BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  A drug raid in East Baltimore lands several people behind bars.

Police have linked five people to the house in the 1700-block of East 25th Street.

Investigators recovered five guns and thousands of dollars worth of cocaine and marijuana.

The raid was part of a crackdown on illegal drug trafficking along the Harford Road corridor.

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  1. Herman Glimsher says:



  2. pigeon says:

    Doing great. Keep it going. Ballistic tests of the firearms just may lead to helping in investigating unsolved murders. You just never know how many lives that will be saved. Thank you.

  3. john says:

    Why spend all the money and resource to catch these dealers when the revolving door of the Baltimore City Court system will let them go free.

    Try legalization at least you will generate revenue for the city.

    1. ARNOLD says:


  4. Bob says:

    Well nice job guys keep ur head up beacause u no dam,well the courts or some high price lawyers are going to get them off but lets cross our fingers and hope not hats off to all the people that are trying to get baltumore back from the drug dealers ty

  5. Stephen Link says:

    Call Saiontz & Crook.If you have a phone or a dime bag…

  6. Doug says:

    Not much on the table.
    How much did it cost tax payers for you to perform this raid?
    If drugs were decriminalized, you would eliminate the violence,
    because there wouldn’t be any money in it.
    In regards to pot,if it were legalized and given the same laws
    as alcohol,then Maryland would collect millions in revenue .
    Either way,the same amount of pot will be consumed.

    P.S. , let’s reach out and help people sick on hard drugs,
    in stead of housing them in brand new prisons.

  7. keith says:

    free my brova fuq tha law

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