OCEAN CITY, Md. (AP) — An online poll about how best to refurbish Ocean City’s boardwalk has drawn an overwhelming response.

Officials say people in 2,000 cities and more than 25 countries filled out the questionnaire.

Fifty-one percent of respondents said they favored keeping an all-wood surface for the boardwalk. That’s also the most expensive option on the table. Fifteen percent of voters favored a concrete ribbon down the middle of the boardwalk, and 34 percent voted for a compromise option in which the concrete would be painted to look like wood.

The boardwalk is deteriorating because of decades of wear and tear. Ocean City Council member Mary Knight says she’s still undecided about the future of the boardwalk but notes that concrete would be much cheaper.

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Comments (4)
  1. Ryan Helton says:

    it cant be called a board walk if ur not walking on boards…. Think about that.. makes no sence

  2. Lucy says:

    I like the concrete Idea. I think they should make it like VA Beach’s Boardwalk. They have a lane just for people who ride bikes. I thouhgt that was really cool.

  3. I'm Just Me says:

    I’m not even a beach go-er but I agree with Ryan. Plus OC wouldnt even be the same with out it’s wooden boardwalk. Isnt that what makes our beach stand out from the rest? Besides, wood is much softer on the feet so tourists can comfortably walk and shop all day long. Who the heck wants to walk on concrete all day long?

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