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Md. House Nears Vote On Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Supporters of extending full marriage rights to same-sex couples in Maryland say they are just a few votes shy of success in the House.

The House of Delegates voted Tuesday to delay debate on the issue until Wednesday. House leaders, including Speaker Michael Busch, have told supporters that they must adopt the Senate version of the bill, otherwise the bill will fail this year.

Delegate Luke Clippinger, D-Baltimore, one of the House’s six openly gay members, estimated that supporters have close to the 71 votes they need.

If approved, Maryland would become the sixth state to legalize gay marriage. Gov. Martin O’Malley reiterated his support for the measure last week.

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  • marje

    This is a person issue. It should be legal, and those participating have to accept and live with their decisions.

    Why should they not have the same legal benefits as other married couples. Noone is asking you to make a religious or moral decision, just a legal one.

  • Doug

    And so shall go the price of
    throat lozenges in Maryland

  • Dj

    I do not support this at all. First of all forget about the marriage peice. I think two men and two women kissing each other is nasty. Especially in front of children who will grow up in school and in life thinking it is ok to kiss on a man/woman of the same sex. Don’t forget about the tormenting they will receive in school because of it. I feel sorry for the kids. The adults in this situation need mental help. Either the man or woman was abused by the opposite sex and cannot stand to be with that sex so they choose to try the same sex. Choosing the opposite sex is a choice. Nothing more nothing less. I’m tired of hearing I was born like this. Give me a break. Like I said earlier I just feel sorry for the kids.

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