says:

    You have a crime that white people created ,leave comments when she embezzel hundreds of thousands leave one when she kills the whole family over loosing a job or raping kids n killing them leaving thm n woods or suite cases. Yes if she did do this thn ok she is old enough to except responsibility for her sure if it were a white person the headlines would have read complety different n we would have neva seen a pic flashed so many times .

    1. issac7 says:

      Shut up,……That’s your races middle name & it’s first cousin is Jesus Christ!…You are a bad Mo -Fo”.

  20. P of the Dollo says:

    Stop taking up for criminals, they are crimals and they are WRONG about what they did. But, they will answer for what they did to someone else. I hope they ROT in prison.

  21. J The Kid says:

    Smh wow they did the crime they do the time end of story….but saying something bout the baby is wrong the child is innocent an after she has it the bby will go 2 a good home an she will do her time….get a life people i mean really unless ur a vicitm u cant speak most of them have or r in the process of getting all there money back…

  22. more problems says:

    In response to shut up comment you are correct this is a white collar crime soon as black people get involve its always extra conversation how about bernie madoff making off with all those people money never heard no one call him a porch monkey what about the white man and woman in florida who killed their daughter kaylie and dumped her body there wasn’t name calling then

  23. more problems says:

    What about

  24. more problems says:

    The other scandals

  25. more problems says:

    Its life suck it up just be glad it wasn’t you

  26. Diane King says:

    Some of these comments on here about how the headlines would be different if the thieves were white or bringing up other crimes that have been committed by whites are just an attempt at deflection and don’t address the real issue at all. I guess the reality of black crime is just too hard to face. And saying it’s life just suck it up? Really? I don’t think so. These women are blood suckers and their crimes against decent people are not part of normal life. Too bad some seem to think it’s just petty crime. I doubt the victims felt that way.

  27. delores perry says:

    it doesn’t matter what color they are they did something wronge so stop the name calling

  28. delores perry says:

    we all blood red we are cry tears we are have one god so what they did was not right at all god bless the unborn child

  29. more problems says:

    In response to delores you are right yes we all cry tears and we also bleed the same blood and I do agree the crime that was committed was wrong and if it was me or my family I would really be hurt for someone to steal my credit cards and charge lavish gifts for themseves and not to mention try to still my identity but my issua was no one crime is greater than the other stop name calling and passing judgement on others when its crime all over the world no matter what race wrong is wrong!

  30. Diane King says:

    What’s with all the punctuation-free posts? Despite this, I did manage to decipher some of more problems’ post. “the crime that was committed was wrong” Yeah, that’s why it’s called a crime. “no one crime is greater than the other” The stupidity of this one is obvious so I won’t even elaborate. And yes, there is crime all over the world, but the perpetrators are disproportionately black.

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