BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baseball returns to Oriole Park at Camden Yards one month from Monday, and a Baltimore favorite is coming back, too.

Ron Matz has more on an old friend returning for the new season.

Natty Boh is back and on tap at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Charles Fletcher couldn’t be happier.

“I love Natty Boh and Channel 13 and the Ravens and the Orioles. I love everything about Maryland,” said Fletcher. “I grew up on Natty Boh. When I was a kid I used to watch my grandparents and my father drink it. It’s a nice beer, a good beer. I prefer that to a lot of beers. I like anything dealing with Maryland, crab cakes…Maryland is a beautiful place, the land of pleasant living.”

Nothing says Baltimore and Maryland more than Mr. Boh, from the land of pleasant living and the home of the Babe.

They’re talking about National Boh at the Sports Legends Museum.

“I think it’s great, Natty Boh on tap. It might help the Orioles go back to their glory years. I spent many days and nights in Memorial Stadium drinking Natty Boh in various forms. I heard on the news that Pabst is really happy with the sales in the test market and they’re going to go more widespread around the area. I think it’s just great,” said Jay Anderson, Sports Legends Museum. “I remember the commercials back then with Natty Boh. We have some old black and white commercials from the 1966 Orioles highlights tape that we show. It was part of the Baltimore culture for a long time and it’s terrific it’s coming back.”

Sales of Natty Boh have exceeded expectations since it was brought back on tap at the end of January.

Natty Boh hasn’t been brewed locally in 15 years, but in Baltimore it’s still the king of beers.

“A lot of these beers are good, but I want the old stuff that I was raised on,” said Fletcher.

National Beer will be available throughout the ballpark when the Orioles open the home season on April 4.

Comments (12)
  1. Michael says:

    Great, we’ll get to pay $7.50 for a $0.25 beer… thanks Natty Boh/Baltimore Orioles.

  2. Jorge says:

    Heard that, how bout they bring back the days of BYOB at the stadiums….

    1. Michael says:

      Man I remember those days: bleacher seats and a cooler of beer. I’d gladly pay an additional $10 on my ticket price in order to bring my own beverages into the stands.

      Of course it will never happen, they’re making money off of us like vultures with the prices they’re charging. Though we can’t blame anyone but ourselves for the prices, if we keep paying, they’ll keep raising.

  3. ross says:

    I would prob buy it if they were charging us the 1966 prices……..otherwise….no thanks

  4. kirby says:

    IT’S NOT THE SAME BEER! Doesn’t even come close to the taste it had back in the 60’s early 70’s!

  5. KenE says:

    I would gladly pay $10 more for a ticket to NOT allow alcohol at the stadium.

    People get drunk & they get loud & obnoxious & use foul language (not caring there are kids nearby) and then they get in their cars drunk & drive home. While I realize not all people who drink at games drink to excess and behave badly, many do and most of them drive home.

    Baseball games should be family friendly and that should not include alcohol. If you can’t enjoy baseball w/o the booze, stay home, watch it on TV and drink all the much cheaper beer you want to.

    1. Kenneth Pinkerton says:

      People can be that way w/o alcohol but if i pay my money to get into the game i can be loud if u have a problem then talk to an usher people go to escape life for a few hrs so suck it up and learn to have fun

    2. Justin says:

      Um no, if you can’t deal with the drinking, you stay at home and watch it on tv. It’s part of the game…

  6. KenE says:

    That’s a sick mentality that you need booze to have fun or “escape”. If baseball isn’t fun enough, stay home & drink. Sporting events ought to be family friendly- bars & clubs are for adults, baseball games should be a place where kids don’t have to deal with drunks & their behavior.

    I am not talking about loud cheering for the O’s, I am talking about people screaming “F” the umpire and screaming foul stuff most people don’t want their kids to hear at the players, other fans etc. We don’t go anymore, the kids weren’t enjoying it & neither were we. So sad

    1. KenE's lame says:

      KenE, open your eyes and read. No one has said anything about drinking to excess, no one. It’s no wonder why your kids weren’t having fun, they went with you. Did you have to pay for an extra seat to attend the game with that stick up your butt?

      I’d lay money on it when your wife ‘s boyfriend took her and the kids to the game, they had fun.

  7. edthe bed says:

    KenE’s Lame,
    That’s sooooo cold man.

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