With much of the news around the NFL being CBA based, and the fear of a lockout consuming the thoughts of football fans, news breaks today that may be even worse than the thought of no football in 2011. Tiki Barber is in the process of being reinstated, ending his 4 year retirement.

I, for one, am a fan that may prefer a lockout than seeing this guy back on a football field. Tiki’s retirement came as a shock to many, coming off of one of his strongest seasons. Tiki’s veteran presence made him a leader on the offensive side of the ball, much in the same way Michael Strahan’s leadership helped the Giants defense take their game to the next level, on the way to a Championship. Though both men can be compared this way, their impact on the team was much different. Their post football career’s are similar also, with their reception being just as it was on the football field. On one hand, Michael Strahan is the likeable former champion turned studio analyst while Tiki Barber is the weasel, no ring wearing, reporter with little to NO credibility. Strahan ended his Hall Of Fame career with a Super Bowl win while Tiki ended his Hall Of Good career with a playoff loss in Philadelphia.

A little after the ink was dry on his retirement papers, Tiki proceeded to badmouth his QB and question his leadership. As Eli engineered an incredible game winning drive in Super Bowl 41, Tiki was made to look like an idiot, being on the field as the Giants were crowned Super Bowl Champions. Sadly for him, he was a member of the media. As if the comments towards his former teammate weren’t enough, he claimed Coach Tom Coughlin was much of the reason he retired. Tiki didn’t approve of his way of coaching. I don’t approve of  Tiki’s way of turning on his teammates and selling his opinion to the highest bidder. How about you? Not to mention, an opinion that, at this point, is irrelevant. Michael’s opinion is that of a champion, and one I’m always interested to hear. New York Giant fans don’t feel much differently, as anytime the name Barber is heard in Giants stadium, boos fill the stands. Stahan’s reception is much different, as he’s earned the support of those fans; something Tiki Barber is clearly incapable of doing.

If Tiki is able to reinvigorate his career, by performing at a high level at the age of 37, 4 years after retiring he’d gain the respect I’ve never had for him. That would be unprecedented and worthy of discussion. Till then, the name Tiki Barber is not worthy of discussion.

Justin Perez – 105.7 The Fan Producer/Staff Writer

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